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  1. Fully agree with all the comments in your post Kingsmills - as far as the financial cost of travelling to friendlies is concerned it would be in our best interests if we could persuade one or two of those English sides to play us in Sneck if they were on a wee tour north of the border. Would have been out of the question this past two seasons with Covid travelling restrictions but for future years it would be far better than giving some HL sides a hammering and thinking we're on top of our game.
  2. Nice to get the bad days in the office out of the way before the serious stuff starts! That's about the only silver lining I can find from the last two results...
  3. Interesting game plan, lull the opposition into a false sense of security before half-time, then...
  4. Can anyone who saw the game comment on how young Reece McAlear got on please, did his performance justify another starting spot? Notice he was subbed along with Aaron Doran on 57 minutes.
  5. Here we go again - cheers Gringo... HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Gardyne Blue Toon: McLean
  6. Ah well the Morettis went down a treat in the end. Actually enjoyed the encounter, despite the Italian dominance England were always a threat on the break and one day soon they'll give someone a right doing. They should pose a threat in every tournament for the next decade and if we can find someone to put the ball in the net then so can we! Such a great pity that once again so much of the after match talk is about the disgraceful behaviour of yobs and racist online abuse. Doesn't look like they'll ever be able to shake off the ugly side that seems to follow them everywhere.
  7. It's been a blast Gringo and a lot of hard work that has been much appreciated. Cheers me old mate and ta very much for running it for so many years!
  8. Beam me up Scotty, well not you Scotty but the Scotty who can beam people up! Starting to get a bit unbearable already down here. Like Kingsmills I've also never been in the ABE camp with my wife being Ingerlish and my kids born down here but the arrogance is starting to get to all of us in the Canary household. I'm meeting very few people showing any respect for the opposition (including the upcoming Italians!), no humility at all and absolutely zero tolerance when it comes to accepting that dodgy decisions have gone their way. Apparently Messrs Kane and Sterling have no idea what diving
  9. Thanks for the updates tonight guys! 👍
  10. Same for me, I had already prepared myself for a repeat of past disappointments so this time wasn't so disappointed. Always thought the key to getting through would be beating the Czech Republic in the opening game, I fully expected to get at least a point at Wembley and thought our toughest task would be Croatia. They finally found their gears against us and showed why they were World Cup finalists. Of course our poorest performance of the tournament helped them with that. Anyway, onwards and upwards, the experience will have done the squad a power of good and I'm more excited abo
  11. Find it hard to believe right enough! The Willie Johnston affair prompted me to write my only letter to a newspaper editor. I told the Daily Express I'd never read their rag again and I never have. Feel gutted for young Billy. He must have been so up for the Croatia game, I don't think they'd have been able to handle him.
  12. Yep I agree, I've been crossing everything for a move here to Norwich so he can play alongside Kenny McLean and Grant Hanley. It's the sort of club Ryan could thrive at...
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