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  1. Oh yes it can.A Caley Jags win and a" Hot Toddy " !!!!!!!!!🤣
  2. Last seen sitting on a Tinkers Cairt been consoled by bdu98196
  3. You can also add bdu98196 (Yogi Worshipper)
  4. All Yogi's worshippers could jump on "The Cairt " and go O.T.B. and follow the new " Head Tinkmeister "😂
  5. Pity the new Managers topic is closed!!!! Maybe we could have copied the Tinks OTB and gone for Co. Managers . Derek "Seethe" Adams and Jim Mcintyre are both available I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  6. Connah Connah's Quay have played in the last three Europa League competition's !!!
  7. Erm! Riccardo Calder ???
  8. forget the doom and gloom. were only about 6 points away from top 6 ,big games coming up so lets roar OUR boys on to victories come on caley jags lets fight for it.I honestly think weve been cheated by bad refereeing decisions from a few points.
  9. I phoned the online call center number and was told tickets were sold out. Went back to the forum and thanks to "givemeaccccc" tried the office number and got ticket 5 mins ago. Girl said they had plenty left! She also said she would look into it.
  10. So i ca'nt make it due to unforeseen circumstances at the last minute how am i supposed to get my ticket back before the match takes place ?
  11. Best ever , Septic 1, Super Caley Thistle 3 , Pure Ballistic, Must admit i missed a lot of the second half by watching the clock ,You know how jammy these B-star-s (add an A and a D and youve got it ) can be late on , ICT onwards and upwards .Ive got my ticket.come on guys and gals lets get behind the lads,
  12. Loved the Bamby on ice description .We need a box striker and also someone willing to take a shot from 25 or 30 yds.I remember Barry Wilson scoring a stunner from about the halfway line. who else remembers that one other than Barry.it was in the first division i think.Great memories 4 or 5 goals a game quite regular.Better shut up or will be accused of going off topic.
  13. JoFrAl


    ok what did JH do for our beloved ICT' yes europe oh slipped my mind did we have the most treasured day in our short history but then he had delusions of grandeur and demanded Barca type footy but he forgot we dont have Messi Suarez Etc.Bored many of us with his at KO CF to CDthen RB LB MF this about 10 times then GK who hoofs it up to halfway line but usually out of play opposition get possesion score we lose we dont attack same old story lose again. sorry if you think im ranting on but its my thoughts of what was going on. Bye Bye Yogi sigh of relief from me .I know youre not stupid an
  14. I was over in Northern Ireland last year and saw quite a few games.some of the guys I seen were well ahead and above poundland standard yes i know about Murray who was over i think on trial dont know if he got a fair chance but i think he plays for cliftonville or glenavon and i seen him play and i was quite impressed with his performance if i got it wrong who he plays for im sure ill be put right .maybe by Hiro I think he comes from that neck of the woods somebody famously said now that im here i can afford to buy my biscuits in marks and sparks rather than Lidls so.what im saying IMHO
  15. Yes Missy Izzy I was out of order slagging off Foran. Actually, now I am quite pleased that he has been appointed manager. He has promised attacking football, compared to the shyte that J H gave us. He loves Inverness, is married and settled here with his family. If JH had stayed I was not going to renew my season ticket. (and I've had one since the start), Yes, we won the Scottish Cup and he got us to Europe, (and I was there), but the last season was dire. Delighted that David raven is staying! Now I hope we can sign somebody who can score GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!
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