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  1. Is it not 1500? The Dundee Utd game is first. Our game kicks off at 3.30pm on Sunday.
  2. I thought this figure was about right too, as per the last Census. Presumably it'll be markedly higher now.
  3. So would I, DoofersDad. You da man! (The mass exodus before the final-whistle was seriously embarrassing, as it was at Hibs on Saturday. Stand your ground until the bitter end people, no matter what the score.)
  4. Superb! (I need more green-dots, mods/admin/whomsoever.)
  5. Elland Road Was a regular there for years, in the Gelderd End, the Kop end. Witnessed the rise out of the old second division and the winning of the old first division in 1992. Strachan. McAllister. Cantona. Geezo, happy days. In December '09 my nephew was one of the Leeds mascots, so (very) reluctantly I forewent ICT's trip to Palmerston and returned to Elland Road for this 'special occasion'. Leeds may no longer have been a 'top team' but you'd never have known from the stadium, the crowd and the atmosphere. Unbelievable. (Like every Leeds fan I loathe ManU with an irrational
  6. Excellent post, Mantis. I'm all out of green dots otherwise you'd have had one.
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