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  1. scottishhighlands

    shame on you Inverness newspapers

    The Press & Journal The Inverness Courier and The Highland News did not take any photos from the successful AUOB march last sat with near 14000 yes people there All 3 of these are owned, run and edited by unionists so they are all in bed with the uk government this is why i will never buy any uk newspaper
  2. scottishhighlands

    Fibre broadband

    hi all is any one on Fibre broadband yet in Inverness is it any good going on the Talk Talk one soon
  3. scottishhighlands

    Live ghost hunt from Tulloch castle Hotel

    plan to book Tulloch castle for derby day now next season
  4. scottishhighlands

    The Royal wedding

    so who all going to to watch the Royal Wedding on sat 19 may cant wait for it think a lot off People in Scotland will watch it
  5. scottishhighlands

    Live ghost hunt from Tulloch castle Hotel

    no but will have black candles with me to contact the ghosts read this bit about them The black candle is a very powerful candle and should only be used with extreme caution. For the most part the black candle has really received a bad rap. Many people associate this candle with black magick and evil. It can be used for evil purposes and ill intent but it can also be used for good. You want to use this candle when you are warding off evil spirits, ridding yourself of slander, reversing or removing hexes, neutralizing another's magick, and removing or reversing very powerful negative energy. This candle can also be used to bring confusion and discord to enemies, binding negative forces, revenge, and calling forth dark energy.Be very careful on how you use this candle. If used correctly this candle can accomplish much good. If used incorrectly this candle can have disastrous results
  6. scottishhighlands

    Live ghost hunt from Tulloch castle Hotel

    you may not get a live ghost but you should get some Electronic Voice Phenomenon over the live
  7. scottishhighlands

    Live ghost hunt from Tulloch castle Hotel

    hi all will be live from the castle on wed 16 may on facebook live Facebook watch Party you tube
  8. scottishhighlands

    Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    In Perth now nice day here we should win this easy
  9. scottishhighlands

    Live ghost hunt from Tulloch castle Hotel

    will said on the above post there is a good place that you could do in canada the Ottawa Jail Hostel Looks a good location loads of ghosts in there and ghosts are real
  10. Hi all will be streaming Live from the Haunted Tulloch castle hotel in may from room 8 so you be able to watch it Live from the Tulloch castle hotel Facebook page and watch all the ghosts am going to record all the castle in one walk though and all the rooms then post that as Live as well
  11. scottishhighlands

    Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    when is date for the replay it could be live on tv as well
  12. scottishhighlands

    Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    Like this topic there is a Light at the End of the Tunnel our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is going to bring in a Basic Income for all Scots £150 a week for Life
  13. scottishhighlands

    McIntyre sacked

    i no the real reason how he got sacked but will not talk about it on here
  14. scottishhighlands

    no twitter this season

    and there is no need to be a smart ass on here you as allways fans do not have a real say on this form due to all site mods over the top at times can see why a lot of fans do no join this forum due to the people in charge of it
  15. scottishhighlands

    no twitter this season

    so is the club going to use twitter for its games this season they do a good service so i will miss it if gone for good