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  1. PCS

    ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Brilliant. My seats are booked
  2. PCS

    ICT Supporters Travel Club

    How many buses are running to Dingwall, do you need to book tickets or can I just turn up on the day?
  3. PCS

    Inverness CT -V- Arbroath

    Word in the stands is that Foran has a wee side bet with Tremarco that he can't score 10 goals this season. Looks like Carlo wants that money for his Christmas shopping.
  4. PCS

    Pre-season fixtures

    Gutted there is no Forres this pre-season, I've enjoyed my recent midweek trips to Mosset Park
  5. Apart from the goalie, i have found it increasingly difficult to work out our formations recently
  6. PCS

    Contract Situation

    I don't think Vincent has ever fully recovered from fracturing his leg against Hibs. Those first few games I thought we had the ideal replacement for Andrew Shinnie, playing in the hole behind Makay but he has never really done it. Can't fault his work rate and he is immortalised in Caley lore forever more with that goal but if he goes, good luck to him. Williams is a more versatile player and would be a big loss to the squad but he can't cross a ball which is a bit of a draw back for a winger.
  7. PCS

    Contract Situation

    According to the bloke from the Inverness Courier this deal has not happened.
  8. PCS

    Team News - Injuries and Suspensions etc

    I fine job you are doing too, I hope you don't think I was having a go at your efforts to keep us informed. I'm just frustrated with not knowing what's going on with the players. I take it from the negative responses to my previous post that fans are happy with the current situation.
  9. PCS

    Team News - Injuries and Suspensions etc

    Why is it so difficult for the club to actually tell us what's wrong with our injured players? I have found the silence this season bizarre and a little bit insulting. Do any journalists even ask the question of the manager or do they not even know who any of our players are in the first place! Apart from the infamous diving Draper obviously. I get the whole siege mentally everybody hates us but we are the fans and shouldn't be excluded.
  10. PCS

    Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

    That would be the same hopeless team that beat you 3-1.
  11. PCS

    Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

    Also 'you burnt all the pies' to kiosk crew walking past
  12. PCS

    Contract Situation

    There is no argument Nick is a great technical player but given his postion he never really affects a game. This season he has scored 1 goal with no assists, where as the much maligned Vigurs has 3 goals and 1 assist.
  13. PCS

    January transfer window.

    I think it is implied by saying 'not on his radar' If he was able to sign him he might have shown up as 'blip' down in the managers air raid shelter. I do agree we need more cover upfront now that Fisher is injured but could 1 of the new midfielders provide us with that spark in the final third. I'm looking at Ryan Williams, he appears to have the skills to create, which would then free up Storey to run off him and concentrate on scoring, rather than trying to do both.
  14. PCS

    January transfer window.

    Could it be that the gaffer just knew the rules and we are actually prohibited from signing Higdon http://m.motherwelltimes.co.uk/sport/local-sport/mcghee-was-thwarted-in-michael-higdon-bid-1-4025448
  15. PCS

    Classic BBC Journalism

    Livingston 0-2 Inverness CT Livi striker Gary Glen hooks a shot just wide minutes after an errant header from Caley Thistle defender Gary Warren had flashed narrowly past his own post. Classic from the BBC text match updates. Doesn't say much for the Livi attack if a man with a broken leg is keeping them out, go on Gaz!