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  1. Things have to change at the club now to give us a chance this season
  2. I received an email yesterday with the offer too. Strange not all season ticket holders got the message ?
  3. Always gave his all as a player, scored some of my favourite Caley thistle goals, sorry his season in charge went the way it did, good luck Richie
  4. Thats me paid through PayPal
  5. TheCaleyOne

    David Raven

    Brilliant great news
  6. Hi Scotty, I think I just renewed seemed to go through fine
  7. What about to the 12th Man for organizing the flags and the bear/salmon story lol
  8. I agree Richie's raith goal was amazing and cup game at county, Richie,s 3-3 equaliser brilliant
  9. What a shame. Thoughts with the whole family
  10. What a shock, didn't know him by name, just at football to say hi to. Thoughts with his family
  11. I agree with OCG tied down and surf at big games
  12. I saw Toby Michaels at the game
  13. Got a cat, called him Roscoe, then tokely left for county few months later:-/
  14. Any news on supporters train being put on?