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  1. Just heard and read it again, so this is what we pay taxes for?? she needs a check up from the neck up, forget that probably nothing up there anyway!! Personally imho think Facebook haven't got a leg to stand on , coming out with the statement re' people entitled to their opinion, as soon as this drivel was flagged up it should have been pulled immediately
  2. He's probably thinking George Harrison.... It would be quite a coup if somebody could get him to perform again. Bit like the second coming , along with Dusty Springfield, miraculous to hear them play Live!!!
  3. The one i am thinking off was next to the cafe with a back enterance to the market, it had marble floors I think, and a gents tobacconist with jars of tobacco on sale my Grandpa always got his pipe baccy mixed there measured on scales
  4. I am sure quite a few posters on here wonder what 1/2 the people employed by the SFA actually do apart of availing themselves of the free junkets viz z viz FA and Bransons publicity coup re' aircraft Stunning CV of new goalkeeping coach plucked from obscurity, gaining more publicity in a few days. than he could have dreamt of , mind you his job seems a dawdle with the G/K talent at his disposal
  5. Charles who was the barber next to the Locarno in Academy street??
  6. Looked at what FC earns for England . no wonder he wants to keep his job, 8000000 a year I earn much much less, but if I make serious errors of judgment, I would proably not have the luxury of making excuses. every day I have 200 people depending on me each flight, I now think/know I am underpaid!!!! Technically I manage the aircraft maybe get unite to plead my case, no forget that I like my job....
  7. I see Virgin atlantic provided an Airbus 340-600 to get England home courtesy of Mr Branson To my knowledge it can seat up to 360 people, now given a squad of 20 ish plus Manager? s , my question is how many hangers on, WAGS, and pure parasites were on the plane, bear in mind the plane also made the trip there, came back empty ( I know) and was on standby till England returned
  8. I remember my Dad taking me to see Clach, reading CB's bits, it is so sad to see what was and what could have been.
  9. so someone agrees about the ref!! thought Johnston was *rap too many misplaced passes and some of his tackles he was lucky the ref didn't see them!!
  10. Doesn't a consistent referee make a difference to a game , thought the german ref in the england game was good but fair , much better than the UAR ref who was card mad stopped the game to often to my mind as for the columbian ref .. dire
  11. Who is the BORING Irish man on BBC sport introducing the match... watched the Nigeria game against Greece and thought all you guys said about Hansen, Dixon was true, load of drivel spoken Rant over
  12. At work today two people wished my team good luck against America, I said my team Scotland aren't in the World Cup, both looked amazed.. Obvioulsy geography not a strong point in Latvia As for Chick Young , merely a guy doing a job.... they send the best they have, how bad are the rest!!!
  13. Dima Lacsplesis ...cracker!! eh!!
  14. Thats the guy who doesn't understand the time difference between Latvia and UK beggars belief.. Muppet!!!