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  1. I heard somewhere that certain players from the U19 Scotland squad dont have to isolate and they weren't deemed to be in close contact with Billy Stark. Hoping Kennedy was one of them
  2. I can't see 3 points that you receive for a win
  3. Didn't see the game tonight. Goals may well be our biggest problem. Both of you look at service/assists and ability to take our chances. McKay/Sutherland/Storey might be able to flash in a cross but don't really have the guile to get past a man and cause real danger for opposition defences. Doran has this ability but is still out. Kennedy may have this capacity but only time will tell. I don't really have faith that Storey, Todorov have that killer instinct. Sutherland hasn't been given a chance up top but has a good record at a lower level. It's not a great mix. Hopefully one of the strikers will get a run and prove me wrong.
  4. Brutal. Happy we are through but performance was woeful. Only two more chances to sort it out before Serbia game. Can't help but feel the formation is limiting the players severely.
  5. Its part of football now and more and more clubs will have to deal with it. Hugely frustrating for the players affected who miss games and training whilst perfectly healthy but it has to be done to protect the rest of the squad
  6. You can see about 70% of the pitch. Decent for north stand half of pitch. You can't see... Draw a diagonal line from the middle of the south stand goal to the far side half way line.
  7. Watched from the A9. Whilst a friendly, it was our last one before competitive action. I was concerned today with our defensive frailties and lack of creativity going forward. Early doors but my observations as I saw it today. Defence. Deas needs to play CH. Toddy is not a CH. Devine was a bit suspect. Fyffe and Harper both did well. Allardice did okay but doesn't offer a lot (Trafford on his bad days). Missed a driving midfielder like Carson today. Welsh was our mom. Magregor is wasted out wide, had a very quiet game. Storey was he usual, 1st half when wide would create space then mess up his shot or cross. When up front, struggled to do much, would lay of when he had time to turn. Keatings had some good turns, passes but doesn't offer enough as a number 10. Think we really miss someone to run beyond the striker and gives us depth/trouble the oppositions centre halfs. Toddy did okay first half up front. Took his goal well. Dan Mackay wide left, came on a fluffed a great chance straight away but thought he looked sharp. Sutherland was pretty anonymous out wide. Brad came on at half time and was solid enough. Poor performance all round, City looked slicker going forwards and organised at the back. Very concerned for Tuesday night. Highlight of the day was a drunk Elgin fan going for a pee in the bushes, slipping, sliding down the hill and ending properly lodged upside down in the bramble bushes. Amazing moment!
  8. Be interesting to see the line up. Maybe give an indication to his preferred starting line up or at least back 4. Few players haven't featured yet (Carson/Vincent/doran) so presume they will get some game time if injury free.
  9. Early bird gets the worm and gets home earlier (and manage a pint before 10pm closing time)
  10. I was in Elgin anyway so peeked in at one of the corners (couldn't see much so left at half time). Looked like 4-2-3-1 in the first half. MacGregor and allardice were sitting. Sutherland was out right, McKay left and keatings behind Toddy. Was hard to pass any comment on players due to restricted view.
  11. That's the kind of forward thinking we need Kingsmills. I like the 3pm personally and would like it to return after fans can return but absolutely no reason why we can't move the times earlier to save all clubs money like you say. Leaving the premiership clubs to play at 3pm means a full day of football aswell if people watch to watch/listen to Ross county get humped
  12. Feels nice to wake up knowing we have a game today.
  13. It's been said many times it's the public transport and pubs pre/post game that are more the issue. (Pubs have their own enforcement which they are managing well in the inverness area). Using an Inverness specific plan if you ban away supporters you limit the issue with transport, I appreciate ICT fans come from north, East, South and West but not in particularly high risk numbers. Caley club bus etc would need to stop and people should be encouraged to walk, cycle, drive or get lifts/taxis to the the ground. No food in ground is one of the stipulation I'm sure. Toilets would be easily manage by stewards I would think. Exit would be easy enough if guided by a steward. Section by section for example. The cleaning thing. I believe the virus only lives on surfaces for 72 hours so seats wouldn't be an issue. Presume toilets etc are cleaned after games anyway. I definitely think in our case it is achievable to complete safely, as county could. However when we are rolled in with the whole country/league and the transport issues when teams are much closer together and using same transport links then it's more difficult to argue a case.
  14. The friendlies will be at the stadiums I expect. They will be used a bit like the fans test events. Players getting used to the new protocols etc for both home/away games. I saw Elgin have had 4/5 friendlies against Highland league opposition already.
  15. 3pm ko on Saturday I presume?
  16. Hopefully we budgeted for no patg fans this season as a worst case scenario.
  17. I believe there are restrictions from uefa about showing a 3pm Saturday ko unless you are streaming outside of your country. It's currently lifted for obvious reasons.
  18. Wow, they are seriously splashing the cash!
  19. I fully expect 1/2 youngsters to sign up this week or whenever training resumes. They will probably be on very low wages for the league and will provide squad depth. Think they have been on furlough until so wouldn't have been announced until training restarts. I could be completely wrong though.
  20. Who are the two right backs? I can only think of McKay
  21. Always want to give players a chance but disappointed is my initial reaction. He seemed decent when covering for meekings or Warren to begin with but we he got longer stints in the team he looked lost. He has hardly shone for partick or pars and has been released from them. My biggest issue is the lack of leadership/communicators at the back, from what I remember, Devine didn't do much organising. Mchattie seems quiet, Brad is more worried about his hair and not seen enough from toshney. Hopefully deas has that skillset because it can cost teams so many goals if not (see Sevilla 2nd goal last night).
  22. Was he not upfront against Arbroath when the emptied us 3-0