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  1. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Macgregor Tarts: Naismith Happy 88th Jock!!! 🍻
  2. I hear you too Gringo - these days I struggle to know which day of the week it is so your ongoing efforts to keep the comps bouncing along are very much appreciated, except when you do better than me of course! 👍 😀
  3. HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 ICT: Macgregor AU: McCowan
  4. I was thinking there's an opportunity for Macgregor to get a start tomorrow - hope he does as I've got him down for 1st scorer in Gringo's NPL!
  5. It's a false position under very unusual circumstances so I don't have any great concerns - at the moment! If, as Gringo says however, we don't pick up the available points from our games in hand we will be under great pressure with a very busy schedule and it won't be easy. I'm putting my faith in Robbo to see us through ok - a win on Wednesday would be the tonic we all need to set us on our way.
  6. That's the spirit Jack, always look for the silver lining 😄
  7. I had a similar experience in 1971 when a 'neutral' at the Partick v Celtic league cup final - luckily we were sitting in 'posh' seats as me and my brother could hardly contain ourselves by the time Thistle were 4-0 up - my Celtic supporting cousin was in tears! Just checked the stats, only 62,000 there that day, was an experience I'd love to go through again 😃
  8. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Macgregor AA: Cawley
  9. Hiya ginger, must have been you bought yours just before mine 😀
  10. Just got ours and the ticket site said last sale was 1 minute ago so still lots of mileage in this great effort - anybody know how many sold so far? Big thank you to all the Jambo fans for their support, it's spirit like this that is just what Scottish football needs!
  11. Well that's brightened up a miserable day! 👍
  12. Top marks for the topic title Robert 😄
  13. As well as the rain, sleet and snow forecast there's also a high tide tomorrow evening with a strong easterly wind wheeching in off the sea sending the spray across the terracing - gotta love those conditions at Gayfield, glad I'll not be out there in my shorts trying to kick a ball about - good luck lads!
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