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  1. HT - 1-1 FT - 2-2 ICT - White Utd - Clark Crowd - 2964
  2. HT - 0-1 FT - 0-2 ICT - White Morton - Kiltie Crowd - 1190
  3. Hi folks. #CaleyJagsAway have organised an ICT only bar for us from around 3pm on Sat. The bar is called The Koelship Yard - Let me know if you'd be interested in attending so ive got an idea of numbers, lets hope we are celebrating before the trip up the road or if you're staying in the central belt it could be a messy night! *Note* The bar doesn't take cash so its card only payments
  4. HT - 1-0 FT - 2-1 ICT - White County - Stewart Crowd - 4018
  5. HT - 1-0 FT - 2-0 ICT - White Falkirk - Rudden Crowd - 2341 Joker
  6. HT - 2-0 FT - 3-0 ICT - White Alloa - Zanatta Crowd - 2045
  7. Ht - 0-1 Ft - 1-3 ICT - White Partick - Fitzpatrick Crowd - 2854
  8. Understood. Not letting some BS on another site bother me. Great day out and a cracking 3 points which is more important
  9. There are several posters on the site who were next to me and can confirm that I didn’t make and inappropriate comments to home fans
  10. I’m the ‘passionate’ fan in question. Yes I was giving the players some light hearted digs in the first half but at no time did I make any inappropriate comments to the home fans, in fact the only time I spoke to their fans was at half time when a gentlemen who was obviously pissed off at his team losing decided to have a go at me and I told him that if the kids didn’t like bad language not directed at them I advised him to take them to the cinema. The stewards were great and I offered to move seats which I did and nothing else was said. Can’t believe he’s making stuff up on P&B but it’s water off a ducks back to me as I did nothing wrong IMO
  11. HT 0-1 FT 1-2  ICT White United Safranko  Crowd 6847 1st yellow McKay