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  1. Roddy will be the best signing of the summer, potentially for years to come.
  2. Hopefully it was just common sense to rest him. It was essentially a friendly for us. Main priority is Arbroath so better to leave him at home to rest up and not aggravate anything so he can start on Saturday
  3. Gardyne was for 'endangering an opponent'. I saw it as a late tackle but he did the old scissor kick motion which probably sealed his fate. Still soft in my eyes but I'm massively biased. Thought MacGregor provided good energy and guile. Ridgers was outstanding. Deas did well at lb against Gino, oh Gino, Ginelli. Sutherland and the wingers played much deeper to provide much more protection to the defence. 1st half was decent. 2nd half we struggled to threaten at all and conceded too many chances.
  4. No. But he needs to realise quicker in game situations when things are working
  5. Massively worrying that Dodds has persisted with the same formation again for another 90mins. We have conceded 5 goals against L1/2 clubs in 2 games and couldn't keep the ball against Cove. We were so wide open. Felt sorry for the central midfielders chasing shadows
  6. Both players had 2 spells at the club but have changed roles/positions on their return so I will only make comment on their most recent season with us. Both are players who I would have been happy to see stay but also not that fussed they are gone. Both squad players for us. Storey started more games last season but while dangerous due to his pace and strength often makes the wrong decisions whilst attacking. I think in Scotland, players have worked out how to play against him and his is often ineffective. Perhaps a new league will suit him and he can catch defenders of
  7. 나는 당신과 동의합니다
  8. However he has left with Livi's goalkeeping coach. Can't see Esson being punted. Rumours Fox/Caig will join Hearts coaching staff
  9. This would fit the profile and has the links to Robbo/Hearts/Gardiner.
  10. Sorry I should have clearer. Reading between the lines he was hinting that the new 'head coach' will be inexperienced/cheap option. Several times he mentioned it could be... An assistant manager who is ready to step up, or promising coach with potential and the board would be thinking outside the box etc etc.
  11. So in summary... - Inexperienced head coach incoming with potential. - Relaying of pitch. - Concerts lined up. - Fans forum for dialogue with board. - ICTV to be part of season ticket package. - McCann was offered job and declined. Probably missed a few bits, I'm sure someone will fill in the gaps.
  12. Slightly concerned about this. If the club had mentioned this previously as a direction they wanted to go down then I would fine with the appointment. However, if it's just a case of creating a role for someone at the clubs expense then that is unacceptable. Most clubs pursue a sporting director (dof) as a long term strategic plan so if a manager leaves there is no upheaval and the same transfer policy/ scouting system/ youth progression etc continues and only the coaching/selection of players changes with the manager. If this is what Gardiner has been looking at then fine.
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