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5 hours ago, Kingsmills said:

That sad fact is amply demonstrated by the fact that Highland League sides hardy ever take league scalps in the cup these days and are quite often beaten by junoir and Lowland League sides, something that would have been almost unthinkable in days of yore.

I think the sad fact here is that this statement is factually incorrect. Modern day HL teams reach rounds as far as the likes of Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle did. 2017/2018 Brora and Cove reached the 5th round (3 rounds from final) both having disposed of league 1 opposition on the way. Formartine also reached the 4th round. 2016/2017 Formartine reached the 4th round again having played from round 1 disposing of lowland / Junior and league opposition on the way. That season even the lowly Wick beat Dalbeatie Star / Whitehill Welfare . 2015/2016 Cove reached the 4th round. So really HL teams of today are still doing as well as those in days of yore. 

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2 hours ago, wynthank15 said:

He was signed unseen by Pele for £5,000 from Brora I think.

It wont be any time soon we will have even as little as £5k to pay a fee for someone. Based on our current position that's probably about 2 months wages paid to an experienced or more senior player in our squad (there may be the odd exception who gets more but wont be many these day s - many will be on less).

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