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  1. Absolutely the right thing to do. There is no room in our club for such behaviour.
  2. What a great game of football with much excitement. To lose(well it feels like that) in the final minute of 5 mins of added time is so so disappointing for the club, the players and the supporters. Hope we can retain most of yesterdays players for next season.
  3. A good performance from most players and apart from Baird's lack of discipline and ability, ICT showed that we are making the improvements necessary. A big cuddle from Robertson for Baird when Robertson finally saw the sence in replacing him. The only weak player today was Baird!
  4. Sad to hear of Jimmy's early onset of dementia. Always thought that we should have looked at him as a potential manager in the past. A great character and very knowledgable about football.
  5. Once again Foran is blaming his players and talking about throwing out "bad apples" He is the worst of all. His man management and leadership skills do not seem to exist. He needs to look very closly in the mirror to decide what he can or cannot do! - Managing football is not one them. I sincerely hope that he has no future job prospects with ICT.
  6. Much doom and gloom. Mostly Foran is responsible but the board should have got rid of him several months ago.
  7. A good team win but Foran still does not really get it! Stalwart player performance for the most part but the half-time instructions were clearly to defend, defend, defend! A managerial mess as usual. We survived, but only just!! Foran must go!
  8. This is Sunday. Is Foran still employed as the ICT manager?? If so, Why??
  9. Quoting Foran "the players did not deliver for him"!! -- 5 minutes ago
  10. Foran MUST go now! not next week or the end of the season. The man is a disgrace who has no footballing ideas. Most of ICT players were part of a good team until Foran took charge! The rebuilding must start tomorrow.
  11. The manager, some of the players and the board must hang their heads in shame. How to fix it is a big question. - possibly 1. Get rid of Foran 2. Bring a strong fix it man like Butcher 3. make big changes ot the board structure 4. Replace the erring players.
  12. Taking a leaf out of his boss's book. Paid a lot, Played a little!!
  13. Worth putting a few bob on Elgin! 13-2 a few days ago. The way ICT have been playing it might be a good investment! I expect ICT to win but Elgin are well known giant killers.
  14. Every game similar comments and faults are highlighted by fans. There does not appear to have been any real change in playing style or tactics by Foran and Rice. Our record is now unacceptable. Failure against Elgin(our next game) MUST result in the departure of the management team.
  15. ICT won the cup and ended near top of the league with most of the present players, therefore the poor play and results must be laid at the feet or head of the manager and coaching staff. Foran stated the performances are "good but not good enough". Should we now be asking the same question about him?
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