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  1. Ah nice one. Don't know if I'd drop Reguero for Juanjo as it would mean bringing in malkowksi... McKay in for paatelainen. Straight swap Hayes for doran.
  2. Bench Macaulay/ Pepper (ni) Djebi Zadi (?) Anderson (Norway?)
  3. 3-4-3 Reguero (Spanish) - Hastings lcb (Canadian) Baltacha sweeper (Czechoslovakia/Ukraine?) Bulvitis rcb (Latvian?) - Robson LM (Scottish) Draper CM (English) Owain Tudor Jones CM (Wales) Doran RM (Irish) - Paatelainen FW (Finnish) Niculae FW (Romanian) Ofere CF (Nigeria?) Not really a best. Just scraping a team together from memory. Feel free to provide suggestions of players iv missed.
  4. Bogus will definitely be easier than best
  5. Forget any virus. We need to ensure we finish top 4. The arbroath game is a huge one. Lose and we are pulled back into a cluster of teams. Away win and we are looking good
  6. Hopefully some common sense will prevail instead of a blanket ban and we can do without any police presence at our stadium.
  7. Good win. Queens were very poor. Took a wee while to settle into the formation but the goal certainly helped. Great corner from Keatings, with whip and dip. Vincent flicked if in. Second goal was a direct free kick from Keatings. It was a Ronaldo-esqe strike through the ball to give it swerve and dip. Keeper appeared to be distracted by this or the runners and messed up his balance. Ball went in quite centrally but moved an awful lot. Good strike from about 30 yards out. 3rd was a good run (again) by Carson. Was fortunate his flick through deflected into the path of storey who was sharp to pounce and toe poke it in off the far post. Couldn't really see what happened with their goal. Defence wasn't overly troubled. Mchattie swept up everything and Toddy was everything in the air. Formation suited most the players particularly Keatings, Storey and Rooney. Carson had a super game again. Won back so many balls by harassing the opposition. Doran and Walsh seemed to enjoy their cameos off the bench. Interesting to see what formation Robbo will play in Arbroath. Massive week upcoming.
  8. Criminal defending indeed. Think we need to get the ski goggles and ropes out
  9. We are in a false position. Previously when we have been 2nd in the 1st Division/Championship we would have a team capable of matching most premiership bottom 6 sides. The standard of our current league is pretty abysmal. That fact we are second after some of the performances and play this season is shocking. In reality. We have lost 2 very competent centre backs who helped us to this position. Mccart is already getting rave reviews in Perth. Coll has settled in well. Playing mchattie who we took as a covering squad player from Raith rovers and Brad McKay whose limitations are clearly obvious to any football observer. It's no surprise we conceded so easily against a creative team with boyle and allan. Welsh is our best midfielder by a distance but is constantly injured. Our top scorer has barely any goals. Currently this is a limited team and don't let the league table fool you. Yes, we beat livi who are flying high but the wind was a major leveller with neither side creating anything. Robbo is doing very well to get us to second in the league and it seems by doing this and raising expectations it is causing him to come under attack from some.
  10. Strange game. It was pretty comfortable but we needed Ridgers to bail us out a few times. Thought Coll and Jamie did well, Keatings started brightly, Doran was hungry and Trafford/Carson battled away well. Our style seems to have changed somewhat. Last season when white was on good form, we were playing direct to White to hold up and Walsh, Doran and Polworth were making runs beyond him. Now it seems with both Carson/Trafford sitting that Rooney and mchattie push up high meaning Doran storey will play a bit narrower. Means more intricate play centrally which suits Keatings but not White. Might be worth trying someone else up top if we continue this style.
  11. Storey is pretty guff. He has had about 1 or 2 decent games. Please accept it. He runs fast in a straight line. He started a game up front against Dundee and apparently was ineffective. He has been on the wing since, and has been largely ineffective there. If we had a stronger squad he wouldn't be near the team but we don't. But don't claim he is some sort of Messiah and being unfairly treated by playing on the wing.
  12. Really important win. We saw last year. 3rd place isn't much of an advantage. Finishing second (if we don't win it) is crucial for the extra rest ready for the play off. Glad the team have turned it around, was seriously concerned after arbroath and Clyde. Expect Ayr to plummet.
  13. Echo most of the above. After a torrid few weeks we at least showed a bit of fight and belief. Ridgers solid apart from mix up where Carlo cleared off the line. Central defence stuck to the basics and grew as the game progressed. Trafford was slow to press the ball in the first half but looked good in the second half. Carson had an excellent first half but faded a bit. McKay got roasted by mcdaid first half but coped a bit better after the break. Doran had his best game in a long time, worked hard, took his goal well (we won't mention the one on one). Storey was rotten until the final 15mins. Mchattie did enough. White had a good first half. Toddy did nothing, Keatings exploited the space well after they sacrificed a midfielder to go 4-4-2. Robbo gets credit, he sussed out Dundee, matched up against their formation and it worked. Players looked up for it today. Dundee have good individuals but struggled to really break us down. Nice to leave the game happy and wanting to look at the league table again.
  14. Boring but winnable. Just need to grind our way to the next round. Hopefully get bonnyrigg or bsc Glasgow in the next round if we progress
  15. Ridgers was mom for me which is really concerning. McCart is a shadow of the player since Robbo had a go after the Partick game. A big concern, he seems to have stopped talking and I think Coll needs someone to keep him right. Missed Rooney's attacking runs, McKay was happy staying in his position and generally looked disinterested. Tremarco didn't get forward much but at least looked interested. Trafford needs about 3/4 touches before passing. Slows us down every time. Storey, runs fast to the outside. Never cuts in. No variety, seems disinterested. Curry played central but struggled a bit to find space. White held ball up well. Doran, surprised he was sponsors mom. Offered very little apart from a 10 min spell in the first half. Really concerning. Didn't see any speed of passing (1 touch, 1-2s). No guile to take a man out of his position and create space for others. We played slowly, rigidly, no confidence or belief. We really struggled to break down Clyde. Was disappointed with the line up. We started with a strong line up but these are the players who performed so poorly the week before. If this was their chance to right the wrong, they failed badly. Was desperate to see Machado to offer some spark or guile. Really concerned for next week. Penalties were good. Ridgers is good. Free wafer was good. Everything else was awful