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  1. Full credit to Billy Dodds for coming out in midweek and getting Morton telt
  2. That's unfortunate, just need to get the next one
  3. An intelligent winger, a number 10 and a back up centre back just in case Broadfoot gets lost after going on one of his random forward runs
  4. Their ground looks like it was built in the 15th century. Small club.
  5. Looks like we've totally broken Kilmarnock FC according to their forum:
  6. They should start a gofundme or something for flags and flares and stuff. I'm sure the monied old codgers on here would be happy to contribute generously.
  7. The west stand sounded great on tv and looked like a decent turnout there. Pity the location doesn't show on tv but at least the players felt it which is the main thing. Shift it behind the goals and we're on to a winner.
  8. No need for lengthy consultations etc., this isn't HS2. The club would only have to send a few letters and make a few calls at almost no cost to have something a lot better in place by the start of next season.
  9. It should be the first 10 rows of the section directly behind the goals. Offer anyone who currently has a season ticket in that area a subsidised season ticket if they move to another section in lieu of people who want to create an atmosphere.
  10. Anyone heard back from Ayr regarding a refund for the stream?
  11. Some of the football we were playing in the first half yesterday was excellent - I feel that we tend to panic and play more low percentage passes when we are chasing a win (or equaliser as v. Arbroath) which actually makes it less likely that we will score. We need a bit more composure in those situations. This focus on Duku is a bit strange - he only has a small portion of the game to make an impact and usually it's when we're playing a bit more erratically as I just mentioned. We're going to click soon and will start scoring goals - I hope Dodds persists with the current front 4. Also, I tho
  12. Any football top probably costs less than a fiver to make (including labour costs and materials) so the retail prices will always be inherently ridiculous regardless of the design.
  13. On a brighter note, I would say that we have made progress as a fanbase on these issues generally. There have been a few decent and thoughtful posts in this thread. Just take a look at this grim thread from 2007 to see that we're moving forward slowly:
  14. The courts have held that Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are protected against race discrimination because they’re ethnic groups under the Equality Act.
  15. Police Scotland better get themselves organised before the demonstrations against the quality of your posts start.
  16. I'm sure the Ross County fans weren't offended, but that's not really the point. To take a topical example, if the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins were playing the Chicago Bears and the Bears fans starting chanting "dirty Indian ********" at the Redskins fans, the Redskins fans probably wouldn't be too bothered. But can you imagine being a Native American at the game or watching on TV? Anti-traveller racism is clearly a problem in the north of Scotland (see below from prominent elected representative and crap linesman, Douglas Ross) and some of our support have played a par
  17. Yet there is still racism in our community: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/highlands/2243678/activists-claim-removal-of-black-lives-matter-posters-from-bridge-is-evidence-of-subtle-racism-in-highlands1/amp/ Not to mention our own fanbase's history of anti-gypsy abuse. The actions of a small minority of protesters pale in comparison to the injustice wrought on these groups for hundreds of years, and doesn't devalue the points the wider movement are making.
  18. I don't believe the SPFL have mandated taking the knee before games as the EPL did a few months ago which I feel this is a pity as international solidarity is important. However, I understand there may be a sense of the moment having passed (unfortunately) by the time the season starts in October so understand why our league may not involve themselves in it. In relation to this, I believe it would be a nice touch if our club made an effort at some point to recognise the contribution of BAME players who have helped to lead us to success in the past. The club has been good at supporting pro
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