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  1. Sean93

    U18's Season

    Only the 4th round with a chance to get into the quarter finals.
  2. Sean93

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    Rooney and Mckay both need to better for the first two. Ridgers has to come claim the first inside the six yard box and for me has to do better with the second too. Joe Chalmers not street wise enough giving the ball straight back for the quick free kick at the second. Coll beaten too easily for the 3rd too. Contact begun outside of box for oakley foul so fair decision for me. I dont buy the lets blame the ref game today we conceded 3 to a side who were over the moon to get a point never mind the 3.
  3. Sean93

    U18's Season

    It is a league they have been sent a table on a couple of occasions for the 'progressive' teams. For some reason they never update them and make the leagues available publically the same thing happened last two years for the under 17s league. The games against elite sides are friendlies only and dount count towards the league. The league doesnt mean any change in status for level if won it.
  4. Sean93

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    With that we take the most important point. Our finances and squad show the boards expectations. We are running a team we can afford to keep in the championship. If we lucked out and went up im sure the board would be over the moon but i really dont think any expectation of that is being placed on that. So if anyone is expecting anything more tha a signing with the wage freed up by Ricky leaving, i'd think again.
  5. Sean93

    ICT Xmas Dinner

    If i recall correctly Hearts and Hibs did this last year but see no mention of them doing it again this year as of yet. Great work from the club and great to see them advertising it as too often the good news stories aren't heard about.
  6. Sean93

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Ricky's potential and ability are irrelevant on this one. He is a footballer and should understand the code of conduct that goes along with it, as a role model we can't be seen to condone this behavior even if that negatively affects the squad. I'm sure after sentencing he will get a second chance in football just like other footballers have done but this should be at another club and would be done with them carefully considering it when offering a contract and accepting the risk.
  7. Sean93

    U18's Season

    Motherwell Under 18s 0 v 3 ICTFC 18s Morrison, Macgregor and Machedo. Another win over an 'elite' project brave club today.
  8. Sean93

    Aaron Doran

    Never was the quickest but looks to have lost a bit of pace despite looking physically better than previous years. I don't think he slows the play down far too often. Still only 27 and would love to see him get back to where he used to be.. the return of his goal scoring exploits v County would be a great start.
  9. Sean93

    U18's Season

    Will be very interesting to see whats next. Finance may have dictated not participating in the reserve league over last couple years but maybe now with a manager and board keen to promote youth with this current group coming of age they will be tempted to put a squad back in. Would be great to see more integrated into the first team squads earlier as we've had players in the past with ability but i struggle to see how you can expect players to make it when not playing 1st team football before 20 years of age. Exciting times but have to be managed correctly, the Youth Department did superbly getting them through and the development needs to keep on the same path.
  10. Sean93

    U18's Season

    5-1 win away to St Mirren today. X3 Roddy MacGregor other two Roddy Kennedy and Gabriel Hastings.
  11. Sean93

    U18's Season

    A good win v one of the project brave 'elite' clubs today.
  12. Sean93

    Potential Winter signings...

    Given neither Celtic or Rangers would be able to finance a Bolt contract lets not start on that one. CCM would recieve funding towards any deal by the FFA under the marquee signing funding and the owner personally has said will pay a minimum of 60% of his wage if he signs.
  13. Sean93

    U18's Season

    2-0 Win this evening against Dundee. Goals from Daniel Mackay and Roddy MacGregor.
  14. Sean93

    NoS Cup Final V County

    3rd when it's flicked on too.