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  1. Roy Mackenzie

    What is going on? Talks about communication with the fans.
  2. Roy Mackenzie

    What is going on?

    If I remember when he was appointed he said he would happily speak to fans with questions.
  3. Roy Mackenzie

    Worst summer in the clubs history

    Sadly the board are only interested in themselves and their money and about cutting costs to do so. I work in a busy retail environment and it's all about the customer. What does the customer want, what's best for them and how to encourage them to shop with us regardless of price. How they are treated when shopping. Actually around with the customers and putting myself in their perspective. Surely this would apply for a football club.
  4. Roy Mackenzie

    Worst summer in the clubs history

    I've been there three times today and it's been closed. I was under the impression it was open Monday to Friday 0930 - 1730?
  5. He actually has to use his own mixer/fader and gets paid per match.
  6. He's a good friend of mine so I will pass it on. 🤣
  7. Roy Mackenzie

    Transfer in and outs

    We already know that Collin Seedorf is wearing number 17. I reckon Joe Chalmers will be 4 and John Baird number 9.
  8. Roy Mackenzie

    Nairn County v ICT

    Jack Leitch number 6 looks pretty decent. Having a game tomorrow night would explain the Trialists. I guess it gives some of the young boys a chance to impress their new boss.
  9. Roy Mackenzie

    Nairn County v ICT

    Anyone going? £8 entry.
  10. Roy Mackenzie

    ICT vs Brora

    Baird looking sharp. A good finish with the penalty and his first goal. A couple of trialists looked ok too.
  11. Roy Mackenzie

    ICT vs Brora

    I have relatives up there so heading up shortly. Looking forward to seeing some new players.
  12. Roy Mackenzie

    Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    As far as I aware, there are currently 5 goalkeepers on the books.
  13. Roy Mackenzie

    Transfer in and outs

    Hopefully soon Zack Elbouzedi will be the next confirmed signing. Alot of noise about him being a good young talent.
  14. Roy Mackenzie

    New Manager

    From earlier today....
  15. Roy Mackenzie

    League Cup Draw

    Must be on holiday with the Chairman...