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  1. Terrible performance ICT. On todays showing I really fear the worst for our club.
  2. finmack

    Ken Thomson

    Fine words Scotty for a very respected gentleman, who did so much for our club. Condolences to his family.
  3. Good luck Liam. You have been a great servant to ICT, and with the position our club is in,, you must look after your own future. Thanks again.
  4. Well done to the whole team. Excellent performance.
  5. finmack

    Jim Falconer

    Sorry to hear the news re Ginger. He was my hero in the fifties. RIP
  6. finmack

    Jim Falconer

    J.F. another legend of ICT. Enjoy your retirement.
  7. Totally agree. Already our top scorer this season, and may well end up better than Billy Mackay. Keep going Jordan, true supporters wish you well.
  8. Just been watching our Scottish Cup run on DVD. I really want to cry for where we are now. Our board never took the opportunities to promote our club, and get investors in after that. We are just about back to 1974.
  9. Quote Barry Wilson. We have not been good enough when we go ahead, to kill teams off. Yes Barry we know that, but what are you going to do about it ? Answers are required for the supporters!
  10. Wishing you well in your fight ahead to beat this disease. You will beat it.
  11. A very well deserved testimonial. Ryan you are a legend.