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  1. You are entitled to your opinion but some of us feel that after 16 years in senior football there should be at least 4-5 players from the area making regular first team appearances.
  2. One comment that caught my eye was this and how depressing it was to read it, "There are enough players around the British market for us to continue to be competitive within a budget." Has Sutherland adopted the Butcher ethos and will the ICT become a local free zone?. If budget is a consideration then we need to design a team around local lads that have come through the youth system, right now this is not happening, the local lads routinely get dumped aged 17-19 and the full time places given to players from the south and beyond. We want to see a few local heroes instead of the
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. Can't believe Sutherland would simply pour the cash into the proverbial black hole.
  4. Saw this tucked away in the stadium ownership thread and I think it deserves a thread all of its own. David Sutherland, The Scotsman interview. Please click, read and comment.
  5. Showing my age now but I remember as a kid visiting Poole and going to Ted Macdougalls shop back in the late 70's. Bit of a legend down there I believe.
  6. Having read the topic on Stadium Ownership it occurred to me that the club has control over absolutely none of the assets as they have been creatively accounted for in a series of holdings and trusts set up to service the interest payments in a tax efficient way. When the club Inverness Caledonian Thistle was created and the club took up its position in the football league, a fair number of investors bought into the club by the way of share issue (although this investment is probably better described as a donation), plus over the years others have dipped into their pockets or companies p
  7. Didn't see this till I read the paper a few minutes ago. Another embarrassing day for the club and whoever is behind this move. Its surprises me when they wonder why people are getting pretty hacked off with the club, this season has exemplified their incompetence. It does at least prove one thing, they read this forum. Its a complete mess and becoming a real joke down there but they just don't seem to see it. Full support for CD on this one, standing up for free speech, well done.
  8. Pull yourself together Man, resorting to a man made chemical solution should be avoided at all costs, may I suggest an greener, organic remedy to put the lead back in your pencil. ?Horny Goat Weed?, a fine herb rumoured to grow in abundance in and around the Dingwall area, I believe the local farmer does a brisk trade supplying the herb but be warned he has been known to shaft non locals looking to buy. (shafts a few locals to no doubt). County players swear by it apparently, following its recent introduction as a performance enhancing supplement Horny Goat Weed seems an effective
  9. For me its not just this Saturdays game thats important , Dundee, then County followed by Motherwell in the cup, the next three Saturdays will shape our season. Confident?, no.
  10. We are now 12 points of the pace and I can't see where we are going to gain the ground to catch up and overhaul Dundee. I sincerely hope the board have a contingency plan in place to replace Butcher in the very near future, quite frankly he's had his chance and its not working, he's a spent force with little to offer.
  11. Its sad to think that the Elgin option is the only one open to these youngsters, it hasn't worked in the past and I don't think it will do now. What is the point of sending out youngsters to a club that can't even attract highland league players due to lack of money and a horrendous fixture schedule. The club no longer do under 19 or reserve team football so its going to be very difficult to give the youngsters coming through any sort of chance.
  12. You can understand people for not turning out considering the fog. I was sat just up from the half way line and struggled to see the goal, I wonder what sort of view those in the north stand got of it?.
  13. You have hit it on the head when you say "we need players who are willing to stay at the club long term". We need a mix of local lads and players brought in who are willing to commit to the club to bring back the football we have enjoyed in the past. Paterson did it over a number of seasons and the results came through which in turn laid the foundations for the SPL. We are back at the bottom now and a considered long term approach and rebuild is required.
  14. Its clear and has been since last season Butcher is an inept manager, some people are just not cut out for management and he is one of them. I have said this on many occasions but here it is again. We lost our SPL status due to his tactical blundering in key games. Following relegation he dumped as many of the previous managers players as he could in a bid to create his team without consideration to those already there. He has failed repeatedly to identify the fact our back four are and have been a complete liability, the Bulvitus signing has not worked, he loved Zadi but its obv
  15. Time for Butcher to go and take his dead beat signings with him. Absolute joke of a performance. What was the comment from the crowd in the main stand that TB reacted to so badly to?. Poor reaction from TB.
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