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  1. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Keatings Cove: Masson Crowd: 977
  2. HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 ICT: Keatings RR: Allan Crowd: 1314
  3. Aye Scarlet, I wish them well and hope we get to play them regularly when they join us in the top tier.
  4. Thanks for the report Stan. Although you would expect/hope the the team would be up for it and ready for the off at the start of the season I do tend to side with the feelings from Satan and Cameron. I don't see the League Cup as a diddy tournament but it is an excellent opportunity to get some competitive games under the belt and match fitness sharpened before the really important stuff gets underway. I would imagine Peterhead had a bit more hunger for it than we did wanting to prove they were worth their promotion.
  5. Hola Gringo - we're coming for ya! HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 ICT: Keatings Peterheid: Lyle Crowd: 1040
  6. Sad news and a sad loss - lovely tribute thanks Scotty.
  7. You are quite right Kingsmills, those of us living in Englandshire have no choice in the matter no matter which way we want to vote. I wrote to Alex Salmond before Indyref1 to question the fairness of so many Scots not being allowed to have a say in our future but got a stock answer and directed to the legal position. It's a conundrum I don't have an answer to offer but it grates on me hugely. I live down here while working for RBS and have no rights to participate in voting for the future of my country because I'm registered as a voter in England. Whereas someone of any other nationality can vote on Scotland's future if registered on the electoral role in Scotland. It is my firm belief that the majority of foreign nationals registered in Scotland would likely vote No, while many of us living and working south of the border would vote Yes. It's a process tilting the balance of the vote in favour of the No camp - frustrating! Living in mid-Norfolk is even more frustrating, it's one of those constituencies where sticking a blue rosette on a donkey would see the poor animal elected to serve in Westminster. I always vote tactically in any election down here, giving my X to the candidate best placed to beat the Tory, but it's always a waste and means nothing. Consequently I feel completely disenfranchised in this neck of the woods. From a Indyref2 viewpoint, having an extreme Brexiteer as PM could quite likely be the best boost the Yes campaign could have. I'd look forward to coming home even more then...
  8. Happy for St Midden, they deserved it more, but disappointed that we'll have to face the tangerine [email protected] again next season. Would like to have seen the back of them but it does give us 4 opportunities to stick it right up 'em next year!
  9. Congratulations Champ! Good luck going for the treble... ...and many thanks for fighting with the spreadsheet each and every week
  10. Spot on DD - English non-league sides are of a far better quality than most folk realise, with budgets and grounds most Scottish clubs can only dream about - so choose wisely and we could pick up some gems just waiting for a break...
  11. Think that 'penalty' just sucked the life out of them - all that effort undone yet again by a crap ref decision. Put it down to experience, we'll be in a far better position at the start of next season than we were at the last. We have made progress and next season we'll make more.
  12. I hope DU win the play off final, had more than enough of them this year don't want to have to put with them again next season
  13. We are still more than capable of turning this around, we'll create enough chances just need to take them!!!
  14. I'm not a great believer in conspiracy theories but this stinks!