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  1. You can read Carl's statement two different ways. 1. He meant it's a shame the way it finished not getting a send off from the fans due to covid or 2. A shame he didn't get offered a new contract. Although honestly, it was probably the latter. Sometimes you have to be brutal. Robbo has a budget. If Carl was on decent wages and we have a capable deputy on peanuts. Why not bring in the deputy and redivert the wages to positions where we need more quality. I'm not meaning to be brutal to Carl because I loved his passion and commitment to our club but we can't be sentimental when finances are so tight and the only way drastically improve our finances is promotion. Which comes from a better and balanced squad. The nature of our squad generally means we have 11 decent starters, then cover. 2 good left backs seems silly.
  2. Think Wednesday is the deadline for spfl response. Suspect a compensation agreement may be on its way (hence Hearts splashing the cash a bit)
  3. With the lack of football, it's giving time for fans to reflect on what it is we actually miss most. Is it the sense of belonging/community/family Is it the social aspect, before and after the game included. Is the watching the football Out of the 3 I would presume that the football is probably bottom for a lot of people. Football is very much a social thing with friends or family. Hence why is important for the club to seize on 'fan experience' to increase revenue and attract more people to enjoy the experience before and after the 90mins and come back again and again and bring others with them. The current match day is very unattractive and hard to attract others to come along.
  4. I couldn't care less about the stadium aesthetics or bushes. That won't bring back fans. The match day experience will. At the moment its a souless experience for all involved with fans and sometimes players just going through the motions. Atmosphere doesn't just happen. Sometimes it needs a bit of a nudge. Regarding the stands.It's the chicken and egg stuff the Gardiner was talking about. We need to attract fans first and foremost. Increasing the number of home fans provides a consistent increased revenue. Away fans are then a bonus, not a necessity.
  5. I was impressed with Gardiner. He seemed very passionate about the club and getting it back to the top league. He seems confident he has got the right people onto the board to move forward. Regarding fan experience, it shouldn't be too difficult but could be costly of course. I think a small beer tent beside the concourse. Have a DJ or at least a iPod playing songs which are linked to the club. Have a family area with beat the goalie for a quid, and little football skills games. Encourage away fans out. Have these things at from say 1pm. Have a bus from the centre. If there is enough stuff to keep us entertained then we will come. We will spend money etc. Even if you are not there. It would be nice to arrive at a ground where you hear fans singing or at least tunes playing and creates some sort of atmosphere
  6. There are 3 scenarios now. 1. Hearts mount a case against league. League makes an executive decision and decides to reconstruct (least damaging) 2. Hearts take league to court, football is delayed for some time. Many clubs are severly struggling. Hearts lose case and must repay liabilities. Hearts suffer and potentially lots of clubs may go to the wall. 3. Hearts win the case, football is delayed. League/clubs must pay liabilities/compensation to Hearts and sky for delay in league start. Everyone loses out, most damaging. Surely as soon as Hearts case is taken against the league they will have to choose scenario 1.
  7. So you don't like players returning after failed attempts like Curry or Sutherland. But you appear to get rather excited about Storey? What has he contributed since his return that is worth your adoration??
  8. The stance from our point of view makes no sense. The stance from the bottom league teams is the fear of clubs like kelty and brora with financial backing steamrolling the league. The fear of premiership teams is meaningless games in the bottom 8. The fear is hearts recover and they are more likely to fall. Status quo suits them and regardless of particks statement, I predict many in the championship will vote out of spite against us despite the advantages that fall to it's members of an extended premiership. They would prefer to take the maroon dollar for a year, even though we will be behind closed door for some time
  9. Think it's important not to compare. Both provide something similar but different and brilliant. Here's to the success of both of them.
  10. He was quite ineffective. Hopefully he has improved drastically
  11. If it just comes to a straight vote. Teams will vote it down. Out of self interest and perhaps some personal grudges. This will go one of 2 ways. Doncaster forces it through with the impending threat of legal action. Or Doncaster is playing along with appeasing Hearts until it's too late to do anything but it seemed like they tried etc Hearts hold all the cards, only they know if there are serious about the legal action. If they go for it, it will be costly and no guarantee of success. If they are bluffing about legal action it could well work or could be exposed as the bluff if the clubs call them out on it.
  12. Least I'll get a years wear out it then
  13. I guess its not too bad when you look back and most of it was Rae and Dalgarnos suggestions but there was - There was talk of a video and photo book of the 25 year history. - The 'keynote' match -A hall of fame and museum within the stadium. ( I remember voting on a hall of fame) I can't remember anything about a museum within the club? Maybe there is. You can rehash my question if you want. Just wanted to voice my frustration at missed opportunity. I liked the strip and the logo. I know the 25membership raised funds but I feel it was a missed opportunity to bring the supporters, club, community together and celebrate our former players, volunteers and employees who contributed so much to our quite incredible history. Especially when it's compared against our pals in Elgin for example!!
  14. 1. What are his plans for increasing community engagement and initiatives to engage the city with the club? Basically how will he generate more income into the club and get more fans into the club. 2. More of a reflective question, caveated with the change in chair. Does he accept the club made a hash of the 25th anniversary? As a fan, there was lots of broken promises and it seemed to be targeted at making money rather than sharing experiences/memories with supporters and celebrating a quite astonishing success.
  15. How does this help Scottish football? Apart from a bribe and a way for the old firm to skip the que.