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  1. How are the numbers particularly high for Scotland? The headline death statistics in the UK are only for deaths among confirmed cases, usually hospital deaths and by that yardstick, Scotland has fewer deaths per 100,000 to date than the UK as a whole does, doesn't it?
  2. As long as the SNP get 36 seats and Moray loses Douglas Ross as a result, I can't say I'm overly bothered about the 55, though it would be ace! I'm ambivalent about the full EU membership espoused by the SNP. Didn't see, in 1975, when I voted no to staying in the EU, what was wrong with EFTA and the ability to opt in to stuff we wanted to be involved in, but voted remain this time, 40 years later, because I could see that the leavers were talking out of their backsides, and because, over all, Scotland gets more from the EU than it does from Westminster for stuff that we think important
  3. Via every available orifice! If the exit poll is right (and I was watching the Channel 4 Alternative Election programme on my 'puter and thought it was part of the comedy of it it) and if the SNP has got 55 seats, fingers crossed that they also have more than 50% of the vote..because then we have options if another indyref is "requested" but refused.
  4. Don't need all that... "Scotland government competent - UK Government gibbering lunatic spendthrifts" would do fine, don't you think?
  5. Yngwie, when did the SNP ever acknowledge that, out of interest? But I agree the £120bn a year figure is garbage. If you actually bother to look at the GERS figures, which are based on those produced by the ONS/HMRC guesstimates and re-guesstimated by The Scottish Governmment economists to more accurately reflect the Scottish Income and expenditure (figures which, incidentally have been accepted as national statistics)...and bear in mind the FACT that the Scottish Government is, by law, not ALLOWED to overspend their income....perhaps you could explain which bit of the UK is producing t
  6. But aren't the LBGT community deliberately stereotyping themselves by having gay marches? Are they not just human beings like all the rest of us, despite sexual orientation.or in other cases, race, religion, political leanings etc? Why do we need to celebrate diversity when it is a fact of life and, in a global society, quite unremarkable as far as the majority are concerned?
  7. Thought long and hard before replying to your post, Scotty....but it isn't doing it for me........there is as little point to a celebratory week as there is to a celebratory march. I don't think celebrating being gay warrants a march or parade any more than being heterosexual warrants a march or parade. If people want to be treated like everybody else, they don't march to celebrate being different to everybody else, imo. The protest marches I understood....the"look at me I'm gay" marches I just don't.....any more than I understand the reasoning behind the OO type sectarian marches
  8. Tbh, I didn't actually think about pro-indy marches in that light until I took part in one...but I have always been against the OO kind of pointless marches, and it doesn't seem to me that the pro-indy ones are any less pointless, in the great scheme of changing attitudes, just by our presence....in fact is as likely to polarise attitudes than change them. The kirking of the council is a modern continuation of a historical event, attended by those of any and no religion, nowadays AND it's on a Sunday mid-morning, so less people about to disrupt. But maybe you can tell me what the
  9. But marches don't show there is an appetite for indy...they just show there is an appetite for indy by some people, who bus in from all over to swell the crowds in one particular place at one particular time. Polls are a better indication if there is an appetite for indy, because they don't double count the people who turn up at every march. People coming into in the YES shop I worked in in 2014 were getting all excited at the numbers of people who were members of pro-indy FB Groups ...and were convinced that we were going to win based on adding up the hundreds, thousands/hundreds of
  10. Does anybody really think we are going away? Honestly? And truthfully, does anybody looking on as we march think to themselves...well if all those folk think independence is a good thing, maybe I should change my mind and join them...and vote YES next time. The people marching would have been much better and more productively used leafleting Inverness. If the politicians really thought we were going away, why would they keep on harping about no indyref2 any time a microphone is waved in front of their faces? A march on the lines of the indy ones, the LBGT ones or the OO ones are co
  11. I did say Although I did go on the indy march in Inverness, because I felt obliged to, given it was so near me, I can't see the point in indy marches either. Getting together in one place as a group, as the indy march did at Castle Heather, does more to keep up spirits and keep people involved in the movement, than parading through the streets hoping for media attention, and in the meantime irritating all the folk on the street who are either anti, couldn't give a toss, just want to get to the shops without having to push through crowds on the pavement, or having to detour past the march to
  12. No harm, I suppose...... if you aren't shopping or trying to get through Inverness in a car...but what exactly is the POINT? What do marches achieve of use or ornament? If they want to have a gathering of LBGT people and their supporters...aren't there parks where they can congregate without marching through the town? Although I did go on the indy march in Inverness, because I felt obliged to, given it was so near me, I can't see the point in indy marches either. Getting together in one place as a group, as the indy march did at Castle Heather, does more to keep up spirits and keep people
  13. I'm likely going to get pelters for this...but I am copying a FB post I made on a share of the petition in support of the March (but here I have broken it up into paragraphs) ..... I genuinely don't see the point or necessity in marches celebrating difference in a country in which acceptance of difference is enshrined in law, whether that difference is racial, gender-based, religious or anything else. Marches are for protests against Government policies in an effort to influence them and should take place where the Government is. What is the point of marches in any random to
  14. London is also a lesson for any future independent Scotish Government...one it would be sensible to heed.. They mustn't put all their government eggs in the Edinburgh/Glasgow/Central belt basket. Edinburgh may well be the Capital city, but having only had the Government installed there for 19 of the last 314 years, they should be seriously considering decentralising goverenment departments and sharing the jobs around the country...or else Edinburgh will just become a Scottish London, the rest of the Central Belt will become the Scottish equivalent of the South East and East of England.....a
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