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  1. We were in complete control to begin with but Raith got a foothold before half time. Raith keeper struggled with crossed balls, think he was their 3rd choice. Just a pup. Liked the look of Carson, Vincent became more influential over the game and McGregor looked very tidy. Definitely room for improvement but a good solid base. I will take a 4-1 home victory over anyone.
  2. Apparently outside of the post. Not saved
  3. Very impressed. Very knowledgeable, fair and balanced opinions and some odd gems of anecdotes and memories. Keep them coming!
  4. Limped off the field of play.
  5. Just back from Forres. 4-4-2. Harper and Machado linked well on the left. Really impressed with them both. Walsh was MoM for me, lots of great crosses. Keatings looked sharp enough, Todorov was good in air but a bit predictable on the ground. McCart strolled it. Chalmers and Brown in the middle worked hard. Good run out.
  6. So why did Hughes need replaced? He was angling for an out. I'm not suggesting Foran was the correct appointment but he was the cheap option after Yogi's bloated budget being frittered away.
  7. You can't blame ofw. He was given a lucrative contract and any appearances will cost the club money they can't afford. He has played on loan and tried to help the situation. We were desperate for the appearance fees from the euros so gave him a bumper contract. Oh how it has backfired now!
  8. No colours could be a problem on semi final day
  9. This all day long. Yogi, great coach, good at improving players. Yogi awful recruiter of talent. Don't be naive, Yogi played his part in relegation, he wanted to push the club forward for his own ego, raising budgets and then wasting it on players. He has a very high opinion of himself. Financially we are still recovering from this. The warning signs for our relegation season with Foran were starting to appear under Hughes.
  10. What's kingsmills said. I see the identity of not based on origin but on characteristics. Players who are committed and honest by giving 100% for themselves and their team mates. Team spirit has been often mentioned by former players. I think the fact most players aren't from here adds to it. They become a football family rather than having their own family around. They are young guys away from home and rely on each other. Robbo has got the team very close to this, I still feel a couple of players shirk a bit when the going gets tough but the majority dig deep. I feel the additions of McCart and Welsh this season have really helped this. This have added grit and determination in key areas of the pitch.
  11. Trafford first booking was so stupid, why slide into a challenge there. He needs to learn the game. There was nothing to gain, he may win the ball but it wasn't stopping a dangerous attack or going to give us possession. Then he runs the tightrope for the rest of the game. The second yellow was a yellow as it denied county a dangerous counter attack. I feel aggrieved about that one because draper committed a foul which led to the break. Even the free kick we had before, McManus was never 10 yards from the ball. It was a shocking start, we were jogging around, you would never have known it was a derby game. Thought county finally figured out how to play us, they dropped deep without the ball, let our defenders have the ball then broke at speed when we had committed players forward. Draper schooled us in the middle. I would give him Mom for his first half performance alone. Really disappointing as this has been the first derby where we seemed to not be up for it. I would argue it's normally been the county fans saying that previously but not this time. Sad times.
  12. Happy they are playing 4-4-2 against our 4-2-3-1. They have consistently done that and we have largely dominated the middle of the park. Glad Walsh is in. Glad Gardyne is out. Looking forward to this one
  13. Thought it was a defensive line up to begin with. Therefore it was a cagey first half with no real rhythm. Petra was causing tremarco problems on their right and Brad had lots of space on our right but his touch, cross was woeful. Second half I felt we had more control but no much creativity, Polly and Doran were the only two who looked capable of unlocking something. That was Jordans poorest game for a wee while. Walsh came on to give us more natural width with stretched the game a bit and therefore entertaining. It's disappointing to not get the 3 points but I thought the lads all put a shift in. I think Robbo was a bit too defensive which cost us the 3 points. Not raging about it though. Interesting results throughout the league. Has County's bottle smashed, imagine the fear they would have if we managed to make it 3 league defeats in a row. Shame their is no real challenger to them.
  14. Chalmers doesn't have the energy, bite or aggression to play the same role as Welsh. The reason for our better form of late has been the emergence of a fully fit Welsh. I fear now for what may come. A central midfield of Chalmers and Trafford strikes of a Scotland midfield in Kazakhstan which fails to make 10 tackles. Welsh is the closest thing we had to filling draper's boots.
  15. Was it not against Raith? 3-2 final score