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  1. ict247

    James Vincent

    Signed for Dunfermline on loan https://twitter.com/officialdafc/status/957938663991795712
  2. ict247

    Falkirk (H) 9th January 2018 - Game On

    Rodgers Mackay Donaldson Warren Tremarco Polworth Vigurs Chalmers Mulraney Oakley Bell
  3. ict247

    Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    https://twitter.com/CollDonaldson/status/940218987979341824 New contract for Donaldson confirmed
  4. ict247

    Robertsons big changes

    Not according to the man himself... http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/Sport/Football/Two-years-of-injury-hell-and-becoming-a-father-has-helped-Caley-Thistles-Aaron-Doran-grow-up-20092017.htm
  5. ict247

    Robertsons big changes

    OFW Raven McKay Warren Tremarco Trafford Vigurs Doran Polworth Elbouzedi Bell Other options: Ridgers, Esson, Chalmers, Elsdon, Baird, Oakely, Mulraney, Calder, Seedorf, Susan, Cooper, Donaldson
  6. ict247

    Beware the Ides of March

    Draper & Tremarco are suspended...
  7. ict247

    Matchday Thread v Partick

    Jamie Durent ‏@IC_JDurent 43s43 seconds agoScotland, United Kingdom #ICTFC v #PTFC subs: Mackay, Horner, Brown, Draper, Doran, Sutherland, Fisher. 0 retweets0 likes Reply Retweet Like More Jamie Durent ‏@IC_JDurent 1m1 minute agoScotland, United Kingdom #ICTFC v #PTFC XI: Fon Williams; Raven, McNaughton, Warren, Tremarco, Tansey, Polworth, King, Vigurs, Mulraney, Boden.
  8. ict247

    Premiership Table 2016-17

    Get this pinned up in the changing room #underdogmentality
  9. ict247

    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    My point is that I've seen fans showing interest in numerous Dundee Utd players that as stated, made up a large part of the squad that weren't good enough for the Premiership. P.s - The SPFL stands for the Scottish Professional Football League which Dundee Utd are still a part of. The Premiership is the league table that our club participates in. Hope this clears it up for you.
  10. ict247

    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    I'm amazed how many people are suggesting we sign the same Dundee Utd players that weren't good enough for the Premiership this season...
  11. ict247

    Hibernian -V- Inverness CT

    Biggest mistake today was tactically. Yogi started with a 3-5-2 shape that looked to cut out playing through the midfield. This resulted in passing between the back three plus keeper before aiming long passes into the channels for Storey and Roberts to chase, hold up and allow the 'advanced' midfielders to get forward and support. Although this worked well for the first 10 minutes, winning several corners, it quickly went wrong as Hibs pressed us high up the pitch and stopped our back three having any kind of out ball. I have only ever seen us play this way once, away vs Partick Thistle last season where it didn't work, and it certainly didn't work today. Tactic 1 (3-5-2): Fon Williams Warren Devine Tremarco Tansey Vigurs Polworth Draper Williams Roberts Storey Worryingly, it took Yogi 70 minutes until he recognised change was needed. Credit where credit is due though, the subs changed the game for us and we looked much better thereafter. We moved to our favoured 4-2-3-1 and suddenly the defence had more time on the ball and could pick out shorter passes and play through Tansey and Draper. For example, Horner took a Hibs player away, creating room for Warren to move into who played a good pass into Mutombo in the build up to our goal. Tactic 2 (4-2-3-1): Fon Williams Horner Warren Devine Tremarco Tansey Draper Storey Mutombo Williams Roberts In my view, we're very fortunate to still be in the cup but we'll take it. Theres a great chance for another cup final but Yogi needs to find a system that gets us looking more dangerous without opening up at the back too much. For me, Storey isn't the centre forward that we can use in a 4-2-3-1 and the sooner we get Fisher back fit, the better.
  12. ict247

    Fon Williams or Brill

    Hughes said: “Dean is getting closer. I said many months ago I reckoned it would be the end of February before he’d be looking for games. “He’s working hard and he’s getting there. He’s starting to look good and he’s now doing a lot of specific stuff which is good news for him. “We’ve got a decision to make on who will be the goalkeeper next year. “It will be one or the other, I don’t think we’ve got the finance to keep the two of them but that decision is for a couple of months’ time. “It’s the way football goes. That’s what’s good about it, when we’ve got competition for places it really pushes people along to give it their best shot.”
  13. ict247

    Yogi's Contract

  14. ict247

    Team for the Jambos

    Fon Williams Raven Devine Meekings Tremarco Tansey Draper Christie Vigurs Williams Storey Subs: Esson, Wedderburn, Horner, Vincent, Lopez, Sho Silva, Foran.