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  1. Robbo did a great interview on the Wyness Shuffle podcast a few months ago that explained his role.
  2. Kai Kennedy is now at his 4th different Championship club in under 13 months!
  3. In isolation, a draw away from home with a depleted squad is by no means a disaster. However, when it is part of a long run of poor results and performances and the side just doesn’t look like they know how to win, then we have good reason to be disenchanted.
  4. Was planning on going to this match until Covid struck me down yesterday. But if you are the religious type, don’t pray for me, pray for 3 points!
  5. Losing Allardyce long term is a massive blow, even though we have the likes of McAleer who can step in.
  6. From what I can find, Hector-Ingram doesn’t seem to have had a club since last season. Fox has a really good pedigree including Scotland, Celtic and Southampton, but most recently playing for East Bengal shows where he is in his career. Are there any credible sources that they are on trial with us?
  7. He didn’t want to leave, Derby wanted him off the wage bill and he told the Derby Telegraph he is “gutted” about leaving. Fee reported to be £30,000 but Wigan chairman says it was less than that. Absolute bargain.
  8. Graeme Shinnie (now 30) has moved from Derby to League One side Wigan.
  9. Watching the stream I thought their first goal was onside, from a good pass The reason the ref overruled the linesman for the second was that it was that the ball came off an an ICT player, so no offside, but it was hard to tell.
  10. Today’s result confirms that we just aren’t good enough to win this league. The playoffs will end in disappointment too.
  11. I’m trying to recall the penalties dished out by the SFA. Ian Black got a 3 match ban (+7 suspended) for betting regularly over 7 seasons. Where it potentially gets more serious is if a player is betting against his own team, which surely merits a very lengthy ban, so I hope that wasn’t what was happening at Elgin.
  12. I usually get ads for expensive watches, something that never been of any interest to me. For a while I was getting ads for women’s underwear but let’s not talk about that.
  13. True, but the other top teams have been dropping points all over the place too. Killie are currently the form team by virtue of being unbeaten in 3!
  14. Duku actually looked decent when he came on. We wrote him off as a dud striker earlier in the season, and whilst he’s never gonna score goals for us, he at least brings something to the attack that we aren’t getting from anyone else.
  15. Thankfully in my ‘research’ into this I didn’t find the actual video footage, but I did learn a new word. Turns out autofellatio has nothing to do with cars. 😮
  16. Was looking at a couple of bookies this morning and they have Killie as favourites, closely followed by us, then a bit of a gap to the other contenders.
  17. Speaking of which, remember this, along with The Sun’s “Toss County” headline?
  18. I’m (pleasantly) surprised that the tabloids haven’t really picked up on these events, knowing how they like a bit of scandal.
  19. “Cristiano Ronaldo’s shock move to ICT has fallen through at the last minute after the Highland club insisted on a clause forbidding him from….” 😄
  20. Employee rights have to be respected. None of us would expect to lose our jobs in similar circumstances, for what is an outside of work matter.
  21. You won’t be saying that when they use the money to strengthen their squad and pip us to promotion!
  22. No doubt at all that Robbo will have been identifying targets since he started in his new role. Being able to offer the wages etc to then attract the players is the bigger challenge.
  23. Simple question, but maybe not such a simple answer with the top half of the league table being so close at the moment.
  24. That was horrible. Second to every ball, inability to retain position, slack passing and no attacking threat. However, it was a depleted squad and we don’t know the extent to which the ones who played were fully fit after the Covid problems and presumably a lack of training recently. Happy to nick a point today.
  25. And in a rare outbreak of common sense in Scottish football, the 22nd is indeed the rescheduled date.
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