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  1. Lame because I had to create a new email address to register. If I had thought that I had registered before it wouldn't be an issue. I can't remember registering before. It could have been years ago with no need to ever check it since. Also I was thinking the sites may be sharing some databases as they look so similar. I admit I was confused and frustrated. Please don't take it personally. I apologise. Edit to add: still no activation email.
  2. Don't remember ever registering but it is possible. Next problem is I used another email account but have so far (15mins) not received an activation email.
  3. Thank you but it still doesn't get me around the problem of using my same email address to register for club video as it says the address is still in use. Do I have to get a new email address just to register? If so that is pretty lame. Warning The email address you entered is already in use or invalid. Please enter another email address.
  4. If you have a forum account do you use the same credentials as the forum account to log into the club video page? I tried to use the same info but returned an error saying email address was already in use - use another. I only have one public email address. Thanks
  5. I wouldn't dismiss a ptp link. I believe you can buy licensed frequencies so no one can stomp all over your wireless link. The link would be a one time purchase and depending on your requirements and budget hundreds of Mb/s can be achieved. The trick tho would be to partner with an ISP that has a Line of Sight to the stadium and negotiate an affordable deal. Perhaps stadium advertising could be used to offset this cost. Just ideas.......
  6. how about offering live home game commentary (audio) as a stopgap until there is enough bandwidth for video. OAM has been pretty poor last couple of seasons.
  7. Doch4


    End of a short but successful era.
  8. Could someone please PM me a link that works. Many thanks.
  9. HTML5 or Flash? Just checked = Flash Enjoyed the article and the presentation.
  10. Doch4

    ICT video

    Thanks CaleyD. Appreciate all your efforts.
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