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  1. Stirling Observer

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    This is a new problem that is more and more common. People make a negative opinion on a player on a forum. They then scrutinise each performance and almost want said player to make a mistake so they can come on and rant to back up their statement. We are probably all slightly guilty to varying degrees. I have heard opposition fans speak highly of polworth performances against them, generally these are people without agendas or bias (unless you are Ross Tokely).
  2. Stirling Observer

    Championship 2018/19

    This league will be pretty incredible. I cannot even start to guess to say who would be favourites or the positions. Lots of factors involved including teams recruitment and management squads. Looks like Utd will stick with csaba. Will Partick stick with Alan? Will Hartley get his recruitment right? Will Ayr do a Livi?
  3. Stirling Observer

    Recruitment Policy?

    Not many will be offered the opportunity these boys have been given. Perhaps only a couple will make it as professional footballers, others may end up in the Highland league. But they must give everything they have to achieve their goal. If it doesn't work out, there are many different routes now to access education rather than the traditional method. No regrets.
  4. Stirling Observer

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    I really dislike Roy making comments about Inverness and our relegation. Let him comment on his club and we will look after ourselves. Budgets dont guarantee anything. Look at Utd this season, big budget no promotion. Livi, small budget but excellent team spirit/ work ethic and have a chance of promotion. He has inexperienced managers at the helm ending the season with a whimper, we have a manager who has settled into the job and finished the season on a high. I know which I would rather. Bring it on!!
  5. Stirling Observer

    Angus Beith and Tom Walsh

    Good to see the signing coming in early, rather than having to sign squad fillers like alex cooper from the scrap heap. Pretty sure I heard transfer window shuts earlier this summer, before start of the season so it would be nice to have a squad sorted well before the 1st league fixture so we hit the ground running this season with a good idea of our strongest 11.
  6. Stirling Observer


    I felt Vigurs was hugely culpable to our relegation, he seemed to consistently let players run off him and offered little movement to the players on the ball. However the 2nd half of the season playing as the main man in the middle of the park, taking the ball from the defence and retaining possession in tight areas as well as playing passes between the lines to doran and polworth saw us finish the season in great form. He was integral and will be missed. I am disappointed he is leaving but I am not devastated as it wasnt a surprise. I have been lacking in players to dislike with County, so at least I can focus some resentment towards Vigurs now. Its petty, but its what makes football fun!
  7. Stirling Observer

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    We actually did well to get a fee for draper. Whilst he would have improved our team, it wouldn't have been enough to get us promoted. He is on his last legs and I cant see County managing to recoup any money on him. I would fancy Polly to give him a good run around next season.
  8. Stirling Observer

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Could counter than with an impressive Hibs and much improved Killie. A few people on here were praising Roy for wielding the axe early on McIntyre. Comparing it with our situation of sticking with Foran. Impossible to say in hindsight but swinging so early may have cost them dearly. 3/4 managers in one season can't be good for players.
  9. Stirling Observer

    Season Ticket

    Not a biggie. Betfred entry likely to be about a tenner. Just a mistake. People are human. Humans make mistakes.
  10. Stirling Observer

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Yup. I would also like those teams. A proper freshen up of the league. 4 news team from 10 would be nice. Can't see it though. I reckon Dumbarton will oust alloa and whoever is in the premiership will win the playoff. Leaving us with only county and Ayr as our new teams in the league. Hope I'm wrong
  11. Stirling Observer

    Season Ticket

    That's a great deal. Works out at roughly 13 quid a game. Allows you to miss quite a few games and still not be out of pocket
  12. Stirling Observer

    Robbo must stay!

    Would really like to bring DP back. I have no rhyme or reason why but I have never really taken to BR.
  13. Stirling Observer

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I'm sure froxylias signed a new contract at sons. Iv seen furtado at Raith this season. From what I saw, I think league one is his level. Doubt he would impact on a team who wants to push for promotion.
  14. Stirling Observer

    Caley thistle Board

    Is Vikas any good? We could use a handy winger
  15. Stirling Observer

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Yup, I would love to have them down with us. Bigger gates for both clubs. I imagine a championship top of the table clash would get the juices a bit more than a premiership mid table game or relegation battle.