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  1. Thanks for reminding me.
  2. I was delighted when I went to the podcast the other day and found this had appeared. Really enjoyable listen, and I didn’t know that he doesn’t rate Feb 8th 2000 as his biggest upset. Been making my way through the ICT ones over the last few weeks. Some great insights from our recent heroes like Hughes, Vincent and Draper but best of all are the ones from further back who can be more open, honest and critical, like Tokely, Duncan and Fraser.
  3. I’m so glad we won our last game before lockdown. When I look at the BBC Sport app I see this, our most recent result. Imagine going for all these months being reminded every single day of a miserable defeat!
  4. There was an unsolved murder at the monument a couple of years ago, or at least the young woman’s body was dumped there. No indication of anything to do with witchcraft though.
  5. Aye, it’s about a mile off the A9 on a backroad near Dunning. Bit of an unclear history - thought to have been built early 1800s, but there is no record of a local witch/person called Maggie Wall.
  6. Yngwie

    New ICT Podcast

    Will be interesting to see if any players from his current club make into the team.
  7. Republic of Ireland got £4m from FIFA to back down after threatening legal action, after a poor refereeing decision allowed France a goal in their World Cup playoff.
  8. Don’t drink it! Limited edition versions of top brand malts can be very collectable. I have a bog standard Highland Park 12yo that would have been worth about £30 were it not for a label commissioned for a special occasion, and it now sells at auctions for about £400. Doesn’t even have a special box or bottle engraving like the ICT one has.
  9. The mood on Sportsound was that there just isn’t enough support for the change to proceed.
  10. And Championship clubs to vote on proposal to start in October with a 27 game season, basically meaning 25% less income.
  11. Aye, ruined by the lack of VAR!
  12. I woke up this morning in the middle of a dream in which it had been announced that the season would not start until December at the earliest. Morton then withdrew from the league and their place was taken by B36 Tórshavn.
  13. Unlikely, but maybe it’s a sign that there’s a quote about the player in that BBC article “it turns out that he required an ICT” 😮
  14. Intelligent Land Investments Group, anyone know who they are?
  15. Yngwie

    New ICT Podcast

    Just listened to the Christie one, an uncharacteristically professional show, guys 😀 Seriously, a really great listen - interesting, amusing and the 2 hours just flew by.
  16. Seeing as her plan succeeding would offer ICT it’s best chance of surviving this, I’m happy for her to pursue it a bit further.
  17. I’m still angry with Watkins for wasting a glorious chance to win the cup with a lame effort that wasn’t even on target, when he should have played Vincent in. Things might have turned out so different.....
  18. Comments on Off the Ball indicate that the Budge proposal is acknowledged to be dead already.
  19. I think there’s a reason why they are starting with the Premier talks and aren’t rushing to schedule the other ones.....
  20. Point taken Hiro but I’d assume every club will vote based on self-interest. If personal grievances do come into play though, they might vote so as not have SG in their boardrooms this season!
  21. As expected/hoped, the Budge proposal is 14-14-14 and would result in ICT’s promotion (and survival). Hard to see the top flight clubs voting for it in sufficient numbers though.