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  1. Biggest problem for me is a lack of leaders. When I look at the team don't see many players who respond when the chips are down or we need to buck up. It is normal with a relatively young side. If we have allardice, magregor, Mackay, Duffy, Deas and Harper playing almost half our team our much over 21 therefore limited experience. Most concerning is the defence. Harper, Duffy and Deas are just learning the game. An experienced leader beside them would be great but is something we don't have unfortunately.
  2. As fans the quicker we rule out promotion playoffs the better. Team isn't consistent enough but has shown we can raise our game sometimes. Use the rest of the season to stabilise in the league and focus on the cups. Hopefully win the challenge cup and knock County out the big cup.
  3. Lost to Queen's and Dundee. Drawn with Arbroath, Morton and Alloa. Any others I'm missing. 3 points from 15
  4. We looked at the table with all these games in hand. I don't think we have won any
  5. Quite similar attitude that we have had for a few years now. We have a decent performance and a bit of praise and the next performance is a shocker. Players seem disinterested, hesitant and like they don't really care. Defence. Wow. Lost count of the number of headers lost. Mullen and Cummings are a pretty short strike force but are causing lots of problems. We are so slow to push out of the box and keep a high line. It cost us and against hearts and has cost us again. It's infuriating, repeating the same mistakes. Midfield looks a shadow of itself with Roddy and Carson. No energy
  6. Against Hearts Carson was really getting forward and supporting the front players. Be interesting to see if Allardice is asked to do the same role or if that was just Carson's natural energy/enthusiasm getting him from box to box
  7. Sad face emoji. Not exactly the 15/20 goal striker I was hoping for. Looks like we have a team where a few different players will contribute 5-8 goals each
  8. This is what fans expect and want. Clear information to explain decisions. Obviously not the day to day things but the big stuff or the stuff that impacts directly onto the fans. Fans can be an understanding bunch if kept informed. Fans can speculate wildly and become easily frustrated (particularly alongside poor results) when not informed/brushed aside. As an aside. Iain Auld made a big difference to the commentary on Tues. The bare minimum we should be given is someone who knows out players and the game. Not a dig at Bannerman who I'm sure is doing his best but the club should h
  9. Struggling to get enthused for this considering the disappointments for our previous few games. Glad Carson is likely starting. He provides energy and drive in midfield. He may be rusty though considering his lack of minutes. Will he replace Welsh or allardice. I would think Welsh with the number of games upcoming. Hopefully MacGregor gets a start. Even the last 10 mins against QoS he was linking play and always an option for a pass. Keatings didn't provide this and drifts out of games. If I'm honest, I don't rate todorov. Some fans seem to clamber for him I think beca
  10. I don't think we should be calling for Robbos head. I disagree with some of his selections but which fan doesn't when form isn't good. Whilst form is disappointing it's not yet alarming (this could change quickly though) and there are caveats. I've already written this season off (almost did before a ball was kicked) and am looking to next season to mount a proper challenge. I think Robbo deserves that at least.
  11. Common theme. Look comfortable and in control for large parts of the game. Inability to create clear cut chances. Inability to score half chances we get. Concede far too easily. Positive me thinks there is a decent team there and it's down to a lack of match practice and sharpness due to the fragmented number of games over the last 2 months. I am hopeful it will click into place and we will hit a run of form and climb table. Negative me thinks our central defence is worryingly soft, we have a lack of wingers to create anything, we have a lack of a g
  12. I think the loan market is still open until the end of February. Will we see a short term winger if Doran and MacDonald are out for a wee while? We now don't have a fit 'proper' winger/wideman in our squad.
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