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  1. I think a card display in section E or some kind of display in the north stand would be a good idea for the Rangers game. If we are going ahead with this it should be done on this forum so that we can agree on a good display and make arrangements with the club to help us out like CaleyD. I would be happy to contribute to this if someone set up a PayPal account, assuming everything got sorted out first this coming weeks.
  2. Apparently Ipswich FC have put in a One million pound bid for Marley Watkins.
  3. Cant remember the last time I was this excited for the season to start. Our Goal keeper just came back from the Euros and I'm sure he has come back a better Keeper with the training he recived. Our defence looks stronger than last season with Devine gone and Mcnaughton in. Tansey, Vigurs, Polworth and Draper our class midfield who most Scottish Premiership teams would want.mulraney looking so fast and direct, a player we have been missing the last two seasons. Billy King looks a great singing just as direct and good first touch.Scott Boden knows where and when to run and looks a good finisher
  4. You sure about that? I heard the players weren't happy with him because he works them to hard especially towards the end of the season. In saying that we did finish the season strongly, still think we could do with a more experienced assistant. Rice just as a coach could work though.
  5. I haven't spoken to anyone who doesn't want Foran as our manager, it was always going to happen so it wasn't a surprise when it was announced. Im exited to see what kind of playing style he and his assistant will use and how well the players will work together under Foran. I think with some good recruiting and a experienced assistant(not rice) the coming season has a lot of potential. If we challenge for top 6 under Foran then that surely will bring the attendances up and get people in Inverness talking about ICT.
  6. I remember us winning that match and being in the away end can't remember the score though, just remember wanting to burst some man in a long jacket and a wool hat.
  7. When Bucher and malpas left us the way they did for Hibs I was fuming, Butcher stating we could "make History at the club"after rejecting Barnsley's offer for manger. Then joining Hibs like months later behind Kenny Cameron's back, could not have done it in a worse way. Seeing Hibs relegated was one of the funniest moments in Scottish football in my opinion, terrys face at full time was priceless. My point is that I think Malpas was not disrespecting our club the way Butcher was, I feel he was just staying loyal to butcher. He liked it at Inverness. After them leaving Hibs I recon Malpa
  8. We are not interested in you Returning Terry move on...
  9. If someone had told me at the start of this season that John Hughes was leaving the club, i would disappointed. Clearly a good coach and knows how to get the players going and motivated(more so at half time). Today hearing the news that he could be on this way out, could not be more happy. Throughout this season listening to all his post match interviews saying "we were the better team" when we had more possession but did **** all attacking, comments in media about lossing players to other teams but yet talking up Danny and James to Dundee "I would happily pay for his taxi to Dundee
  10. Myself +4 if possible please
  11. Good to see Calum Ferguson in the squad! Be interesting to see if he gets a chance today
  12. Anyone know if this game is streaming online?
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