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  1. FINALLY!!! Foran comes on, lets hope he changes the game
  2. Thanks everyone, will be very much hoping that Caley can go through, as a Londoner I'd go to the away leg at West Ham!
  3. Hi, I've been involved with the HF05 ultras at crystal palace, and have volunteered for them. Sorry to bring back a 7 year old thread, but has anything come from this??
  4. Will the match be telvised? I normally look for pirated streams,does anyone know?
  5. Would be going defo as a londoner :D
  6. PM ME MATE!! Have 2, £5 each, will send through as long as your in Britain!
  7. Inverness CT 2015 Cup Final Shirts FOR SALE Nice ones, these. Would be nice to see loads of them at Hampden!! http://urbankitz.wix.com/store#!tmufc/c114x
  8. Crystal Palace & Inverness CT Fan Friendship Stickers are still available. No charge - only 60p postage fee (payable via paypal). PM ME YOUR ADDRESS IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE FREE CRYSTAL PALACE INVERNESS CT FAN FRIENDSHIP STICKERS!! STICKER DESIGN IS MY PROFILE PICTURE!!
  9. I haven't posted on here for a while, but I've been reguarly watching highlights of your games and seeing the table. To think that only 21 years ago was the club founded, it is amazing that you're in the cup final!! Well done from Crystal Palace! I've seen a few suggestions of a card display - I think that would be great!! Aston Villa did one at their FA Cup semi recently, it was amazing. Can't wait to watch the final, will it be on TV?
  10. Which Scotland now never qualify for and only a handful of players who play in Scotland will participate in. Bigger countries than ours have managed to compete in the World Cup and other things while having a summer league, so it's an argument that doesn't wash with me. The effect would be less than the African Nations Cup has on the English Premier League
  11. Anyone who can take a few of these stickers and/or possibly get them to some other ICT fans send me a pm
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