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  1. hi every one it was easy to grow a TikTok channel to over a 1000 followers it just took me 1 week and i never even had to buy them they are all real followers now got a 1080 followers and the live button came on at 958 followers
  2. will this game be live on caley jags tv
  3. Hi Every one should I download the Windows 11 beta now or Wait until the full Release Comes out I have a Windows 10 lap top and are you able to update to the full Windows 11 from the beta once it comes out in OCTOBER as I like to try out Android apps on windows 11 beta
  4. great to see That BEBO is back am now on it testing it out its very good but a basic Design
  5. so who all going to buy a new 5g phone this year i been though all the good and bad points of not buying a 5g phone but am still going get one for my next Birthday this year good phone to go for is the Samsung A52 5g or the new iphone Se 3 5g
  6. we have to get used to it we are going down this season
  7. Hi it's a audio only chat app you can have over 200 people chatting in a room that you host you can talk about loads of topics on it and there is a lot of big name people on it from the movie world twitter and facebook big bosses on it as well
  8. Hi all who would love a clubhouse app Invite this year am in it and it's great you need to be 18 to get access to it and you need a iphone ipod touch or ipad for it to work
  9. my mom sent a email to the club but did not get a email back she got a ticket and she is going is it is email of club is any help be great so i can tell her [email protected]
  10. in my old security days we had loads of stewards from Inverness and still had to bus up stewards from Rock steady
  11. And me as well not working for me got 2 season ticket holders beside me trying to get it on
  12. I done it ok as well going cast it to tv from tablet
  13. Hi I see Caley Thistle will be streaming all there home games from next sat will this be done though a app or a web page and will you be able to chromecast it to a tv
  14. have to say the new audio voice tweets by twitter is cool am now able to test it out and its cool is every one going to use voice tweets when it comes out on twitter
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