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  1. Terry Kath, what a guitarist...
  2. tm4tj

    T REX

    If you liked a bit of Marc Bolan there will be a live streamed concert by tribute band T.Rextasy on Saturday night. I saw them at Eden Court a couple of years ago and they were superb, he even looks scaringly like Marc Bolan. It's only £9, see you there. You need to book 24 hours before concert. And no, it's not weeman. Enjoy.....
  3. Statement from the club In response to a solitary anonymous email the club received along with several news agencies and Police Scotland, ICTFC completely refutes all of the allegations in the anonymous email. Similarly the vexatious and misleading headlines and “reporting” of this non-story in the Daily Record today, which are completely false. https://ictfc.com/statement-on-saturdays-game-and-plans-for-fans-v-dundee
  4. As already said, no corraling at the South stand, just an orderly queue waiting for about 20 minutes to move forward. Temp check, ticket scan and in to seat under guidance from steward. No issues as far as i can see. Considering about 60 at the North Stand so probably around 200 in total attended. Not seen anything official from the club. It's about time they appointed a media team that communicated with the fans to keep us up to date with what's going on. It would help to quash the rumours that emerge from all these inaccuracies and maybe the fans will see a different side to the club. I
  5. tm4tj


    Cheers scotty, saw your announcement and it works like that at the moment using default theme.
  6. Since upgrade, I have no idea how to find messages forum when using CTO on my mobile, using chrome to open CTO url. Also, difficult to navigate anywhere on mobile. I used to get pop up window with options, seem to have to go back to home page before finding anything, apart from messages which is missing altogether.
  7. That would be a great idea Fraz. Somehow I think that might be beyond the capabilities of those in charge.
  8. Streaming aside, here's our match report, including the first half you all missed
  9. Club did issue this apology at 3.27pm It took 45 more minutes to get this from Luca Luca Rossi <[email protected]> To: Luca Rossi [email protected]; 21/11/20 16:16 Hi all I am extremely sorry about the technical issues currently being faced with the Inverness CT vs Raith Rovers match feed. Please use this back up server in the meantime whilst our support team are working to resolve the issue – http://invernessct.spfl.co.uk/matchcentre.html username: spfl-vip password: Pr1t1123 VIP Stream 2
  10. I will say yes, vote on. It's not ideal but apart from Storey hitting the bar twice and setting up Keatings to score and Brad Mckay playing well, then nothing happened. A few contenders today, Kennedy, Storey, Keatings.... in fact no bad eggs today.
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