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  1. I'm sure Doddsy knows what he's doing......doesn't he!? My lack of confidence of a decent result and performance is reflected in my NPL predictions. At 7p.m tonight I hope that prediction is blown out of the park and my confidence restored...I somehow can't see that happening though.
  2. Mrs Gringo HT: 1-1 FT: 2-2 1st ICT: Sutherland 1st Hearts: Mackay-Steven Gringo HT: 2-0 FT: 4-0 1st ICT: Duku 1st Hearts: Boyce Sincerely hope my total lack of confidence bites me on the erse.
  3. Mr Dodds isn't selling it to me. I didn't see any of our three cup ties so I can't really judge, however, reading tweets and reports from those that were there (or watching on live feeds) I'd say we're shite just now. Can we beat Hearts in front of telly box audience? Based on current form - absolutely no chance. so, ICT, prove me wrong. Worried from Coventry Nil
  4. I'll believe you Jock. Nice one bud. 🤔
  5. Flipping heck, another rotten performance against part-timers. This isn't good. And, you know that Duku fella...he's going to annoy me every week with the spell check making it 'Duke'. Anyway, chins up guys, it's only Hearts next...away...on a Sunday...on the telly box...what could possible go wrong?? Now, I'm not sure if he meant this or not but.... Jock Watt grabs maximum points in the Correct scores section. Of the 22 entries there were 20 away wins predicted....such an easy game this eh? Correct H/T 1 Correct F/T 1 Correct ICT Scorer 13 Correct Opp Scor
  6. Mrs Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland 1st Scorer Cove: Vigurs Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 1st Scorer ICT: Duku 1st Scorer Cove: Megginson
  7. HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Arbroath:
  8. HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Hearts:
  9. You see what Caley Thistle did you there didn't you...led you all into that false feeling hope that everything is rosy on the pitch after Tuesday's game. We all fell for it. Lets see how the away games pan out now then 🤔 22 entries for this game and all predicting a home win...and why wouldn't you? Lmclmm was the one to get the two away goals. No correct scores to be seen anywhere 😢 Robert and SOS hold hands at the head of the table. Correct H/T 0 Correct F/T 0 Correct ICT Scorer 0 Correct Opp Scorer 3 Correct Crowd 0 Within 100 Crowd 0
  10. Lmclmm HT: 1-1 FT: 3-2 1st Scorer ICT: Duku 1st Scorer Striling A: Omar
  11. Mrs Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland 1st Scorer Stirling A: Mackin Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Duku 1st Scorer Stirling A: Flanagan
  12. Thank you @MrCaleyjag I'll certainly take part as will Mrs Gringo. Hope it doesn't give you too many headaches like it did me
  13. Hi everyone, I'm trying to attract more players to join the CTO prediction league. It's a Correct Score competition and involves all the Scottish Championship games. It is free to sign up but, unfortunately, there are no prizes - only bragging rights. Hopefully my screenshots below will guide you through the registering process. Games start on 31 July. The competition is controlled by Scotty and myself. Hope to see of you there. Thank you
  14. Great start to the season for a change. Hopefully this will continue. SOS gets his NPL off to a flying start by knocking in the first max in the Correct Scores section. Only 19 entries so a slow start to the NPL season. 😢 All 19 predicted a Home win. Correct H/T 5 Correct F/T 4 Correct ICT Scorer 11 Correct Opp Scorer -- Correct Crowd 0 Within 100 Crowd 0 Table 01 01 - 10 - SOS 02 - 9 - Caleyjag 02 - 9 - Gringo 04 - 8 - caleycalum 04 - 8 - crownjaggie 04 - 8 - Robert 07 - 7 - MrCaleyjag 07 -
  15. Mrs Gringo HT: 1-1 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Sutherland 1st Scorer P'head: Lyle Gringo HT: 0-0 FT: 2-1 1st Scorer ICT: Duku 1st Scorer P'head: Kesson
  16. HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Stirling A
  17. I think we're going to miss Toddy this season. Hopefully Billy and Michael can fill that gap. Billy needs to be fed which didn't happen in his second return to ICT.
  18. Please see list below for your Joker entitlement for the 2021-22 season. caleycalum 3 CaleyCanary 2 Caleyjag 2 DoofersDad 2 Gringo 2 Ictross 2 MrCaleyjag 2 Mrs Gringo 2 old caley girl 2 Robert 2 All the rest just the one I'm afraid
  19. Gringo

    Euro 2020

    You are right Mr Canary, it is unbearable down here. It's all you hear whenever you turn on the TV or radio. Why they have to bang on and on and on about 'that year' is beyond my comprehension - so annoying. No need to apologise to me...I might have Pizza tomorrow night too.
  20. My preference would be to support one of our up and coming youngsters. Happy to go with the flow though. Just glad I remember to cough up for this season
  21. Stripes are too thin for my liking. Maybe it looks before 'in the flesh'. Hope so.
  22. Yes, so annoying. If it's helping to pay for CTO then fair do's. However, I do think it will put folk off if it keeps happening.
  23. Here we go folks....enjoy. HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer P'head:
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