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  1. Congratulations Champ! Good luck going for the treble... ...and many thanks for fighting with the spreadsheet each and every week
  2. Spot on DD - English non-league sides are of a far better quality than most folk realise, with budgets and grounds most Scottish clubs can only dream about - so choose wisely and we could pick up some gems just waiting for a break...
  3. Think that 'penalty' just sucked the life out of them - all that effort undone yet again by a crap ref decision. Put it down to experience, we'll be in a far better position at the start of next season than we were at the last. We have made progress and next season we'll make more.
  4. I hope DU win the play off final, had more than enough of them this year don't want to have to put with them again next season
  5. We are still more than capable of turning this around, we'll create enough chances just need to take them!!!
  6. I'm not a great believer in conspiracy theories but this stinks!
  7. Gutted all the play-off games have been on BT Sport - missing the Champions League semi-finals was bad enough but thought the play-offs would be on the new BBC Scotland channel. Guess they're regarded as Premiership games not Championship - oh well radio streaming it is again, got to be grateful for that...
  8. HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 ICT: Doran DU: McMullen Crowd: 6969
  9. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Doran DU: Safranko Crowd: 2669
  10. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Doran AU: Shankland Crowd: 2994
  11. Getting tight at the top chaps! 😅
  12. Aye indeed, congrats on a cracking points total Good to see so many of us doing better than breaking even - are we getting better at this? Cheers Gringo... 👍
  13. Wholeheartedly agree Gregor - the Championship is a killer league! Who would have thought last August that Falkirk and Queens would have ended up in the bottom two slots? Has to be marked as a good and successful season even if we don't end up getting over the finish line.