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  1. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Competition - Game 14

    with your luck I was expecting us to get the 4th 😃
  2. CaleyCanary

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Sounds like a good mix of resilience, guts and determination - great job! Like Pele's good old comeback days right enough Mantis, I remember the 3-0 down at half-time to Ayr ending 3-3, and of course the cracker at Livi where we didn't quite make it. Seems like we ain't gonna do anymore boring 0-0s...
  3. CaleyCanary

    Game 19 - Queen of the South (A) 17 Nov

    HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 ICT: Doran QoS: Dobbie Crowd: 1314
  4. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Competition - Game 14

    You can feel the empathy from Gringo oozing off the page 😀 Berwick @ 2.20 ta...
  5. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Table - Game 14

    Hellooooooo Joonya - kudos young fella, i'm sure we're all well chuffed you got that one bang on!
  6. CaleyCanary

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    It's so great to be reading the cheeriness and optimism from the posts today, raises the spirit no end. Well done to all, obviously an all round team and backroom staff effort to get through the difficult week and get the result
  7. CaleyCanary

    Game 18 - Partick Thistle (A) 10 Nov

    HT: 0-0 FT: 0-2 ICT: Polworth PT: Spittal Crowd: 2769
  8. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Competition - Game 13

    I'll keep the trend going... East Fife v Raith Rovers draw @ 3.50 ta
  9. CaleyCanary

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    I'm not so sure this has really divided people, think all agree the club has acted appropriately, it's just a case of whether he should have been punted now or suspended until sentencing then punted - he was going one way or the other! For a change I think the club have acted correctly and despite my initial reaction that he should have an immediate suspension, terminating his contract now was the correct course of action. Have to agree with Hugh's pov about some of the posts attacking other posts though when we are all basically thinking the same about the scumbag - we all wanted the same result no matter what approach was taken.
  10. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Competition - Game 12

    Oh dear Gringers, you should've gone for your hat-trick!!!
  11. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Competition - Game 12

    East Fife @ 4.75 ta...
  12. CaleyCanary

    Game 17 - Ross County (H) 03 Nov

    HT: 0-0 FT: 1-1 ICT: White RC: McKay Crowd: 4995
  13. CaleyCanary

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Lots of empathy from here Scotty but you've done the right thing, got tested and sounds like you've caught it early enough to make all the difference. I wish you all the very best going forward. For those that haven't been through it the testing sounds daunting and degrading, well man up and go for it, one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself! For me the worst bit was actually the biopsy under general anaesthetic as I reacted badly and was off work for 10 weeks after it instead of the 1 day expected. I'd still go through that again though as the end result is well worth it and I can reassure everyone that my experience was nothing to do with the process or treatment just my body's reaction to an anaesthetic that wasn't expected.
  14. CaleyCanary

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    0-0 would look pretty nice at the moment...
  15. CaleyCanary

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Good news that Oakley is fit enough for a bench seat - maybe see him on for young Daniel later in the 2nd half...