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  1. jamie ictfc

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    The same Jason Brown we released last summer having made 1 appearance for the club?
  2. jamie ictfc

    New Signing

    Even more interesting for me would be what kind of analysis was undertaken by the board regarding this and what the action plan was to try and change it.
  3. jamie ictfc

    Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Appreciate that there isn't a more suitable alternative date available , but one days notice and one days less rest for the biggest two games of our season thus far is a bit farcical. Potentially drastic, but if we need to get the game played the fixture should be reversed.....
  4. jamie ictfc

    12 week minimum ban for standing

    The club has embarrassed themselves with this, apparently they were handed this as they walked into the ground..... superb welcome. Would be interesting to know what the target group for these was.... Like it or not, these fans are the future of our club and need to be encouraged (within the rules) to continue to back the team - yes misbehavior needs to be managed, but issuing a 'scare' to people who so far this season have sat and watched the game in the same manner as everyone else is ridiculous. Worth pointing out to the chairman that at the Irn-Bru Cup final and the Scottish Cup final the main celebrations from the players was towards those creating the atmosphere - these people cannot be ignored and need to be actively encouraged to attend game and continue to support the team. Already I have noticed that various younger members of the group are now attending Nairn games and trying to bring an atmosphere there which I think says a lot about the welcome they have received from Inverness. It may well be too late to recover the relationship with these fans, but those who are still disgruntled need to be addressed as a priority. The current board have discussed their priorities as 'improved communication and collaboration with you the fans our most important and valuable asset' but quite frankly I haven't experienced such a poor relationship between the board and fans since the Mike Smith era. A few of my favorite quotes from our chairman are as follows from his message on the 24th of August. 'I recorded more than 25 subjects for us to follow up and we will get back to you with a list of action points and timescales for delivering them' 'These are all valid issues which we intend to tackle in a priority and managed way' 'It is easy to talk the talk. We have a lot to do to win back your trust by setting out our action plan and delivering this will see us walk the walk' I'll let you decide if these have been followed through... Am I right in thinking that all clubs have a Supporters Liasion Officer? Does anybody know this persons remit? I would expect that they should be managing this situation far closer that they appear to be and Liase a lot closer with the current board and the fans who have been disgruntled since day one of this regime. The fact that this person is so far unknown is laughable and points out that they are clearly failing in this role. 'Don't be drunk in our ground but our bar is open early tomorrow for you'
  5. jamie ictfc

    Another club statement...

    Another instance of the club trying to distance themselves from the fans, bravo.
  6. jamie ictfc

    CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Not strictly the correct place for this, but how would one go about buying shares in the club?
  7. jamie ictfc

    Transfer in and outs

    Where has anyone seen anything official that Rory is on trial?
  8. jamie ictfc


    I can't see evidence that this was Inverness or Elgin fans fighting?
  9. jamie ictfc

    Banning young team from busses

    Without obviously knowing the full extent of what occurred on bus 3 I can only comment based on what has been said so far. First off I find it bizarre that if there was a prior concern about bus 3 being run with 30 'youths' on it, surely someone with a strong personality should be the bus supervisor, or even split them across all three buses? I don't mean to say whoever was supervising the bus done a poor job, but surely if alarm bells were ringing you would think a water tight plan would be created ie. If it was anticipated alcohol was going to be an issue - bag searches were taken as people got on the bus. With the size of our away support already small it amazes me we still try to alienate certain groups of fans instead of encouraging them to return. A ban for one game to me is even more bizarre than a blanket ban. What sort of message does this send out? - the behavior of everyone on the bus wasn't perfect so you miss the next match? Everyone who is in change of Caley Jags Together to a man ( or woman) has done a remarkable job over the last few years with 3 semi finals and 2 finals to arrange transport for - but I do feel that a lack of youth representation within the group could be an issue? Someone with a different view on such issues and dare I say a less 'Politically correct' view would be a great addition. The joint statement regarding the so called Pyro to me was very bizarre and within seconds of reading it I knew exactly the reaction it would create and I can assure you it was not the desired one. As far as running bus's goes, I have run a few in my time.If you can confirm numbers it would be great and I would run a bus/minibus every week - But numbers can fluctuate so much it can often work out at running at a loss As these young boys done, it could be an idea to outsource a bus to groups. But I guess that wouldn't ensure ' responsible behavior' was enforced.
  10. jamie ictfc


    You get into games free and get a free pie.
  11. jamie ictfc

    Joint Statement Regarding Pyro at Matches

    So what's to stop me going to a Ross County match to throw 'pyrotechnics' to deduct them points? #PyroNoFootball
  12. jamie ictfc


    Every ground I go to I buy a coffee and a steak pie. I would like to say I have tasted some of the best (Killie/County) and the worst - I would like to put some emphasis on the latter. I understand how this forum works, bit of banter here and there - more often a play on words relating to the topic of discussion, but I think that the pies we have are absolutely horrendous. I enjoy a steak pie. This is no secret however I am now being forced to eat a cheeseburger from the burger van situation in the north stand/west stand corner - Don't get me wrong the girls in the van are nice and the burger is great but my go to snack at the football is a steak pie. Increasingly I have been becoming frustrated with the sad state of affairs we now have at the 'shop' at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium - Even more so considering our near rivals can provide a more than acceptable version of the very same pastry based delight. I have tried for months to forget just how awful a situation we have on our hands but I have now reached the end of my tether. Why are our pies always stuck to the bottom of the casing? This makes eating the pie a horrendous situation, often leaving me caked in gravy - something that does not look very good. This also leaves me with another issue. Once I have eaten what I can pick up with my hands I am left with steak at the bottom of my tin pie case. Having paid £2.30 for a pie I am left with the tough choice either using my fingers to eat what I paid for whilst also covering my hands in gravy - again a horrendous situation especially when I need to then wash my hands with cold water in the bathrooms (not hygenic) - or leave the remains of the pie. Surely at least we could be provided with a fork? Sorry but we have the worst pies in the league.
  13. jamie ictfc

    ICTFC v FC Astra Giurgiu // Travel + Build up

    Can I be added to the bus list +5 - thanks
  14. jamie ictfc

    Richie Foran

    Foran had a shoulder operation to fix a long standing problem he has had. He is also managing/assisting our under 20's. As for a captain i would choose Josh Meekings - over the last few months Gary has been far from at his best - Josh has been our best player (excluding Shinnie + Billy ) over the last 2 years.
  15. jamie ictfc

    Arabs and the A's

    Any doubt if this game will go ahead with the A9 Still closed and no sign of it being opened anytime soon?