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  1. I new fine we were not going up this season wait till next season and we will go up
  2. even though i not been to any caley thistle games in 4 years i still follow the team online i have my reasons for not going to games but am still a fan
  3. one drop of rain and they call it of i once went to a aberdeen v rangers game pitch was under water but game still went on they are to soft now
  4. Easy win for Manchester United Tonight clear pen we going win the Champions league now
  5. been told the club had under soil heating on for 2 days and it cost £2000
  6. the list for man utd new boss 1 zinedine zidane 2 Mauricio Pochettino 3 jurgen klopp
  7. so what do you all think of this he had to go after sunday game
  8. Looks like it you both got it wrong vine is back from the dead under Byte it’s all over the Internet now
  9. will you should go on to dom v2 forum to find the real truth then
  10. vine co founder dom hoffman will bring it back under v2 he cant use the vine name due to copyright because twitter owns that name he ready said on the v2 forum it will be out soon dom is in charge of the forum
  11. been told vine 2 will be back soon under a new name v2 am on the beta list for it who was on it in the old days
  12. hi all has any one got a ipod touch 5 or 6 for sale would like to buy one 2nd hand
  13. The Press & Journal The Inverness Courier and The Highland News did not take any photos from the successful AUOB march last sat with near 14000 yes people there All 3 of these are owned, run and edited by unionists so they are all in bed with the uk government this is why i will never buy any uk newspaper
  14. hi all is any one on Fibre broadband yet in Inverness is it any good going on the Talk Talk one soon