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  1. Can a moderator close this topic? Or move it to general nonsense? The less said the better on this one.
  2. I think saying their a miserable failure is incredibly harsh and disrespectful. Most to get that close will have trained and played for nearly 12 years. You need ability but also a huge amount of luck for it to be the right time and place with managers who will trust youth and give them a chance. Frankly speaking playing at any level be it full time or part time is a massive achievement when you consider how many people attempt it. Once they drop to part time its always going to be the case they struggle against full time players. If you gave some of the part time players two years training full time at a club they will undoubtedbly improve.
  3. Those out of contract are out of contract having come to the end of their respective contracts. They were out on loan and now their contracts have come to an end. They weren't released to "make loans work". Whether they resign will depend on if contracts are actually offered to them and like most teams will be dictated by finances.
  4. Two from Ross Gunn from the bench and goals for Roddy Kennedy and Ryan Fyffe. Favourites going into the game and shown their quality by all accounts today.
  5. Indeed that we can agree on. From the games that I've attended and highlights I've seen on SHFL Tv on youtube i would summarise so far: They played almost all of the top 6 of the HL in the first set of games and struggled initially. Its important to point out that the struggle is largely represented in the early scorelines. For those that attended the games its evident that technically they aren't struggling. The guys are all capable players who are comfortable on the ball. The large majority of the goals conceded to date have been from set pieces. The physical side of the HL was always going to be the biggest challenge for them to adapt to. Defensively they need to adapt from playing against other under 18s and adults and are beginning to do so which is represented in the goals against now lessening. Going forward again the same Jack, Kieran, Ross and Roddy are all small players by the average height of HL footballers. They are improving and adapting to the physical sides of the games. They play good passing football around the back, counter attack quickly and press the ball. Club officials have certainly attended midweek games and id imagine that reports are provided each game.
  6. Terrifying prospect i know. Anyhow anyone care to get this back on topic? Otherwise may as well file this under general nonsense.
  7. The players that travel on said bus. The one I have seen them get on and off.
  8. They are driven on a bus to fort william and back and aren't having to utilise own transport.
  9. It's becoming very frustrating. Having watched all of the young players playing its clear have real potential. The likelyhood of Daniel getting game time with the senior options available was slim at the moment so going on loan and getting experience makes sense. However again like last season i see it as a waste of the talent and potential. To reach their potential they need to play first team football at the highest level possible. Playing with better llayers will improve them. You only need to look at Ryan Christie development to see that. If these guys get to 19 and still only have a handful of games for the club and dont make it for me the management will be responsible for the failure to maximise the potential. Are they better than senior first team players yet? Possibly not. Are they miles off it? Certainly not. I'd rather a year with them playing and improving from it rather than guys like Curry coming in taking up game time.
  10. Trafford, austin and possibly mccart it was. Worth remembering it was our 18s against their 20s though Jack.
  11. Back at Hearts according to this. In what capacity? Wont be a playing role so likely coaching / community.
  12. Thats my problem with taking him on loan. That development in his game from match experience will benefit hearts when he returns in summer. It's exactly that experience that our own youngsters need to develop them. If he made a difference consistently and added real quality to push us to promotion great but it just isn't the case.
  13. Based on the rest of the teams in the league bar County and Dundee Utd most seem to have a balance of 1st team players and youth starting games. We throughout an 11 have a higher standard throughout the overall 11 to most but i dont believe our better players are as good as the rest. Most of our starting 11 would get games at other teams in the divisions but few would be standouts and those that would aren't in the right areas to win us games Ridgers, Coll etc. I'd like to see us lose a lot of the average players in the squad put the youth guys in and the wage saved to be put into bringing a higher standard of player to start in games. Ayr and QOS have poorer squads IMO but the better players in their sides would start easily for us. Charlie Trafford is no better than Jack Brown, Roddy MacGregor. Anthony Macdonald and Macauley were brought in to take the burden of young daniel and haven't yet shown why we are playing a 17 year old hearts loanee over one of our own lads to gain vital experience and Macauley looks no better so far. Mchattie, macauley and macdonald all are reasonable squad players but do little to improve the 11 as opposed to the squad and are simply a wasted wage imo when we could have allowed Harper, Macgregor, Mackay, brown etc to pick up vital minutes and experience. Are they ready yet? Maybe not but id sure as hell rather watch them play with the understanding its the long game as opposed to failed journeymen who are clearly playing at their level already.
  14. Another week another poor home game. Robbo can huff and puff about home fans but weve had 2 wins at home in the league what exactly does he expect? So many things wrong with todays performance a lot of which the manager and coaching staff need to take the blame for and some things the players. Firstly did we scout the opposition? Anyone who's read about Partick under Caldwell knows hes played that formation yet we set out a 442 against them first half and were out of ideas with how to play through midfield. Why when it was clear to see we needed to change it did it take till the second half to make two subs? The substitutions were interesting i think clearly rooney was injured and wasn't tactical to play him ahead of rooney. Although with Donaldson pushing on and far more capable on the ball we'd have been better off playing him at RWB. Taking Mcdonald off disspointed me going 3 at the back could have been a positive attacking decision against a Partick side who weren't offering much going forward. We could have put mccauley on for him and left Chalmers in the middle but no we played the worst Wing back partbership I've ever seen. When the second half started Jamie Mccart was playing as the right centre half thankfully this was corrected by management after he tried cutting back in and nearly lost us possesion but where was the forsight? The final sub could have and should have been for a defender why take Austin off 2 down and chasing the game? Crowds are negative and do pick on certain players; Polworth and White but only due to the fact we know they are capable and should be doing better. Would struggle to give out pass marks to anyone today. Mackay in goals bar maybe coming for the 1st, Mccart sloppy in possession but swept up well at times and i would struggle to mention anyone else.