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  1. Specifically for the U23 squad. Presumably they can be called up to the first team if need be, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if that happened.
  2. If we signed Stokes now, we might be able to get him match fit in time for the season kick-off.....season 21/22, that is.
  3. 2012......Rangers died.....Craig Whyte.......Castle Grant.
  4. I see on the BBC player rater for last night’s game he scored just 3.07, the lowest of any player, just a few days after being at fault for the decisive goal. He will do better if he gets the chance, but even at his best with us his main quality was in driving forward rather than being a particularly solid defender.
  5. If we need a right back, my Saints supporting mate is offering to drive Shaun Rooney up the A9 for us.
  6. I remember being down in the Borders for a few days, possibly at Christmas, but was keen to see that game and set off but ended up turning back after hitting a blizzard. So I’ve still never seen a game at New Bayview although I have been outside the ground when in Methil for work.
  7. On a brighter note, the Championship league placing for 19/20 have been reviewed by the SQA and ICT are being upgraded to the Premiership, in accordance with our manager‘s initial recommendation.
  8. Whilst it may be the case that some footballers are too dumb or too arrogant to follow the rules, their high profile means they are also far more likely to get caught. Which ought to mean they are particularly careful to adhere to the rules.
  9. To make up for the lack of exotic sounding foreigners signing for us in recent years, I’m trying to convince myself our new signing is called Roberto Diaz.
  10. One of the many unsatisfactory things about this is that postponing the game means Aberdeen will have a full squad when they play St J later this month, whereas Hamilton will benefit this midweek from playing an Aberdeen side who will have the 8 players out of the squad. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Ok, let’s try to keep political arguments out of this thread please.
  12. Just listened to this week’s one which is Richie Hart. An enjoyable listen, he has plenty of good stories and I’d forgotten he was at Dundee when we famously overhauled them for promotion, so good to get a bit of insight from as to what was happening at Dens.
  13. Likewise. We were on a family holiday in Cornwall. I did look into how I could get to and from Bucharest from there but it got pretty complicated. And unpopular.
  14. Season doesn’t start for 2 or 3 months, don’t panic. Paying additional players to do nothing in that time isn’t a good use of the budget.
  15. As he won’t qualify for furlough, I guess he’ll be by far our most expensive player at the moment!
  16. All other parts of the UK got their schemes up and running. The Scottish Government just made an arse of this. It happens. If it was in any way the UK governments fault we’d have heard about it, incessantly.
  17. It certainly doesn’t help that a month after the Scottish Government implemented its quarantine rules, it still hasn’t set up a process to check that people flying in to Scotland are subject to any follow up checks at all. Oops.
  18. Thanks for reminding me.
  19. I was delighted when I went to the podcast the other day and found this had appeared. Really enjoyable listen, and I didn’t know that he doesn’t rate Feb 8th 2000 as his biggest upset. Been making my way through the ICT ones over the last few weeks. Some great insights from our recent heroes like Hughes, Vincent and Draper but best of all are the ones from further back who can be more open, honest and critical, like Tokely, Duncan and Fraser.
  20. I’m so glad we won our last game before lockdown. When I look at the BBC Sport app I see this, our most recent result. Imagine going for all these months being reminded every single day of a miserable defeat!
  21. There was an unsolved murder at the monument a couple of years ago, or at least the young woman’s body was dumped there. No indication of anything to do with witchcraft though.
  22. Aye, it’s about a mile off the A9 on a backroad near Dunning. Bit of an unclear history - thought to have been built early 1800s, but there is no record of a local witch/person called Maggie Wall.