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  1. I seen the P&J article. It read like the club is blaming the parents for the youth academy struggling financially? I would get behind supporting the youth but can I ask why parents are being asked tae pay £40 per month when the youth academy is surely not running currently? Basically asking for money for a service that isn't being provided currently.
  2. I dont know the precise numbers but obviously the sky tv deal has been devalued by 7million. Not sure how that affected the lower leagues but the lower leagues wouldn't of truly been the issue. It's the SPL prize money that would of been diluted by obviously going from 12 to 14 teams. Combine that with the loss of gate money and corporate packages it's a big hit. Also add the cost of COVID-19 testing. Why would clubs want to take a financial hit to save teams who were relegated. The clubs and leagues have backed that up. Let's move on.
  3. Why should clubs cut there cloth and lose out on much needed money to save Hearts, Partick and Stranraer from relegation? The majority of clubs voted to end the league on current points. Null and void was more harmful and finishing the league was not an option. What else could of been done. How can anyone think that Hearts taking legal action is a good thing? Hearts have very little success off winning in court anyway it seems. The EFL have followed suit and completed their leagues the same way the SPFL did. Clubs can now sort there budgets out and start preparing for the season ahead when and
  4. I think this signifies common sense. We need stability at this moment in time and I think Robbo certainly will achieve that. My only concern is he doesn't have a great track record in promoting youth, but going by SG comments on podcast I think our youth system will be the first casualty and we will be recruiting from down south.
  5. Very well put sir. I honestly think this is a realistic concept which may soften the blow for Premier league teams but unfortunately I don't see it being sustainable for clubs like ourselves in the Championship. I think the club would struggle to cover coronavirus tests for players, staff, media and security personnel let alone pay wages with no money via gate and corporate sales.
  6. Sounds a great concept but if any of you are like my grandson who watches most football in his bedroom via a free link this could well be a stumbling block. I also read it is for season ticket holders only?
  7. I am fast losing interest in Scottish Football to be honest, but please correct me if I am wrong here. Ann Budge's save Hearts league reconstruction got binned with very little interest and rightly so in my opinion. Now Mr Doncaster has come out off the woodwork and suggested the exact same proposal and is expecting/hoping the same clubs vote yes this time?? Something seems terribly off here?
  8. C'mon how can we vote for guys like Harper whos made what 4 appearances mostly from the bench and McKay who's been on loan at Elgin most the season. I voted Rooney and McGregor
  9. Charlie was a great man, 'Hard as Nails' my thoughts are with Anne and family.
  10. It's highly unlikely the Save Hearts League reconstruction will get the nod in my opinion. Going by the clubs Sporting Integrity philosophy on voting matters recently surely they will vote no! Surely it's not fair if we get promoted without contesting a play off?
  11. I'm truly astonished that more of our fans are not concerned with the backing our seemingly nice but very naive chairman has given SG. If our club genuinely worried about other clubs being affected and hurt by this situation over our own club please close the doors now. It's a dog eat dog world, you look after your own interests first and foremost! We have lost trust from fellow clubs, The SFA and potential sponsors. The club need to regroup and try to build for the future which I'm afraid looks very bleak for us! The current regime running the club certainly dont fill me with confidence.
  12. Good listen. Mr chairman comes across well at times! However the comment where SG is best CEO is laughable, it was SG who leaked the WhatsApp and went in live radio to discuss it 🤷‍♂️. So 6 other chairman are lying about our plan. The fact we were the only club to vote no says it all.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/543673428994231/posts/3460492810645597/?extid=djqxiDjicTvKU7Ft&d=null&vh=e Very interesting watch. Makes SG and our club look bad
  14. https://ictfc.com/the-board no mention off SG here???
  15. Something doesn't add up with the Championship vote! 1 vote was cast. Dundee Utd voted as a Premier League team, Hearts as a Championship and PT as League 1 and so on. So how was only 1 vote cast in the Championship. Surely Hearts voted yes. Does that mean we voted no??
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