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  1. I've been kinda resigned to going down since about February. Poor management decisions, an obvious lack of confidence from the players, lack of leadership on the park, and a complete loss of form from previously top performing players has only served to highlight the reckless board decision with regards the length of Forans contract, given its likely we can't afford to be relegated or pay compo to terminate his contract. From a previously prudent club, I find it an extraordinarily naive bit of business, assuming there isn't some kind of escape clause off course, and if there is, it's an extrao
  2. I'm in Bologna. Going to Venice>Slovenia>Hungary>Romania. If heat is like it is here in Italy then it'll be hard going. Likely need all subs early on. it's above average temperatures, proper roasting. I really hope we go for it and get it right up them. We can do it, early goal and attack them all over the park. I shall be getting steaming afterwards then lots of trains back to Bologna :)
  3. Mixed emotions for me. I'm ecstatic that we've qualified and want to go, but if we win the cup I'll be in India and miss the second qualifiers :( . Better qualify for 3rd round!
  4. Brilliant news and justice served. Delighted for the boy. Its a real shame this has overshadowed the best result, imo, in the clubs history. I've lost a lot of respect for Celtic and what little I had left for the SFA. If anything good comes of this, it'll be P45s for those clowns that continually make a hash of the running of the game in this country. Let's get back to celebrating the deserved victory and enjoy the run in to the end of an amazing season.
  5. Just got back this morning after an impromptu session in Glasgow yesterday :D Superb day,unbelievable performance from the whole team, rough as a badger today but have basically just spent the day watching the goals on a loop. RAVEN!
  6. Aye, despite the polling that's my gut feeling on it too.
  7. I agree it is going to be very interesting. UK Polls over the last couple of days seem to showTories and Lib dems improving with UKIP losing ground. The position of the Lib Dems will be crucial because they are the only party which would give support either to the Tories or to Labour. They could easily be the king makers here and may well be in a position to wring some significant concessions out of the others. Electoral reform would be good but at the very least they will help to squash the more extreme policies of both left and right. I think that message will be atractive to the electo
  8. Latest Guardian projection has labour and SNP, 326, able to win a confidence vote, possibly requiring another party for majority. Tories and Con Dems, 298 unable to form government, even with UKIPs, 302. Labour, SNP, Con Dems would obtain a solid majority. 355. All the projections out there are pretty ropey though to be honest. Gonna be quite exciting on the day.
  9. The sad part is that he was exposed by his own party rather than our media.
  10. As tremendous as the TNS poll looks, it's pretty old data but entertaining nonetheless. With Labour holding huge majorities in a lot of seats it needs a massive swing for the SNP to win, and while polls have them mopping up just now, even a very slight Labour recovery could see them turn obliteration into just a massacre. Milliband won't get close to a majority, IMO, regardless of how they perform in Scotland anyway. However, even better than the polls, news today that hot on the heels of being stomped on by Ed Balls, Jim Murphy's shameless, flat out lies have been exposed again by h
  11. Yup... I know.... the choice between Labour, Tory and Libdems is a bit like choosing between Measles, Mumps and Chicken Pox. But none of them is quite in the same league as getting the (Yellow and) Black Death. Er, ok. Thanks for your input.
  12. Achtung! I actually find it hilarious listening to to the British nationalists continually bleating about the referendum, which they won FFS, and how it's all the SNP are interested in. It goes some way in explaining the mentality of UK Labours northern branch and the contempt to which many in Scotland now hold for them. When Scotland was promised change, told we were valued in the UK, and voted to remain in this "family of nations", was it somewhere in the small print that we weren't then allowed to vote SNP? In a democracy, are campaigners and political parties required to abandon
  13. Bann ermaned from the thread? Missed that, was this a troll or one of the really bitter together bunch maybe?
  14. This is an argument that is often rolled out and one which on the face of it sounds convincing. I certainly don't know what countries these all are but I do know that many of these countries were previously under the subjugation of a larger power in a way in which even the most ardent of nationalists could never honestly argue that Scotland is. The countries of the former Soviet bloc spring to mind, for example. Yes it might initially sound convincing but in reality it is completely and utterly irrelevant when you look at the circumstances. I think pretty much all of the countires in ques
  15. I'd like to see some sort of tie in between season tickets and the centenary club draw, maybe with an option to increase price for a decent sized win. People like a flutter, a pre season competition open to season ticket holders whereby you predict our scores for each game of the season, with a supporters league table in the match day program and prizes at the end of the season would also be popular IMO.
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