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  1. HT - 1-0 FT - 2-1 ICT - Keatings Ayr - Anderson
  2. HT; Hearts 2 ICT 0 FT; Hearts 4, ICT 1 ICT: Keatings Hearts; Wighton
  3. The trialist is Kane Davis who’s one of the academy boys
  4. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    James Keatings named his Best XI
  5. RedCard

    Miles Storey

    He was Sandy and also missed a great chance in the first half with a **** poor attempt when trying to lob the keeper. I think we will bring a striker in and ive heard rumours of Simon Murray being linked with us. He’s a free agent and I’d take him in a heartbeat
  6. RedCard

    Miles Storey

    neither player should be our first choice striker! Plenty of time for us to bring a number 9 in
  7. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Yeah should have came with a language warning at the beginning. Hope anyone wasn’t offended too much
  8. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    New #BestXI pod out now with Josh Meekings
  9. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Won’t be out until next week but here’s a sneak peek at our latest best XI guest and it’s a belter! Carl Tremarco’s best XI should be out this Friday to keep your ears entertained
  10. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Agree with everything SO says. when we spoke to Scot on the pod I wanted to stress the importance of a good pre match experience for fans to gather at the stadium to create a buzz before games because at at the moment it’s a very flat experience before KO creating a mini fan zone will bring in extra revenue for the club and that can be used for any landscape or stadium upgrades
  11. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    New pod feature out today called Best Eleven. First up we have Mark Ridgers
  12. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Next week The Wyness Shuffle Podcast will be chatting to Caley Thistle CEO ScotGardiner so if you have a question for Scot post them on this thread and we'll try and cram as many in as possible #ICTFC 🔴🔵
  13. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    New pod just recorded with 2 ICT legends. Look out for it in the next day or two. You’ll be glad you listened to it