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  1. Robbo is maximising what he gets from the players. These players are not premiership standard barring a couple. He has them well drilled and found a system the players are comfortable with. I'm confident we can secure a playoff place and no-one will fancy playing us.
  2. The club was born from fans of either side, over time some others have come along. However the number has stagnated. There will be young fans who are pure ICT without following another other club and now hopefully they will reproduce to bring the next generation along. We can't rely on solely sperm and eggs in this situation. The club needs to batter the city with propaganda. Get the social media right, be in people's faces every day, I am in Kirkcaldy and have pals who are Raith fans and they are constantly sharing stuff from the club. I know more about what's happening at Starks park than my own team. Batter the schools and local football clubs with offers of tickets and players. Players should be out and about constantly at assemblies and gym sessions. Connect the club with the city and there will be a change. We can't just wait for fans to arrive. We need to connect with the city first. It won't require lots of money. Seats are empty, social media is a low cost way of advertising and players have plenty down time over the week. Time for excuses about merger and the city not being behind us are done. Let's get it done. Awooga
  3. Entertaining game for one we didn't manage to score. Took a while to settle to the diamond midfield and Utd could have been out of sight. Gradually worked our way into the game and were arguably on top despite not creating much. Second half was really open and end to end. They were on top for a spell when they won the pen. I would have said it was a fair award. Coll lunged in to block the shot but took the players legs before the ball. Mchattie took an awful touch to draw pawlett into a rash challenge for his second booking. This killed the game as our lack of creativity against there solid unit meant the classic sit deep and let us punt it. Colls last second deflected shot was the closest I think we got. Draw might have been fairer but safranko did miss a great chance late on. If that is their starting 11 on Sunday we should hold no fear. They are a solid unit but hopefully tremarco, mccart, doran and another winger return so we can play 4-5-1 again. Tonight they targeted Rooney and got a lot of joy down his side. Thought Welsh was mom. Most played well I thought.
  4. Think I heard we have played enough rounds for the bookings not to carry over this time. Can't confirm though.
  5. Oh my. That was tense but the relief is so great. Love this club to bits. Hats off to the players. Same again next round!
  6. Believe radio Scotland has commentary of the game. No TV this time round. Need to progress to get back on the auld box
  7. Thing is. Whilst playoffs keep the league interesting, they are disproportionate to the league. You can essentially be a mid table team, miles of the pace and feel like you are in a with a chance of promotion. We almost made playoffs last season after a horrendous start. Half expecting Falkirk or partick to do the same. Essentially we need to tailor our expectations until we improve the squad. Accept we are mid table with no devine right to beat anyone whilst capable of getting results against the top sides occasionally.
  8. With such a tight squad. Injuries to a 3rd of our first team starters is bound to have an impact. Ayr seemed a bit of a freak result due to a crazy 15 min spell. I wouldn't expect results to improve until these injured players start to return. We are a mid table team this season. Let's start accepting it.
  9. Double change for Ayr. Shankland and Higgins on
  10. Feeling like this could be a pivotal game in our season.
  11. Robbo mentioned it in his post match interview on cjtv. Coll out for 4 weeks. Walsh 6. Two key players. Hopefully we can strengthen with a couple of quality loan signings to keep us going til the end of the season.
  12. Last weekends result was highly frustrating due to the nature of the results around us as well as throwing away the lead at home. This time we got the job done and most other results went our way. If we can get three wins from the next 3 games, the last few months will be full of interest.
  13. I liked him. Was he not 6 goals from 12. Gregor get the stats out 😝
  14. We started the season 4-4-2 and it was largely unsuccessful. Our better performances and results came when we were 4-5-1/4-2-3-1 whatever you want to call it. The issue is CM, Chalmers nor Trafford are strong enough to play in a two. Hence the need to sacrifice a striker and play with 3 in the middle. Personally from what I have seen, Oakley would be my number 1 choice. But perhaps a run of games for White will bear fruits. We are stuck with what we have by the looks of it. Hope he finds better/more performances/goals/stats soon. How long is Oakley out for btw?