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  1. I’m told Welsh will be the club captain with Doran continuing as vice
  2. I wish Carl well but not his club. Very surprised he got a move to the SPL but I suppose county have the luxury of paying players a good wage (probably similar to his wages with us) when they aren’t key players. In my opinion Carl was our fourth best defender last year and won’t be a great loss on the field. However, I think he will be a massive loss off it.
  3. This home kit is quite similar to the design we are having next season.... If I remember rightly, the colour scheme on the away kit here is what we will have next season too.
  4. Chick Young is in the Carse where the new stadium was planned - between the trainline and where the existing industrial estate is.
  5. Although I agree, the 'community' approach and running of the club leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. Amazing how you are willing to write off a young player based on 7 months out with an injury (and setback) despite not knowing how good he may be or cost the club. Too many of our fans appear to think we will always be able to get better players when in reality, i'm amazed we have signed some of the players we have within the wage structure in place.
  7. 100% our support was fantastic. Speaking to the victim (or their father) tells one side of a story - the side of the story they want you to know, or perhaps the side of the story they want to tell their father. I wouldnt say these incidents have overshadowed our support at all. From what I have heard directly from the victim immediately after the event one young Inverness fan was headbutted in the Mallard and the offender was arrested immediately. During the game I witnessed one smoke bomb thrown on the pitch from the home support and also witnessed police and stewards remove at least one home fan. On that evidence Ross County’s support has embarrassed themselves not ours.
  8. My point is this was in a pub outside of the ground and until proven otherwise has nothing to do with the club or its fans? ‘Likely’ isn’t fact and as I mentioned this isn’t solid fact because it is written on Twitter. Agreed. As far as I’ve heard and witnessed our support was incredible inside and outside the ground.
  9. Should this not be moved to the rumour mill?
  10. Why hasn't communication improved between the fans and the board? Why is the local press being used as our medium of communication instead of club social media which has previously been applauded? A list of objectives was given at the begining of last season, how do the board feel they are lining up against these objectives and what is being done to improve the clubs standing in the comunity? Why was the recent community day sponsored so poorly publicised by the club with short notice? Why did we not send any boardroom representation to our pre-season friendly against Keith?
  11. If by the age of 17-18 you are not in or around the first team I wouldn't expect any player to 'make it' with us. Don't understand the issue here, by the U18's league the next natural step should be first team football - why add another step into that needlessly?
  12. Not to mention asking to be subbed off against Falkirk last year because he was too cold....
  13. The same Jason Brown we released last summer having made 1 appearance for the club?
  14. Even more interesting for me would be what kind of analysis was undertaken by the board regarding this and what the action plan was to try and change it.
  15. Appreciate that there isn't a more suitable alternative date available , but one days notice and one days less rest for the biggest two games of our season thus far is a bit farcical. Potentially drastic, but if we need to get the game played the fixture should be reversed.....