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  1. 나는 당신과 동의합니다
  2. However he has left with Livi's goalkeeping coach. Can't see Esson being punted. Rumours Fox/Caig will join Hearts coaching staff
  3. This would fit the profile and has the links to Robbo/Hearts/Gardiner.
  4. Sorry I should have clearer. Reading between the lines he was hinting that the new 'head coach' will be inexperienced/cheap option. Several times he mentioned it could be... An assistant manager who is ready to step up, or promising coach with potential and the board would be thinking outside the box etc etc.
  5. So in summary... - Inexperienced head coach incoming with potential. - Relaying of pitch. - Concerts lined up. - Fans forum for dialogue with board. - ICTV to be part of season ticket package. - McCann was offered job and declined. Probably missed a few bits, I'm sure someone will fill in the gaps.
  6. Slightly concerned about this. If the club had mentioned this previously as a direction they wanted to go down then I would fine with the appointment. However, if it's just a case of creating a role for someone at the clubs expense then that is unacceptable. Most clubs pursue a sporting director (dof) as a long term strategic plan so if a manager leaves there is no upheaval and the same transfer policy/ scouting system/ youth progression etc continues and only the coaching/selection of players changes with the manager. If this is what Gardiner has been looking at then fine.
  7. Yup. Difficult position to be in. They both represented the club well and I wish them well on their next job unless it's against us in any form.
  8. I think that's harsh on Robbo. We had a massive lay off due to call off then constant games. I think the players bodies adapting to the change in schedule (firstly getting up to match fitness/sharpness then dealing with the fatigue due to lack of fitness meant it was a slow start). I do believe this team would have been in roughly the same place if Robbo was in charge. Just my opinion but I feel the fixture circumstances were more influential to our form than the management team. I would be happy with either manager next year but would have a preference for Robbo.
  9. My new favourite man 💕
  10. For a team that seriously lacks creativity. This seems the perfect solution. Exciting signing. Hope it works out for both parties. Game time for Allan to get him back to his best and makes us create and score lots more goals.
  11. I've been really impressed with Dan Mackay of late. He is far from the finished article but I think he has been in good form and probably our most incisive attacking player. His pace and directness have been troublesome for opposing defenders. Fair play to the lad who has been thrown into the team and played out of position. The choice was sink or swim. He was just afloat for a wee while but know has found a good rhythm to his butterfly stroke. Essentially I just wanted to say he will be a big miss today if he is unavailable.
  12. Guess the experience of training with men and seeing the rough/tough side of a dressing room/competitive football. He has quite a stocky physique for such a young lad. Might get more time than suggested. Maybe McCann is just lowering expectations on the youngster
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