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  1. Very comfortable in the end. Some nice interchanges midfield to front. MacGregor and allardice played very well in the middle
  2. There's much else to talk about when you can't see the game
  3. Which way we shooting? Going to have to drive to the bridge. Better view when we shoot towards north stand
  4. Presume it would be season ticket holders only (including Highland league) so the clubs have all the contact tracing details
  5. Hopefully some injured players returning. Particularly in midfield. Haven't heard any team news tho. Guess Kennedy will have a full weeks training behind him which will help him.
  6. We had a very short pre season for financial reasons and were playing competitive games after only a few weeks of training. Sometimes certain players are just susceptable to injury and other times it's just bad luck
  7. I heard somewhere that certain players from the U19 Scotland squad dont have to isolate and they weren't deemed to be in close contact with Billy Stark. Hoping Kennedy was one of them
  8. I can't see 3 points that you receive for a win
  9. Didn't see the game tonight. Goals may well be our biggest problem. Both of you look at service/assists and ability to take our chances. McKay/Sutherland/Storey might be able to flash in a cross but don't really have the guile to get past a man and cause real danger for opposition defences. Doran has this ability but is still out. Kennedy may have this capacity but only time will tell. I don't really have faith that Storey, Todorov have that killer instinct. Sutherland hasn't been given a chance up top but has a good record at a lower level. It's not a great mix. Hopeful
  10. Brutal. Happy we are through but performance was woeful. Only two more chances to sort it out before Serbia game. Can't help but feel the formation is limiting the players severely.
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