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  1. Who's escorting you this time? Group 4? :thumb04:
  2. was 1 - 0 at half time still 1 - 0
  3. Yes it does still leave from Rose Street at 2.15pm and its still free too!
  4. I'm in that picture - bet no one can spot me!
  5. Sorry to say Mrs PB but you ARE wrong! :016: There is an admin charge of 5% from the credit company to set up the instalment plan, but it's a one-off charge per ticket, so a maximum of ?17. As for the calls seeming 'desperate', it's no more than a common courtesy to our season ticket holders who may have simply forgotten the renewal date. We do it every year.
  6. The sizes are the same as last season's home top and the current away top, so I would say if you're a medium you should go for a large
  7. The new strip IS on sale in the shop today... ... and we've managed to beat many 'bigger' clubs like Rangers, whose new kit doesn't go on sale until 15th July Something to be positive about? :o
  8. there were a few glitches with the mail merge :023: - a thousand apologies!! everyone should have got the correct email now with their unique code any problems please email [email protected]
  9. Try [email protected] any chance someone will answer my e-mail before tickets sell out?????? ooops, email me then? [email protected]
  10. Last chance to have your say... ICT Questionnaire 2008.pdf
  11. No, it's for everyone. The questionnaire that went out to Season Ticket holders was worded slightly differently than the general one
  12. If anyone would like to participate in the questionnaire please email [email protected]
  13. Game postponed due a waterlogged pitch
  14. L_G - my table is a ten now... or 11 if Alex still wants to sit beside me! :love02:
  15. Clydesdale Bank Player and Manager of the Month
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