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  1. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    New pod just recorded with 2 ICT legends. Look out for it in the next day or two. You’ll be glad you listened to it
  2. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Can’t see that happening lol
  3. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    This week's pod guests will be popular with every ICT fan
  4. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Yeah that would be a dream pod
  5. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    We have a belter of a pod out this week with 2 former ICT players Out of interest which players past or present would you like to hear us interview?
  6. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    listen to this one guys! Liam was great to interview and I'm sure he will change peoples perceptions of him
  7. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Looking forward to it Suv. This pod is leading way with ICT content and is head and shoulders above any other ‘fan’ podcast covering ICT. Must be down to the guys asking the right questions 😜
  8. RedCard


    What a great turnout for Bronson today. A few folk from this site were there today and it was good to see some old friends. this site is responsible for bringing a lot of folk together who support ICT. It would be great to get as many folk from this site involved with the 44th min applause at the cup final. The big man would love to see as many folk there as possible
  9. RedCard


    Devastated is an understatement! A true ICT fan and one of the OG’s of this forum and part of the early CaleyAway crew. RIP mate
  10. HT - 0-1 FT - 0-2 ICT - White Ayr - Moffat Crowd - 1432
  11. HT - 0-2 FT - 1-3 ICT - Storey Alloa - Trouten Crowd - 1009
  12. Loved watching the old videos and seeing a young Red Card channel is inner Maradona was something else
  13. HT - 0-1 FT - 0-2 ICT - White Partick - Miller Crowd - 2216