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  1. County are rumoured to be wanting Coll and Charlie so they will get them. Done deals.
  2. With chalmers, Trafford and Donaldson leaving us on top of polworth loss I trust Robbo will recruit well. Badly need a full back.
  3. Worst performance of the season so far. JR comments shows a complete lack of respect for the fans that turned out to watch that drivel. Route one football and hoping that the ball drops to one of our players. There are no tactics just lump in box and see what happens. it does not take a genius to work out how PT play. Two banks of four they are fighting for our lives. Their keeper did not have to make a save to make but that is the supporters fault? Supporters should have their say they pay their money and we have been shocking at home all season. Players are just not fit enough and cant keep hold of ball. Frustrating to say the least. JR comments will turn more fans away. Playoffs - I would be looking at teams below us that are all improving.
  4. Horrid performance. Can't pass. Slow tempo and no one creating chances. Long season ahead for us.
  5. scm1976

    David Raven

    Josh and Gary are our best centre halves. Danny is an accident waiting to happen and has costs us about 10 goals this year from silly errors. Cant believe he has been another contract ahead of Raven. Raven can overlap and get us up the park unlike Josh at full back. Great support for Raven on friday. Solid performer for us been treated badly.
  6. Does anyone have an idea who the two pre contract signings we are meant to be getting in?
  7. scm1976

    John Hughes

    I predict we will be in the play off spot this year. The only way is down under Hughes. He does not have a clue - never had and never will. It was a cheap option by the board. He has completely changed our style of football. Tippy tappy nonsense and no pressing the opponent. Ross County game was an embarrassment. Wrong appointment.
  8. Going to St Johnstone game next week. Is this pay at gate or do i need to get tickets in advance?
  9. Two winable games next. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. McGhee what a numpty. Blaming the number of players he has out today for the defeat. Have plenty of players to match us. Sick of hearing him moaning about it, turned of radio. Had to laugh said he had no strikers against Rangers last week. He had Mackie, MacGuire, and Vernon on the pitch. Good enough to match anyone apart from the old firm. Hope they get relegated! Big club in name only.
  11. Cant believe this is up for discussion. He is one of the worst players to play for us. Cant run, tackle, head or pass need i say more!
  12. Munro! Are you having a laugh? No. Half the fun of football is that everyone sees their own game. However, I do find it hard to believe that some folk didnt even have Duncan in their top 3. Duncan was immense yesterday, best player by a mile.
  13. scm1976


    Because the club is trying to pick and choose when they want to play teams. The club tookages to agree when the county game was going to be played.
  14. scm1976


    Yes but they have a had far worse weather than us. It is just a penny pinching tactic by our club. The club has an obligation to try and get the game on, but as usual we make no effort.
  15. scm1976


    Game not on, undersoil heating not on. This is just typical of the way this club is this now. A complete laughing stock!!!!!!!!! :(