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  1. I find it hard to believe that any Prem team, aside from the OF, would play a weakened side in the cup. Apart from the league cup it's their only realistic chance of any silverware. I fully expect Hibs to be well up for the QF with the strongest side they can muster.
  2. Aye Super Caley Man, it's always something I've struggled to comprehend. Back then I had thought the city would rally behind the new team but the bitterness went far deeper and lasted a lot longer than I ever imagined. Being so faraway and without the great benefit of the wider internet exposure and social media back in 93/94 I didn't fully appreciate all the rancour that was flying about. But now that we're heading towards three decades on, and given the astonishing success and adventures we've had along the way, I now can't comprehend the apathy that obviously still exists. The poor attendances completely baffle me - it doesn't matter how well or poorly your team are doing, it's your team so you turn up to give your support if you can. it's the lot of the football supporter to go through the successes and failures of your team together. You can never really appreciate the joys of success without having experienced the depths and despair of failure - for that reason I pity the OF fans.
  3. Aye the game at Maryhill - roadworks on the A1 and a broken down artic on the A66 put me way behind - belted up the M6 and M74 at speeds I didn't think my wee Corolla was capable of, got lucky with a parking space not too far from the ground just after kick-off, then got blasted with the cheering for the first goal just as I was running up the steps into the stand - FECK!
  4. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: White Livi: Dykes Crowd: 1994 1st Yellow: Dykes
  5. That's pretty much the plan for the North West Mantis. I'll be going Oban - Craignure then on to Iona but in two minds about whether to get back to the mainland via Lochaline or Kilchoan to head up to Mallaig. I've been to Skye a few times but in the car and love the Glenelg ferry, the road on Skye down to Kylerhea is going to be a sheer delight to ride. Back in the 90s before I came across the Internutters our holiday was always a drive up for the first home game of the season, then over to Skye for a week in a cottage. I've not been north of Kyle (or Muir of Ord for that matter) so that section round the northern headland really excites me. Will take up your suggestion of coming back from Orkney to Gills Bay, I'd missed that one ? I reckon the whole trip will take me 8 weeks and will be in the summer of '21. Between now and then I've got to learn how to do blogging and vlogging whatever the fekk that is. Should collect enough ferry porn for posting to keep Yngwie happy - cheers.
  6. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Keatings AA: O'Hara Crowd: 1994
  7. That's grand ta Mantis, I'll be timing it so I get to Sneck in July or early August when we've got a home game - or maybe even an away game at Pittodrie, you never know...
  8. Cheers Johndo, the Hopscotch ticket sounds ideal as I'll be making at least 10 CalMac crossings. Motorbike on each one except for the wee jaunt at Cape Wrath. Do you guys know if the wee ferry still runs from Nigg to Cromarty?
  9. Fascinating thread and some great photos chaps. I'm planning a round Britain retirement road trip on my bike which will take in a fair few ferry crossings so this whets the appetite. I'll be coast hugging, starting and finishing at Cromer in Norfolk - calling it the GB5000. So ferry crossings wherever possible at the rivers and estuaries, my first one will be at Woolwich. Some cracking wee river ferries in Devon and Cornwall and I'll also head over to the Isle of Wight, but of course the main event will be the ferries up the west coast as I hop over to Bute, Mull, Skye and Orkney. So if you've any advice for some 'not to be missed' ferry crossings please give me a shout. My Munro bagging days are well over now so instead I'll be bagging RNLI stations and coastal footy grounds on the way.
  10. No way we can fight with the likes of Salford when it comes down to available cash to tempt players in.
  11. Raith v Montrose draw @ 3.60 ta...