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  1. It’s confirmed but the deal of which we are getting a slice of gets their funding once ground has broken Not heard anything further about the IRA after the initial mention I’m afraid!
  2. Not my place to announce it, but I’m sure the club will once they have received the money which, is substantially more than a few hundred thousand pounds.
  3. I think this sums up exactly how much you know about what SG has done at the club. As I say, he’s worked wonders….
  4. What’s this based on? I’d argue without some very key business deals Scott Gardner handled we wouldn’t have a club to support.
  5. Are you sure they’re both on trial?
  6. That is being discussed in public…….
  7. further two weeks later.... still nothing. I assume those who are empowered have asked the club about improved communication.....?
  8. Don’t think that’s right. Our clause was/is for ‘20% of any future fee’ which means if Celtic were to receive further future fee’s for Ryan we would be due 20% of them.
  9. The club are looking into creating a lottery named 'Nessy Numbers' or something similar
  10. Rather hilariously this still hasn’t been responded to via Twitter or the forum.
  11. I’m assuming this collated email address is being used to streamline communications into the club, is it also then to be used to streamline communications to the supporters trust who, I reached out to in March and have yet to receive a response?
  12. Poor communication from the club, the ‘Supporters liasion officer’ and also the supporters trust, who I haven’t heard anything from at all since at least pre-covid
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