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  1. David and his family truly love Inverness and the club, so this is great news for them and us. Delighted to see you're staying David !!!
  2. DmontCaley


    Foran for manager & Raven to assist. That won't break the bank & the team seem to respect them both. Only part joking
  3. I think you're subtext is a bit dramatic. Going by your thinking, only a fan can play for their team...... Hmmm that would be interesting. Good on Ryan, he's done well, good luck in the future & I hope he gets some game time with Celtic.
  4. They're not available at the club shop. But the are in JD Sports @ the retail centre
  5. considering many on here have been saying how ***** ICT, yourself included are at this very early stage of the league, with injuries etc. I'd say you'd goto this away game & spend £125 as : against celtic, see ICT score 2 goals, see Lopez may be better than we've seen. Many more reason but most of all to support the team.
  6. not so much hard as nails. More a case of damage control as the bumbling idiots nearly launched him out the stretcher. It was safer getting a helping hand instead.
  7. I just checked. You're right. That either means a sellout or there's a time limit for online orders & the remainder are for turnstile sales.
  8. Thanks RedCard. My apologies, I read earlier that they could sell them.
  9. I'd find it rather strange that if County & St Mirren can sell in their own stadium shop then what's so special about ICT in JD terms. Has this been confirmed ? I also noticed on the JD site, they don't stock scarves, hats, gloves etc for St Mirren or Rangers ( didn't check any other teams ). Maybe the stadium shop will sell these. If so then surely these items are the high turn over good on match day.
  10. I'd think that's the case. I just had a quick look on their site & they're selling the St Mirren gear, fingers crossed ICT will soon be there to.
  11. I think this deal with JD is very good. For a good number of years I've thought it odd I couldn't get a Caley top from a high street shop ( same goes for county ). We're a premiership team but you had to go to the stadium for a top. I've nothing against the stadium, but I'm sure, like many, I've only ever been in the stadium shop twice. The first just having a look & the second to buy the Astra ticket because I was bored. All other tickets I've got online & delivered so no need to go in the shop. JD have a higher foot fall & exposure, hopefully that will amount to a few more sa
  12. I was just thinking the same. "If" tickets don't go on public sale, that indicates a sellout of season tickets, thus full house (home) seats every game. ........... That would be pretty damn amazing if it happens.
  13. Good point there Alex. Just picked up my Astra ticket. Looking forward to the game and the atmosphere.
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