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  1. A central defender should never have been taking a penalty. If the attacking players aren't fighting for the ball to get a goal then they have no business being on the pitch. 2 points thrown away again.
  2. I bet if we had been a goal down there wouldn't have been 6 minutes added time. The only surprise is Dunfermline didn't get a penalty. Still on a great unbeaten run but that does seem a small crumb of comfort just now. Time to become temporary Dumbarton supporters.
  3. A goal down with the two youngsters who combined to score a great goal on Saturday on the bench and we bring on the two most consistently ineffective players we have.
  4. If only he could get goals that easily.
  5. We have a goalkeeper and two full backs just now but will that be the case in January? Lets not forget that in an act of unbelievable incompetence we are actively trying to get rid of two of those players.
  6. Lack of fitness may be an issue but I would say lack of ability is more concerning. Even average players should have the skill, vision and intelligence to avoid having to run about like headless chickens for 90 mins. It's basic Primary School coaching, make the ball do the work. When was the last time any of our opponents looked tired after an hour?
  7. Anyone willing to bet the only player that will be dropped will be Raven?
  8. Quite possibly but if we're stuck with him we should at least try and get something for our money. Don't know if there is a way to sack a footballer if he refuses to play or not but he couldn't be worse than the present incumbent between the sticks.
  9. You actually think given the standard of signings so far we would sign 3 decent players? It's time to tell Fon Williams he's playing whether he likes it or not.
  10. davidg

    Tactics Thread

    Seems to me our tactics are to aimlessly hoof the ball up to Mulraney and let him run until he falls over. Injuries aren't helping though, there can't be many teams who could do well with losing players like Warren Tremarco and Doran, but surely the question of why we have had so many injuries these past seasons needs to be answered. The situation however is not helped by a management team who with a couple of exceptions have signed or persist with a load of 3rd rate players who couldn't hit a barn door while holding onto the handle.
  11. If only we could find an International standard keeper or a decent full back with Premiership experience who expresses a desire to play for the club but where would we possibly find them?
  12. Even Foran would have struggled to serve up this standard of useless.
  13. The inept duo of Elsdon and Chalmers playing and Raven on the bench? What a joke and not a very funny one.