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  1. (For the avoidance of doubt, I couldn’t find the tongue in cheek smiley)
  2. Dykes, scoring in his 4th consecutive match, cements his place as one of Scotland’s all time great strikers ahead of the likes of Dalglish.
  3. What a game, helped by a great crowd. Scotland are so good we can let Dykes take the penalties and STILL win!
  4. Last week I had my first gig in 2 years, but the venue was something of a contrast to yours! Manic Street Preachers had been booked for Caird Hall (Dundee) but the venue cancelled as it was in use as a vaccination centre. So rather than just cancel the gig altogether, it got moved it seedy nightclub Fat Sams! So you had about 1,500 maskless and unpassported people crammed in. Great to see a band in an intimate venue like that, but for that particular day, the vaccination centre was probably doing more harm than good.
  5. Whatever it is he looks 10 years younger, fair play.
  6. Is this the only away ground where over the years we’ve been put in 3 different stands?
  7. Did you also see the cutting from the paper, a midweek match with “Kick off 6pm prompt”. Presumably 6pm because no floodlights? I wonder why they felt the need to add prompt, it kind of implies that other matches weren’t so prompt!
  8. Liked the line that said Caley and Thistle weren’t even the best sides in Inverness that season!
  9. I was about to post this too. An interesting story that I’d never heard before. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-58542543
  10. The internet is saying that a guy called Gordon Banks once made a save that was almost as good as Mark’s today.
  11. From what I could see, not a single home walked out as part of the much publicised protest against the board, despite a few reminders from our fans that it was time. 😀
  12. It’s ok, they’ve both been dropped for today’s match.
  13. I don’t think many will walk out, and surely none will if they are winning. Radio Scotland mentioned that the proposed protest at 4 minutes seems to have been changed to 60 minutes.
  14. I see the club have recruited a Video Analyst who previously worked for County. What does this role actually involve, and what is the role of Evanston based Serimax (welding/pipelines company?) in all this?
  15. 0-4 that night against a team that had at least 5 players who were or went on to be internationals, as well as Kevin MacDonald who somehow wasn’t.
  16. I was just at work that day, after which we had our weekly 5-a-side but with none of the usual banter, minds were elsewhere. I think ICT were away to Albion Rovers in the League Cup that evening and won 2-0, but few really cared. Later that month my girlfriend and I were booked to go on holiday to New York. We didn’t really want to go, but flights resumed in time and we established that we weren’t entitled to any sort of refund if we cancelled so we just went. The flight was a bit scary, much of it spent looking suspiciously at a Muslim man in a nearby seat. Once there the place was
  17. Yngwie


    It can’t be often that a manager gets this award for his first month in his first job as a manager.
  18. Yngwie


    One of the best results in recent years. Terrific defending, and as the game went on Austria just ran out of ideas and I never expected them to equalise, even though experience has taught me to expect the worst when it comes to Scotland.
  19. Yngwie


    Some woeful finishing on display. I think it’s 3 wins in 12 matches, against Moldova, Luxembourg and Faroes, and 2 of those were 1-0. We have some very good players but we are not a very good team.
  20. 2-0 now, an absolute goalfest by our standards!
  21. Well, I can almost get us Harry Kane…..
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