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  1. Tonight's team to face @clachfc 1. Mark Ridgers 3. Cameron Harper 5. Robbie Deas 6. Danny Devine 9. Billy Mckay 10. Aaron Doran 16. Lewis Hyde 18. Scott Allardice 22. Nathan Shaw 29. Robbie Thompson 31. Harry Hennem Subs: 13. Cameron Mackay 8. David Carson 12. Roddy MacGregor 17. Trialist 19. Matthew Strachan 20. Calum MacKay 24. Austin Samuels 27. Alasdair Riddle 30. Steven Boyd 32. Ethan Cairns 33. Lewis Nicolson Billy Mckay and Nathan Shaw inside first 20 mins give ICT early advantage. Full Time 0-10 Scorers: Mckay (1
  2. I'm not one for wetting my pants over football shirts. However this one has got my full attention. I LIKE THIS SHIRT ✔️
  3. I say.....For the record, you have been closing all your own topics yourself apart from one that was dealt with as there was already a topic dealing with it. Why close your topics which are sometimes relevant once you can see through the smoke screens. That defeats the purpose of having topics to debate and takes away from the purpose of the site. If we closed all topics that were past their sell by dates then there would be nothing left to read.
  4. And has promptly fecked off to Fleetwood Town.
  5. Flares back in fashion at Perth... 283763016_998965004103204_147483247694216505_n.mp4
  6. CTO REPORT That's it for another season from CTO Editorial Team. Grateful thanks to Iain for all the PotY Polls and Eric, who despite being unwell has worked tirelessly behind the scenes updating the stats. A truly mind numbing task, especially with nine subs now to be added. With these guys working mostly in the background that enables me to churn out Previews and Reports. If you enjoyed them, I'm tm4tj, if not then I'm CaleyD (Disclaimer. Only joking) See you next season.
  7. Inverness stay put It was a winner takes all game tonight after a dramatic 2-2 draw at the Caledonian Stadium on Friday night. Inverness were bolstered by the return of Danny Devine and Wallace Duffy to the squad after their harsh dismissals at Arbroath. A big following went down to Perth, alas after a tremendous first half where we created the better opportunities, it was all undone within a minute of the restart by substitute Stevie May. A second goal killed any lingering hopes from a deflected MacPherson shot. The final two goals from Hendry & Rooney mattered not when the ga
  8. Get your TICKETS HERE ***UPDATE*** St Johnstone have said Tickets will be available again around 12pm St Johnstone have also said there will be a very limited amount of tickets available from the cash turnstile tonight but it’s highly recommended supporters get their tickets in advance.
  9. Paul Cherry posted this on social media. Great effort by the big man. However, read the bit about the inflatable champagne bottle. Ouch! A big thank you to all that entered the raffle to win my St Johnstone FC and Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC Championship winning medals and congratulations to James Grieve and Scott Campbell the respected winners. With over £2600 raised for the Ukraine Orphans Charity https://dniprokids.com/ the proceeds will go to a great cause. It is ironic that tonight my two former clubs will meet in the Scottish Premiership Playoff Final First Leg at Inverness. Wit
  10. One Game Shootout Well well, after the drama of Friday night, it all comes down to this game in a winner takes all final. It's another blank canvas after a 2-2 draw at the Caledonian Stadium for the final game at McDiarmid Park Perth on Monday night at 7:45pm. We can thank Reece McAlear for that after his two stunning second half goals cancelled out two first half goals for the Perth side. We should have Danny Devine and Wallace Duffy free from suspension after the Willie Collum debacle. (I notice he was also rubbish in the Showpiece Scottish Cup Final as well. Seriously useless. M
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