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    Wish he would go! Going backwards fast now. He had a lot of goodwill but that’s run out for me.
  2. Chairman moans about crowds. It’s a two-way street. Give the fans something to cheer about! Woeful stuff. Can Robbo not motivate his players? Feeble displays shipping points everywhere.
  3. If fitness is one of the issues, then maybe it's time to take Brewster back.
  4. Fair play. All a bit disheartening, though, where Robbo has to ship players out before anyone can come in. Suggests he's not happy with a few, so we either persevere with a squad he doesn't like, or gamble on replacements coming in and gelling straight away.
  5. Have to say that I'm disappointed by Caley's approach here in trying bully-boy tactics, hoping to shame Buckie into "selling". Buckie agreeing not to stand in Kevin Fraser's way is not the same as saying they'll let him go for free. Why should they? What would be the point in having a contract? We'd be the first to moan if Aberdeen came knocking (again) for a player with a sense of entitlement because they're the bigger team in the bigger league. And just before the season kicks off, too. Robbo is quoted as saying "if there was a deal to be done we were happy to sit and talk to them about it". How would that have gone? "Give us your player. We'll give you nothing for him." That seems to be the only deal to be done. Seems to be a few things lately where Caley lack class.
  6. IcyT

    Ryan Christie

    Yes of course I'm serious. All that is required is a bit of humility and some expression of appreciation for what Caley helped him become. The subtext of his comments is "Wow, I'm just so glad to get away from Inverness". That is not far removed from simply bad-mouthing the place. If we are to be pedantic, then at the point he was over the moon and just desperate to get it finished he was still a Caley player.
  7. IcyT

    Ryan Christie

    My goodness - a "dream come true"; "buzzing"; "incredible feeling"; "over the moon and just desperate to get it finished". Could Christie have been any more disrespectful to Caley? No wonder we struggle for fans. Why support a club that its own players don't.
  8. "Rob Maclean's Scottish Premiership unsung heroes" Can't believe this is still the last "Caley" story on the Beeb!! All quiet on the Longman front...
  9. At least it's not Levein...
  10. Capital Caley, IF that is correct then I am heartened. But if so, then also the club needs to make that clear and public. Then again, of course, Sevco should still have joined the queue behind Spartans and the like. 0:)
  11. If Kenny Cameron is capable of coming out with a poorly timed and constructed press statement which makes the club look an unprincipled joke then no, he is not good for the club. If he has not played the fans for fools by pretending to be onside with them but hoping that others do what he actually fervently wanted to do but could not be seen to do, then he needs to explain himself urgently.
  12. Good analysis, IHE. Kenny Cameron has shown himself to be a hypocrite and a clown with his shameful statement. What a worry that he's our chairman.
  13. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Why did Kenny Cameron feel he had to make a statement today? But I'm glad he did because now we can see what a hypocrite he is. So he cites sporting integrity as reason for not allowing Sevco into the SPL, but then seems appalled that the SFL should not play to his tune and discard their own principles of sporting integrity in allowing Sevco to waltz into the First Division. Kenny Cameron has brought shame on this club. From the moral high ground to the very depths. Absolutely disgusted. Yes, Alex, shopping is better than chucking money at this rubbish.
  14. Good three points where one would probably have been fair. Esson played a blinder! Thoughts on Foran out left? I would have liked to see Nick Ross out there, especially when Ifil came on.