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  1. Go for it Scotty, I will be supporting it.
  2. Looking forward to Shane being a star with us. Honestly, I have high hopes of him to deliver the goods!
  3. Absolutely agree with this. Tremarco has been a loyal servant of the club and a great captain of our club. Over to you Robbo and prove us wrong, now that County believe there is life in him yet. Very sorry to see him leave us!
  4. Has common sense left Scottish Football? Lets do what is better for the game!. ie. Saturday afternoons everybody out to watch their team playing instead of watching it on TV. You have to bring spectators back to the game. This is the only way clubs can survive, especially in the lower leagues. As for Celtic And Rangers they have the crowds to survive without TV. Of course we all want the highlights of the games on TV and I am sure they would oblige for a lesser fee.
  5. Remember the "Pools Panel"! This could be the answer for the Scottish Hierarchy to sort things out.
  6. This has got to be a possibility, and worth thinking about !
  7. Great result for us tonight We have gained two points on other clubs in the championship.
  8. Common sense at last. Hope Robbo picks you for the cup final!
  9. finmack

    Tora Tora Tora!

    Shocking. Action should be taken against this three man panel and the referee for sheer incompetence. As for Specsavers Sponsoring referees I would suggest giving them a miss.
  10. Are we in any better position than when Foran was got rid off.?
  11. Fed up with transfers and undisclosed fees. The supporters are paying the money, and should be kept up to date on how our money is spent. Would that be a novel idea??
  12. Great performance yesterday. Can we keep this standard up for the rest of the season? Why not!!.
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