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  1. Just saw him on ITV4 highlights talking about Mutu's resurgence after being sacked by Chelsea....yay
  2. Thanks :003: I do enjoy trawling this site for nuggets of info, just 2 mins ago i saw Pele got sacked, Niculae had a phone call from Romania`s assistant manager (not Iain Stewart is it?) and some seedy man wants the club.
  3. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the Innes
  4. I supported Aberdeen and Caledonian, then as soon as Caledonian Thistle began i dumped the reds. I also support Sagan Tosu in J2 (Japan) my other local team. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you
  5. I see. :019: Well, i suppose it makes sense. What is Malky like, does he shout as much? Was he a player....(god my first post is completely irrelevant and is gonna get moved/deleted, how humiliating)
  6. I hope this isnt a repost, i did check first..... :017: or if Malky is back.... if it is either, please delete.... :029: I said before Charlie was appointed that Iain Stewart would be a good choice. According to the club guide on the site, theres no one yet, is Malky back? Forgive me, I am not in Scotland so bit behind the times. If no one has been appointed, Im dying to see Stewart back at the club. If Malky is back, erm, well, uh, is he as animated as Parky?
  7. Would that be our fourth international? Brown, Hastings, Black, Niculae. Not sure?
  8. Yeah, and then into administration as well to boot. Personally, love the way the club is run, sure the board see this for what it is. No thanks
  9. Grainger has gone and they released their third top scorer Cowan also a defender so weak at the back? Should be 3 pts but they have improved since the last time no doubt.
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