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  1. Be fair....that 3% was for a party 3/4 days old at the time....the field work was done on on 29th/30th March, and Alba with Alex Salmond was only announced on 26th. Seems to me that 3% is a good start. Why wouldn't Douglas Ross be in the H&I list? Most of Moray was put in the Highlands & Islands region on devolution, bar the Keith/Cullen end which is in Banffshire and Buchan Coast and on NE Scotland list for Scottish Elections. If Douglas Ross hadn't been top of the Tory list, I maybe would have voted Tory1 to try and elect Tim Eagle and maybe help lose Douglas his list seat
  2. Possibly because you didn't mention Alex Arthur, and Alba is being called the Alex Party on FB....but I'd likely have replied in much the same vein even if you had, because I'm not really into blanket abusing everybody for the actions of one person. It does just go to show how easily offence can be taken online though, doesn't it? I suspect the police are going to have their work cut out coping with the volume of the "abused/offended" who claim they have been subjected to hate crime/heard someone in their living room being non-PC/was offended by reading a non-PC post on FB.
  3. Cheers for the abuse, Kingsmills. I've never considered myself semi-literate, as I got 6 highers in the days when Scottish Education was considered very good, racist, unless you think criticism of the Israeli Government is racist, vaccine sceptical, as I had my first dose a while ago, and, as far as I can see, the former bover section of society has more than enough representation in the form of trans activists, people shouting SNP1 & 2, people who think Nicola walks on water and continually abuse those of us who don't.....and unionists. But, hey, if you don't mind being dead, as it
  4. I can see what you are saying, Kingsmills..but by the same token - a lot of us pro-indy people, while maybe not being keen on Alex Salmond, as I am not....see Nicola as the toxic one...and much of that opinion is based on the way she has bad-mouthed him...just because she has the public platform to do it. How come he has been "a man behaving badly" all the time she was deputy FM, but she never noticed or heard any rumours? Sure the SNP currently is the only political party in a position to do anything about independence, and has been for seven years now, but to date has done little more about
  5. A big difference in attitude to Alex Salmond who has not resorted to personal abuse and has accepted the deliberations of both the committee and Hamilton without using them as an excuse to bad-mouth Nicola for her actions.
  6. The Greens losing out might well be the one thing that will encourage me to vote SNP 1st vote after all, whilst holding my nose firmly, seeing that Alba recommends that....and purely by dint of AS being the public face of it, it is likely to get more votes than either of the other list options....but I'll make up my mind about both my votes nearer the time.Only thing I'm certain about right now is that I wouldn't vote Green if you paid me.
  7. Convince me that "going well from her point of view" doesn't mean coming up with more excuses to put independence off again and again and again.
  8. I can't blame him, tbh, and at least he is not playing tit for tat and specifically targetting Nicola Sturgeon, which in his place, I would have done, given her public comments about his actions, despite the verdict of the court. Unacceptable behaviour is not necessarily criminal behaviour...and certainly wasn't in the 20th century despite FB abounding with grown women "metoo"ing because they got their bra straps pinged in school. This whole PC stuff has gone from the reasonably sensible to the absolutely insanely ridiculous, culminating in the GRA which redefines biology and the Hate Cri
  9. Maybe if Nicola Sturgeon and the Alphabet Women had done the same, and accepted the trial jury's verdict, instead of trashing the judge, jury and/or Alex Salmond at every opportunity the whole thing might not have been as divisive as it has become.
  10. And despite the committee report, Leslie Evans has Nicola's full confidence and will not be resigning. Quelle surprise! My problem with Hamilton's report is the level of redactions which make it difficult, if not impossible, to come to any definite conclusion as to his thinking and it all boils down, on his remit regarding misleading Parliament over the 29th March-18th April meetings, to the he said/she said part of the evidence, particularly that from Aberdein that we are not allowed to see anywhere. As Hamilton comments in clause 6.11. I find it very hard to know what to make of this s
  11. Both reports were the whitewashes I expected, though the committee one did, albeit without the support of the SNP members (though I didn't expect the four turkeys with no backbones to vote for Christmas anyway) find she did mislead them, but without the courage to say whether it was deliberate or inadvertent.... (though I struggle to see how so many redactions of information on submitted evidence, and acts of non-co-operation in providing evidence could be inadvertent.) . The report did however, in clauses 731-734, say that it did not have enough powers to hold the SG to account and recomme
  12. Given everything in AS's submission to the Committee which cites Aberdein and his trial evidence, and confirms Nicola lied to the Scottish Parliament has been redacted......we are still on course for the whitewash of the SG's actions they have been frantically working towards, as AS can't speak to anything the Committee hasn't published... because if it hasn't been published by the Committee, the evidence is not deemed to exist, however many times it appears on the internet in other places. Nothing to do with protecting "vulnerable women" as far as I can see, (having a copy of both the submis
  13. Kingsmills, I'm not holding my breath waiting for indyref2, because on current SNP enthusiasm for independence, bar as the occasional sound-bite to remind us they are entitled to all the pro-indy votes, being the only show in town (much in the way that Labour felt entitled to all the working-class vote..and see where taking their vote for granted has got them now).....I don't see indy2 happening in my lifetime. If the SNP decide to make the 2021 election a plebiscite on independence...then I will vote SNP in the constituency....but if not, I won't cast a first vote at all. I was never k
  14. It isn't AS doing "this" whatever "this" is "now"...it was NS and the SG doing it in 2017/18 and it only came to court in 2020. Given AS was found not guilty on all but one of the charges, and not proven on another at his trial, the logical person would have assumed he was not guilty of the charges, or at the very least, that the police, despite putting a LOT of men onto digging up dirt on him for a long time and despite Moorov's Doctrine, which encourages women to come forward by making the name of the accused public, while offering anonymity to the accusers, couldn't come up with a decent
  15. How are the numbers particularly high for Scotland? The headline death statistics in the UK are only for deaths among confirmed cases, usually hospital deaths and by that yardstick, Scotland has fewer deaths per 100,000 to date than the UK as a whole does, doesn't it?
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