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  1. p59er

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle will fine their players in a bid to address their disciplinary problem, with Jake Mulraney's dismissal against Falkirk on Saturday being their fourth in eight games and their eighth overall this season. (The Press and Journal)
  2. p59er

    Worst Ict team ever?

    Agree. As a team and as individuals it's the worst ever. Very hard to watch just now.
  3. p59er

    no twitter this season

    Surely it's "over the top" comments like this people can't be bothered with?
  4. p59er

    New Manager

    Kilmarnock manager Lee McCulloch is to make talent scout Steve Marsella, who has worked with Hibernian and Inverness Caledonian Thistle but just left English National League outfit Halifax Town, his first signing. (Daily Express, print edition)
  5. Hopefully that's the last we have seen of Foran as a manager.
  6. p59er

    Foran - Should he stay or should he go?

    Time for foran to go. Give him a lesser position at the club where he can't affect what's happens on the park. If he has any loyalty for the club he would leave like Charlie did. That being said foran is not the source of the problem, the caley thistle board are the main problem. #sacktheboard #foranout
  7. p59er

    Release or Retain?

    Richard Foran -- release
  8. p59er

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Richie Foran, tactical genius?
  9. p59er

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Feel a bit cheated here.
  10. p59er

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    Doumbouya starting for inverness today.