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  1. I believe there are restrictions from uefa about showing a 3pm Saturday ko unless you are streaming outside of your country. It's currently lifted for obvious reasons.
  2. Wow, they are seriously splashing the cash!
  3. I fully expect 1/2 youngsters to sign up this week or whenever training resumes. They will probably be on very low wages for the league and will provide squad depth. Think they have been on furlough until so wouldn't have been announced until training restarts. I could be completely wrong though.
  4. Who are the two right backs? I can only think of McKay
  5. Always want to give players a chance but disappointed is my initial reaction. He seemed decent when covering for meekings or Warren to begin with but we he got longer stints in the team he looked lost. He has hardly shone for partick or pars and has been released from them. My biggest issue is the lack of leadership/communicators at the back, from what I remember, Devine didn't do much organising. Mchattie seems quiet, Brad is more worried about his hair and not seen enough from toshney. Hopefully deas has that skillset because it can cost teams so many goals if not (see Sevilla 2nd goal last night).
  6. Was he not upfront against Arbroath when the emptied us 3-0
  7. I think if we are playing only 1 up top. He will play someone who can hold the ball up and bring others into play. If that's the case it's likely to be Shane or Toddy than Miles
  8. I, like many others I think, took this trip as a potential once and once only experience and therefore relished every every moment. Still have a warm, fuzzy feeling when I think back. Thought the fans represented the club very well
  9. I think by forward he means someone who can play on wings, attacking midfielder or up front. He has allardice, Vincent, Carson, Welsh for the central midfield roles. I'm presuming he's going to play 4-5-1/ 4-3-3. With a small squad he needs lots of versatile players who can cover a few positions
  10. I'm pleased about this. That's 6 games before the league starts. Hopefully we can start the season with a bang and Robbo knows his best 11
  11. I think the 6 players who are self isolating will still be unavailable. Think the fixture is next midweek. The 2 who have tested positive will be available but I guess it depends on how the virus affects their health and fitness.
  12. Rb (right footed), Midfielder and forward. That would make us appear quite top heavy although storey, Mackay could be classed as wingers and toddy as a defender in necessary.
  13. I disagree with the points thing as Aberdeen were willing to play. It was the government who basically overuled the league. I get that the decision was made due to the Aberdeen players breaking their sporting protocol but the club were happy to play with reduced squad. I presume the players will receive a hefty fine and presume 2 weeks without training for the players will affect their own match fitness and therefore the clubs chances for success. This will be a natural punishment as it is. Maybe I'm a just a big softy
  14. Feel sorry for St Johnstone just now. They have suffered most from this in football terms as will have an extra fixture squeezed in unnecessarily through no fault of their own