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  1. Yes that’s his business partner and his wife is also involved in the running of it. He’s still involved but not named as a director anymore
  2. Jesus Christ! The playoffs were dead and buried at Xmas! we will be in League 1 next season
  3. It better come together soon! We are in a fecking mess on and off the park. Looking forward to that ‘buzz’ but it’s not been around much this season and the recent home performances have been turgid and horrible to watch.
  4. We don't need to sign anyone to replace Spoony, we have Roddy MacGregor who isn't being given much of chance by Ferguson which baffles me.
  5. Both would be better than what we have just now! Dunc is clueless and the last transfer window was a disaster! We haven’t replaced the players we’ve lost with anyone half as good and the character has been stripped from the team. it’s ok though I’m sure the battery farm will keep some folk happy. league 1 here we come
  6. I don’t see him being here next season even if we stay up
  7. His style of football is horrendous! horeshoe football doesn’t work and the lack of shots makes it a brutal watch! we will finish 9th and I don’t hold out much hope of us beating some of the league 1 sides in a playoff
  8. I’ve reached out to him via text but no reply and through Liam Morrison who told me about their new media strategy.
  9. I dont want to speak for the rest of the pod guys but i'll speak about how we used to arrange and interviews and the changes that the club requested last season. In the early days of getting players on to the pod we would contact the player directly and sort out a date and time to record which wasn't an issue but this changed when i got cocky and started asking players before a game whilst going out to warm up which was rightly out of order and after speaking to Scot it was agreed that any further requests would go through Liam Morrison which was the best way for both parties and that was the case for most of last season and up until Billy left. The podcast has always been fair in its criticism of the team and club but we are generally positive to the point where i was seen as the happy clapper and somehow kissing up to Scot which was never the case. We owe Scot and the club a lot for giving us access to players and staff which we greatly appreciated but now that things changed we don't really know why we aren't being given access apart from being told their media strategy has changed so that's where we are at the moment but hopefully i'd like to think we can get things back on track in the near future.
  10. It’s out! Catching Blue Whales: A Christmas Shuffle ️The usuals but festive 2023 highlights Gifts for Gaffers The ICTinsel XI Santa’s Sack Quiz! 4 special guest Wise Men! tinyurl.com/4yvrvdeu ️ tinyurl.com/42ec9sf8 tinyurl.com/bdz7sffj
  11. That’s a lot of rubbish Don! yes i try to remain more positive than some fans and they have their right to vent but I’ve been critical of the way things have been run upstairs with some very bad business decisions. Things need to change quickly on and off the park!
  12. No offence taken. We fielded all the questions to SG that were submitted by fans. This is where the trust should step in and from what I’ve read above they are planning on engaging with the board soon so let’s see what happens to that.
  13. Johndo we’ve had pods asking fans for questions to put to SG and although we had a few there wasn’t that many as I’d have liked. Folk love to moan online and that includes me but when I comes to actually asking a question or getting their point across a lot of folk choose to stay silent which doesn’t help matters. if there’s enough interest and volume of questions/opinions I’m sure we could send them on because we aren’t the voice of the fans! The supporters trust need to be more visible and take these questions/comments to the board.
  14. No ones talking about being bankrolled but ICT are one of the biggest draws in the area even on a quiet midweek game and if it were County I’d expect the council to do the same. The club and council need to be closer and work together to make it an exciting and enjoyable build up to the final for fans and residents of the area. Some city centre presence like posters bunting etc wouldn’t cost much. I know the club have a space in the market which should be open soon.
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