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  1. Under different circumstances would have been quite happy to see the game go ahead with a weakened Dons side who are entirely to blame for their own mismanagement breaking the rules, however, I think calling the game off was the right decision. No point in risking the export of this cluster outbreak to Perth, there's no telling how many others in the Dons setup have been exposed to the eight named.
  2. All the talk in the world about being fair would just fall on deaf ears in the Hampden committee room. Fairness and common sense do not feature in their vocabulary - just ask Hearts, PT, Stranraer, Brora and Kelty...
  3. It's all very depressing and, along with the appeal from Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove for help with legal funding to support their battle against the possibility of losing out on promotion, it drags the reputation of Scottish football further into the mire. This could all have been so easily avoided if the clubs had just done the sensible thing and voted for the 14-10-10-10 setup in the first place!
  4. Now that is a very astute observation in these troubled times Mr Moog 😀
  5. ...and another vote for Gayfield - best kippers, old school terracing and getting hit by the sea spray on a windy day at high tide.
  6. If they did pay out any compensation it would surely set a precedent to open up valid claims like this from every division, including Brora and Kelty. So on that basis I can't see it happening. Easy way for the SPFL to avoid such a can of worms is to rethink and propose a 14-10-10-10 setup to their self-obsessed members.
  7. So now we have Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove kicking off as they say they will robustly defend any attempts to stop their promotions... ...if they'd all done the decent and sensible thing by voting for the 14-10-10-10 restructure in the first place none of this legal wrangling would have needed to happen! You couldn't have made this up, what an utter shambles!
  8. Good article by Tom English, takes the opportunity for a pop at Roy MacGregor...
  9. Depends which tool in black owns the eyes!
  10. ...and the very best of luck to them. No way Stranraer will be joining them, PT couldn't do it without their mystery benefactor stumping up the dosh. As for us, Brora and Kelty; none of us have a legal case to fight. We may all be a bit miffed at missing out on the opportunity to compete in play-offs but as it stands we're not being forcibly ejected from a league, we just stand to gain if their legal challenge is successful - fingers crossed.
  11. What a selfish, self-centred dick! Never mind what damage we'll inflict on others, we can save a few bob! Albion probably have one of the shortest total away mileages over a season. I would imagine there were likely similar feelings in other central belt clubs, must have been with so many voting against the proposal. Teams with a remote geographical location like Brora and the rest of us in the Highlands face far higher costs with more frequent long distance away days. If this is going to be a major factor in decision making for the lower league clubs then nothing will ever change. Perhaps we do need to look at a league structure with a North/South divide for the lower leagues. Albion could then happily just play against their local pals.
  12. I think this farcical ending to the whole sorry affair has just proved it isn't. What I find saddest of all is the missed opportunity - this was a chance to improve our league structure for everyone's benefit and they have collectively blown it!
  13. Totally agree Kingsmills. I cannot understand any stance taken against the 14-10-10-10 proposal as it is the only proposal I've seen that harms nobody and I've love to hear the justification of any club voting against it. Sure, the PT statement has an element of self interest but I feel their situation warrants them speaking out, and it is a well written and compelling statement. To relegate a team 2 points behind, with a game in hand and only 75% of the season completed, is an absolute disgrace! If this comes about Scottish football should collectively hang its head in shame.
  14. This is it in a nutshell for me. Doesn't disadvantage anybody and gives Brora and Kelty the opportunity they deserve. I'd have no fear about our ability to compete and stay in the top tier, I'd be more concerned about our future remaining in the Championship. Without the extra income we'd likely find the Championship a tougher gig.