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  1. Seriously guys ye can still go to The Elizabethan. It's been taken over but it's still a meeting place for supporters. If you want to head up town instead try the East Port Bar, The Commercial (opposite the former PO building) or Guild Hall & Linen Exchange. I can guarantee good food at The Commercial. Legends is not open to away fans until post match, but Charlie Ds is open to all pre-match. If you're looking for food nearer the stadium too there's the DASC Hub which is situated between the South Stand and the Norrie McCathie Stand. Great home cooked food, very low prices, plu
  2. Yer right Yngwie, he's seething ? byraway, the Norseman in Greenock is still alive and kicking. Prefer the chippie doon the stairs though! Oor supporters buses usually head to Gourock to the Spinnaker Hotel for a spot of lunch and only 15 mins drive from Cappielow. Wait til ye aw see The Hedge at Brechin! Quite iconic.
  3. Whaaaat? I always he would be forever David Beckham-esque!
  4. Ty Kingsmill it's good to be back. I'm happy to say I'm still providing the DAFC.net Live Updates (home page - just click on link) for ALL supporters to read; please also feel free to post on our football forum. Healthy discussions are always welcome. I've also started a blog --- get me, a blogger lol - and there's a few football related poems on it --- Buffysbuns.wordpress.com Happy to meet up with ye all at EEP, and I'm champing at the bit to come up the road and spend some time in the Sneck! Hope you're all well. Buff xx
  5. Hiya ma darlin! How ye doing? 



      Actually looking forward to the new season and more civilised Away Days.

  6. Cannae wait to see ye all at EEP! Missed ye aw something terrible. Buff x
  7. Elizabethan is still there IHE! It's just been updated inside that's all. There's also the Commercial Inn, East Port Bar, two Wotherspoons in the centre of town --- 15 mins walk from EEP. Post match you're very welcome to join us in Legends too.
  8. Getting some competition in eh Don? I better up ma typing skills! Lol
  9. Cheers guys - lol at the pink font change... boooooo I've added more to my original post - admission prices for those of you wanting to attend... or a donation to the staff support fund. All is welcome - in whichever way you can. All the best, Buffy x
  10. Hi guys and gals No SPL Fixture this weekend to brigten up yer day ? Then I've got an invitation for you all. Come to East End Park to help Save the Pars! We need as many football supporters as possible to get behind us to help our office staff, players and backroom staff and help save our club. It could quite possibly be our last game tomorrow - I know this is an emotive subject and not all supporters of all clubs give a damn about other clubs even those in a differnet division, but I'm hoping for a positive outcome - and from our own support too. We would love as many
  11. IF that was indeed the case - and I've been told by an ICT official too - then why was this proposal laid on the shoulders of the sfl only? Surely the SPL vote would have had this put in their lap too? IMO this whole fiasco re your clubs statement is that the sfl didn't let the bullies and intimidators win. We all know that these so called new structures and possibilities are just to enable newco to shoehorn their way back into the SPL no matter what is on the table.
  12. So we voted the same as your and the other SPL clubs and now we are getting it in the neck?! How bizarre. I can only take from reading the above posts how concerned your supporters are at this statement from your own club. Makes ye wonder eh?
  13. That's the lippy gaun oan.... Buffy x
  14. Whaur ye headin when ye get here? Just so I know where I can get some peace.... teehee cannae wait to see the usual hoolies fae inversneck... i'm oan the updates in the main stand so will give ye the royal pink wave Buffy x
  15. Absolutely fantastic news!!! I've been texting steph for some time now and she's been going roond the bend for the arrival of this bonny wee bairn. Well done to mum, dad and new ICT supporter Oscar. Awrawbest Buffy xx
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