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  1. Junior, I'm not sure it's just the one player that's got people on the run. You know the straw that broke my back but, talking to people outwith these boards, I get the impression that, for the less tribally-minded supporter, watching the old team so thoroughly dismantled (and rebuilt in a somewhat shabby fashion) is sort of like seeing REM after Berry left: just not the same thing at all. I also get the sense that the 'cosier' feel the club had in the pre-SPL days is being missed; that's fine and probably as it should be (they're not, after all, a Highland League outfit any more) but if it's not replaced with something else - like sleek professionalism, for instance - then you're bound to see some of the emotional ties severed, which inevitably translates to fewer bums on seats, particularly in t' current clahmit. Shame, but sic transit gloria Caley.
  2. End of the line for my two season books - dreadful home performances have been making me think for a while that I could find a better use for the money, as has the treatment of some of my favourite players, but the killer was the Rangers scandal and, more to the point, the inaction, ineptitude and all-round deafening silence from footballing authorities and other clubs' boards. I care about ICT, but as a club participating in a fair footballing competition. What's happened over the last couple of months is a tacit admission that the competition is not fair, and may well not have been fair for a very long time, but that it's ok to cheat, break the rules of the association and the law of the land if you're sufficiently (self-)important: off you go, naughty Rangers, and come back as a new company when, without automatic sanctions in place, we'll probably just let you back into the SPL with a smacked bum. To me, that just isn't cricket, and it's certainly not football: more like wrestling.
  3. When I moved to the Highlands - too many years ago to think about without a glass in my hand - my Dad bought me a season ticket as a going-away present. I went twice, that first season, but he persevered the following year and it paid off: I've made most home games since, including those dark runs to Pittodrie.
  4. 4ize

    Richie Foran

    Foran has been more a liability than an asset this season. If he's carrying injuries, that's one thing and it's up to the manager to rest him a bit, but to those saying that he bawls at players to gee them up, I say that you're not keeping an eye on what's happening. Nine times out of ten he bawls when someone has the temerity not to pick up his own misplaced pass or when their perfectly decent ball eludes his less-than-perfect first touch, or when they dare to pass to someone else. Chasing the game against (I think) Killie, he was in with a penalty shout with minutes to go - it wasn't given, and feck knows we all feel hard done by with the refereeing sometimes, but the bugger sat on his backside on the touchline, shaking his head, for the better part of a minute. That is not leading by example or doing what you damn well should be doing when one more goal means a vital point. Yesterday, again, he was impeded in the box but, rather than carrying on, he stopped, turned around, and started waving his arms at the referee. It might be that he knew the ball was now beyond him, but it didn't look at all good. Add to that his other hobby of abusing officials - more time spent doing that than Russell 'Card Me You Whistle-blowing *******' Duncan ever did - and all round, his attitude leaves a fair bit to be desired. If this were one of the junior players, the captain would be well within his rights to dish out a proper bollocking, but this is the captain we're talking about: some captain.
  5. Same GD, we're fifth in alphabetical order Is it not on goals scored? Hearts have put in one more than us. Anyway, getting as many points as possible between us and 12th place will do fine for me
  6. I wish you'd stuff the boycott. Not the same without you.
  7. There is a circle of hell reserved exclusively for McCurry and whoever that myopic dumpling running the the firth-side line was. Absolutely fizzing.
  8. Could it be that the reporter based his/her judgement on John Robertson's remarks on Radio Scotland in which he accused our players of conning the referee into where the tackle took place? Robbo got it badly wrong saying it was a stonewall penalty.... Maybe a wee bit of sour grapes creeping in now, because he didn't get the job. Couldn't comment on the reporting but I had the same feeling about Robbo listening to the analysis of the Celtic game - nothing you could really put your finger on but just not as fulsome as it had been before the appointment was made. I don't mean he didn't come across as being objective: rather that, before, he's sounded as biased as Chick Young at a St. Mirren game.
  9. Go on, I'll stand up and be pelted On Dragan's idea: <chanted> Butch and Maurice Malpas came up to Inverness Butch and Maurice Malpas to clean up Brewster's mess Mind the drums of the '45, Highland spirit still alive If you want to lift yer team, raise yer voice and sing with me Show 'em what we're here for Glory 2, 3, 4 <sung> [Chorus] Glory glory Caley Thistle [x3] Inverness go marching on on on! Play it down the left and Ross'll get ya that's for sure Pavels in the middle says yer never gonna score Grant and Lio laughing cos they've seen it all before Inverness go marching on And we sing [Chorus] Ryan up to Russell, he's our engine on the park Roy'll bring the petrol, Ian Black has got the spark A hundred miles an hour Richie drives us through the dark Inverness go marching on And we sing [Chorus] Terry, Doc and Maurice in the dugout we can see Spurring on the players of the famous ICT Eric O. or Dougie's gonna score a goal for me Inverness go marching on And we sing [Chorus] Craig Levein is moaning that they never get the luck He'd rather play the Rangers but at TCS he's stuck We know there's ladies present so we wish he'd just go home Inverness go marching on And we sing [Chorus] Most of the squad names are easy to work around, and our steak pies are full o' gristle/Charlie Richmond's lost his whistle fits nicely into the chorus :thumb04:
  10. 4ize

    Missing Supporters

    The weather did it for me. Like Marty, I'm just in from a two-hour drive-clearing-and-gritting session which will see me as far as the ski-jump into which the untreated road down the hill has turned; as for public transport, the best Souter's finest can do on a Saturday teatime is deposit me a healthy seven-mile ramble from the front door. Yes, if I'd been prepared to pay for a taxi/helicopter/Lear jet I could have made it to the game but unfortunately, like most folk these days, I'm not in the position of having money to burn. Doesn't seem like a particularly lame reason to me. So there
  11. The Hokey Cokey, surely? Oh, no, that's a nasty song too. Ho hum. The Hokey Cokey is not bigoted or sectarian it was written about the way Canadian soldiers danced in London dance halls during the second world war. something to do with ice cream. The dance moves were based on Canadian soldiers dance styles. Wikipedia Hokey Cokey Letter to the "Times" from Hokey Cokey writer's grandson. Times article. So those paranoid Celtic fans can go look for another sectarian conspiracy now. Exactly. Any nasty implications for 'Highland Cathedral' or is that one safe?
  12. The Hokey Cokey, surely? Oh, no, that's a nasty song too. Ho hum.
  13. Sounds most likely. I'd love to say Aberdeen, but I'd also love to win the lottery and tell Kate Winslet to go home and get some sleep.
  14. Besides which I was a bit disappointed with his comments when he left.
  15. Thanks maimie - didn't expect any less when they announced the thing, but it's brilliant to hear people coming away so positive.