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  1. With us only having one home game before cup there's not much chance to buy flags, scarves and so on to take to cup final, to make some money would/could club have stall in city centre in build up to game or if a train is put on for supporters, a stall in the station before it sets off in the morning and club shop open for an hour before supporters buses leave. Just an idea, I think a lot would be sold.
  2. Excellent news, was never a red card
  3. TheCaleyOne

    Joe Gorman

    Silly thing to say Joe, we don't want this kind of thing associated with ICT
  4. Highlights for me Forans last minute goal against Raith, beating Celtic 1-0 at home, beating Rangers at home and 3-3 draw at county seeing Adams turn away in disgust still one of my favorite moments in football
  5. What's happening on the 19th March I'm going to final on the 16th, :-) don't miss it!!
  6. Great memories, forgot how special some of the goals we scored were. 4.23 in clip, still one of my highlights of the season. Gets better each time you see it.
  7. Totally agree with the thread, so proud of the team, the supporters and a wonderful season. The vocal support has been the best I have known at ICT. At sundays game didn't even hear the home support. Thank you ICT
  8. Was disappointed after the game but if we were offered 4th place at start of season would think it was a great success, first top 6 place, good cup run, most players re-signed, above county. Well done lads Bring on next season!!!!