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  1. Agree with that too Kingsmills - on the face of it seems daft that we aren't able to source enough stewards locally which makes me think the club is bound by an existing contract to supply the service where the contracted security company uses a pool of resources based in the central belt. The security industry is well regulated these days so I doubt we'd be able to use unregulated casual labour or well meaning community volunteers.
  2. Hey Joonya looks like you need a word with the old fella to tell him how to play this game! 😄
  3. I don't see this as being any different to me unloading a lorry at the supermarket where I work in a low risk area when the truck and driver have come from a high risk area. As long as common sense prevails and everyone sticks to the proper protocols it's the best that can be done to keep things going and open up facilities. Just sounds like some sh*t stirring bollox to me.
  4. Hiya James 👋 welcome to the family and congrats to Mum n Dad
  5. Falkirk v Cove draw @ 3.75 ta...
  6. Can't remember all the details from the first voting debacle, did Albion actually vote against restructuring citing the travel distance to Brora as one of their reasons? Always seemed like a no-brainer to me and couldn't understand the selfishness of those voting against such a great opportunity to start sorting out the mess of our league structure.
  7. Well spotted Satan, better eyesight than I have - probably why I was such a rubbish referee 😀
  8. I wondered the same but as an East Fife player was being subbed he said he needed him to turn around so he could see the shirt number to know who it was. He saw that it was number 7 before we could see that on the stream so reckon he was probably in the stadium after all.
  9. Good game, enjoyed that and getting away with the win was a bonus. Did the laddie commentating say at the end his name was Bannerman? Charles' son perhaps? Decent job so thank you 👍
  10. All things considered I think he's doing a decent job - not an easy thing to do, I know I couldn't do anywhere near as good. Ta very much to whoever has been responsible for sorting out the camera
  11. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Doran EF: Wallace
  12. So what have they got right at Stark's Park that we need to learn from to get the live stream working better at home games? I don't have a clue about video streaming and the technologies involved, are they using a different system that ignores baldy heids on the touchline?
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