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  1. Tried and was told no due to the club no longer able to get matching bricks.
  2. Excellent no case to answer as police Scotland spfl and sfa were all consulted Wednesday prior to kick off and no case to answer already received by Ictfc. Whoever sent that email needs a boot in the balls and told to stay clear if they think that the club would cut corners for the sake of having 300 fans at the game. Well done to the other 299 who followed the advice and stayed safe.
  3. Your all assuming they lived in glasgow. They could have been sourced from other areas of the country. Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen are in tier 2 not 1 so no different in stewards coming from those areas to a tier 1 area. As long as social distancing masks etc are worn by both stewards and fans very minimal risk. But ridiculous to go running to the sfa who will be happy to stop fans in the north attending.
  4. Corrales like cattle 300 in a 8000 seater stadium. Whoever contacted the sfa needs to her a ******* grip. And you can travel for work. Absolute idiot whoever this was. You could have just stopped any other fans attending matches.
  5. Not if they remain in level 4 restrictions. Especially as Fife is in level 3 and Ictfc in level 1
  6. Several clubs are doing online 50/50 Raith did it for our last cup game. We do seems to be well behind other smaller clubs in regards to streaming and revenue generation.
  7. Again why is our graphic in top corner in green again?
  8. Do the club get to know how many views the streaming service is receiving?
  9. I have to admit pretty dire they had to re advertise to sell 300 tickets
  10. Excellent. If it was PPV would east Fife had been given half the revenue?
  11. What was our penalty awarded for I couldn't see on Raith tv. By the way can the club not speak to Raith and find out what system they use as their feed was great no issues good commentary replays and halftime entertainment all for 9.99. Yet spfl stream is crap.
  12. Important match for player confidence. If we win then Raith will worry next time we play and gives us the edge in the tunnocks final whenever it gets played as well as remaining league matches. Pressure off a bit for the lads on this one and they can concentrate more on minutes and teamwork. Better priced PPV so think I'll have a wee watch.
  13. To be honest a good result especially since hearts demolished Dundee. Beat hibs in the cup and are generally romping the league. To have two matches against them and onlynloose by one goal each time and with lots of players out positive signs.
  14. From the ICTFC highlights the club appeared to have stewards in the ground and Certainly from attending at Aberdeen with no fans they had stewards in every stand I presume for fire regulations, stadium safety certificate requirements.
  15. The cost of EPL PPV is £14.50 so I still can't understand why hearts are £18.50 seems to be the most expensive in the UK.
  16. Aberdeen apparently have plans for a test event of 1000 fans.
  17. It's apparently due to the high cost of hearts season tickets £300+. They don't want to **** of their 11500 season ticket holders hence the higher cost according to their fans. It's extortionate as st mirren v dufc PPV is only £12.50.
  18. It will be season ticket holders so distancing and planning on seating can be achieved within tier 1 restrictions. Higher level tiers will soon not be allowed to travel into lower tiers and vice versa. A group of 11 were turned back on the ferry in Orkney from coming from a higher tier by the police.
  19. How can they justify £18.50 When everyone else in the league is around £10 £12.50
  20. Just noticed on spfl twitter feed of their lower league goal round up they used the ICTFC highlights for the Goals not their own product.
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