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  1. Probably more to do with the fact our a manager didn’t have his coaching badges or practise set pieces at all…..
  2. Every minute he did play I thought he was a cool, calm and collected defender and was brilliant to be fair.
  3. Some assumptions being made here! Kirk hasn’t kicked a ball for the club and already isn’t playing for the shirt! Amazes me how negative some of our Fanbase is, remember Kevin McNaughton? Joined us at the end of his career and when he played his influence and experience was unbelievable to see on the pitch (Albeit ending in relegation) - why can’t Kirk Broadfoot be the same? The man has played in a UEFA Cup final, played in the championship in England and is now with us and I have no doubt will bring some much needed and missed experience. We've beaten other clubs to his signing -
  4. The supporters trust? I didn’t know they were still around…. Haven’t heard from them in over two years!
  5. Who's part of this fan action group?
  6. The pink shirt is becoming our third kit for next season
  7. Impact to me and you? Nominal. health and safety and the SFA? Massive.
  8. It absolutely does. If we add seats it’s a cost (not cheap at all) otherwise if we allow standing we have to alter our license with the SFA and as it’s standing would lower our stadiums ‘rank’
  9. Introducing terracing does us more harm than good I believe, someone more in the know will confirm what that means but I think we’re currently listed as a gold stadium? but if we introduce a terrace we become silver? Or something similar. I don’t think you should be concerned with not getting all season ticket holders in…. A new sponsorship deal coming in related to the new Hydro scheme at Loch Ness
  10. do you really think that given the current financial status of the club (which is about to dramatically improve) we would waste money on increasing the capacity of the stadium when we haven't filled it since..... the first game back at caley park?
  11. i have had a look in most locations but finding some good quality pictures of players during that time is rather hard. The seasons in questions are the season we first went up (clyde away beating st johnstone 3-1 at home) and our first in the SPL, Juanjo summersault amongst other moments stand out - both shirts i have are home so ideally looking for pictures of players in that (thus ruling out Brian Prunty's equaliser at Ibrox!)
  12. I'd like to hear the current situation regarding McHattie and Toshney as so far I haven't heard much other than they were injured before the season started. Unless someone is leaving I can't imagine us taking in anymore.
  13. I’m looking to get a couple of shirts framed from the above seasons. As such, I’m looking to get some accompanying photos of some key moment in both season. Having googled, it’s a struggle to find some high definition pictures and the caleyjags.com photos from that era appear to be more fan based. Does anyone have any photos they could share from that era? For confirmation this is the season we won the first division (for the first time) and our first season in the SPL. As it’s home shirts I’m going to get framed moments in those shirts would be ideal!
  14. I’m told Welsh will be the club captain with Doran continuing as vice
  15. I wish Carl well but not his club. Very surprised he got a move to the SPL but I suppose county have the luxury of paying players a good wage (probably similar to his wages with us) when they aren’t key players. In my opinion Carl was our fourth best defender last year and won’t be a great loss on the field. However, I think he will be a massive loss off it.
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