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  1. If the player was leaving QPR and joining another English club there would be a fee to pay but because he is coming to Scotland it's void.
  2. just paid for another 1 on top of another 2 I paid for 2 hours ago. paid for futher 4 a couple of weeks ago so paid for 7 in total. thank you for you effort by the way. see you Thursday. Will have confirmations printed of separately to save confusion Cauldeener
  3. Cauldeener - already paid for 4 a couple of weeks ago. Just paid for another 2 just now. will print off receipts separately. hope that's ok
  4. Cauldeener x4
  5. I ordered mine on Monday the 4th early pm and had received the tickets by the Thursday. You will probibly have them by tomorrow
  6. spoke to ticket office today. You can't actually pick your seat as they are selling section by section like the semi final
  7. think I'm going to go for north stand seats. Normally sit there for Scotland matches(good view and close to pitch). what do yous think?
  8. I can't beleive this is happening. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. Disgusting!!!
  9. Does anyone think that our fans are going to have a fairly large gap between us on Sunday? West stand sales are definately being sold from corner 1st then towards middle. Dose anyone know which side are being sold 1st for south stand? If they are selling from centre towards west stand then surely our fans will have large gap between us. Hope that makes sense
  10. Brilliant news and completely justified