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  1. I would presume he is splitting the squad equally like he did for the early pre season friendlies. All those who didn't play today will probably start on Saturday. Bit risky but obviously wants to give everyone some decent game time.
  2. Strong opposed to Feruz. One of these 'wonderkids' who is now 23 and has done nothing in the game despite plenty chances. Caught driving a Porsche whilst disqualified perhaps indicates towards to his attitude and character. Give me McGregor or McKay any day.
  3. The boys need game time. This could really aid McKay's development and could become a replacement for Curry when his loan expires. He can be ready to step in for us fully fit and high in confidence, which is a massive thing for a player.
  4. From watching the highlights, I would have expected Rooney to close down Linn, he hesitated, wanting to stay on the line, when he would have been more useful putting Linn under pressure. Great ball by Keatings for our opener. Whilst the second was a goalkeeping error, I liked seeing Storey have the confidence to strike it early. Don't think many were expecting the shot. Like someone mentioned the highlights made it look like we played okay. Although most who were in attendance seem to disagree.
  5. Better not be 2- 5 to mark the anniversary
  6. I don't recall many experiences of making wholesale changes being productive. Particularly with a squad the size of ours. I would like to see Trafford drop out, he fails to track his runner which causes problems for the defenders. We desperately need Welsh back pronto.
  7. Didn't see the utd game but think things need freshened up. Think McGregor and Harper should start. I imagine the home fans will be ready to boo at the first opportunity but I hope they would cut McGregor and Harper some slack. White doesn't seem to have rediscovered his end of season form and think todorov is just a impact player. Could push Keatings up top or start storey if he is fit/training well. Don't like making too many changes but a couple needed to shake things up.
  8. After yet another unsuccessful season. His commodity has plummeted. Would be surprised if his wages commanded much. Hopefully he has some fire in his belly to get back to his best.
  9. Being the Sunday game we will know what is required to progress
  10. We have been playing teams from the divisions below us. Especially at home Robbo has probably instructed the fulls back to play wide and high, so they are attacking threats and pin the other team back rather than a tight back 4. Would be surprised if they played the same against Dundee. Presume you will see a much tighter unit. Time will tell
  11. I'm really hoping you are not showing off your Brazilian whilst tanning it up.
  12. We were in complete control to begin with but Raith got a foothold before half time. Raith keeper struggled with crossed balls, think he was their 3rd choice. Just a pup. Liked the look of Carson, Vincent became more influential over the game and McGregor looked very tidy. Definitely room for improvement but a good solid base. I will take a 4-1 home victory over anyone.
  13. Apparently outside of the post. Not saved
  14. Very impressed. Very knowledgeable, fair and balanced opinions and some odd gems of anecdotes and memories. Keep them coming!