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  1. Yip, day before the game and you can clearly see the heavy interest from the CTO massive................
  2. The club will want to be delaying contract talks or committing for as long as possible until we know which league we will be in and budgets which is also somewhat dependent on Covid restrictions. Fortunately for us most clubs will be in a similar position so unless there is a desire to sign a specific player we will see a lot of guys heading towards expiry leaving the club options both within and elsewhere in the leagues. Overall unless we gain Premiership status then its to be expected the squad will be trimmed and some of the older and (probable) higher earners like Doran, Vincent, Storey ma
  3. It would be a welcomed return IMO, like they did by showing the highlights of games from the 'lower' leagues during the period 2012-16.........
  4. Never said whether its 'fair enough' or otherwise - just advising for those who wish to see him on TV talking about football involving clubs from Scotlands largest provincial city where he may or may not mention ICT.
  5. Our interim manager is on Sportscene this wknd as a pundit talking about some game in Glasgow...............
  6. This is back again, presumably with the OF now hoping the difficult financial situations in the lower leagues can be manipulated to win a vote in favour https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56412970 Why is it only OF teams that push this and are mentioned, why not allow any club to consider offering a 'B team' for voting - the idea of adding 2 spots for HL & LL is just a gesture to placate IMO. We have seen in the Challenge cup that the colts aren't always that great and this will deprive young players from those clubs going on loan to the very lower leagues they are hoping to en
  7. Any videos, would be (potentially even) better than even watching Caley fans pulling players down in the box at Hampden!!!! Glasgow = Smiles better and all that
  8. To those seeing this as positive is that because of the excellent coaching credentials being brought in or just the fact we have plugged a gap of 2 missing staff with a second bum on a seat.
  9. Where's the im grabbing my coat and making a run for the hills before this goes completely to ****. Is this the banter years in full swing now....... I'm all for new coaches and ideas but none of this seems progressive and at best is just clutching at straws hooking anyone that is free, local and importantly acquainted with the current regime in the hope something works.
  10. Only if their contract are already expiring - or they get better offers and are told to go for free, we certainly wont be paying off players and giving compensation for terminations. And none are performing to the level where the board can use negative spin and bully boy tactics to move them on like Draper or Warren!!!!
  11. From BBC today Ross County manager John Hughes says Inverness Caledonian Thistle tried to re-sign striker Billy Mckay in January. (Press and Journal - subscription required) Would it have made a difference - perhaps; but last time BM came back he wasnt as prolific as his first stint, so while it may be seen by some as a coup through rose tinted specs I'm not sure being older ad having a team with less creative talent we would have got much more than a frustrated figure cast alone up front begging for decent service. Least it shows for those moaning the club have actually try - but we
  12. This thread must be like having Kevin Wendell Crumb on your therapy couch
  13. Maybe but we should consider defining game of our season IMO. Win and hopefully get a much needed confidence boost and a few goals that coupled with the chance to play local rivals might up the mood and allow to kick on. Loose and I think it'll show heads gone, morale done and confirms direction we are heading.
  14. Least we have the Yogi years, which if it gets really bad going forwards may encourage more fans to look back and realise quite how fortunate we were to be around and enjoy those achievements........then again, maybe not
  15. Given the HL has been suspended and no game time, it'll really make a statement for the season and our attitude and capability if a bunch of part timers who have hardly had a chance to train or play together rock up out of the wilderness and punt us out of the cup (nothing against Buckie and I'm sure they will be motivated but given the circumstances this season more than any other we should be closing this out)!!!
  16. Disagree. In the Foran season I believe there were a core of experienced senior players who were unhappy at the managerial approach so almost downed tools hoping for changes to occur (we see it often at big EPL clubs etc but oblivious when its happening infront of us). Once that happened unfortunately it was just too late for them to step it up and turn it around. Most then took the chance to leave so never had to deal with the repercussions IMO. This year has been slightly different with disruptions, covid challenges, managerial uncertainties due to extenuating circumstances. All of whic
  17. Its clear what the problem is and has been for months - we dont score goals. Look at the stats 18 games with 25 goals. While the defence is relatively solid only conceding 23 which only 4th best in the whole league our scoring record is very poor being 4th worst. So the question has to be are our forward players honking devoid of confidence or do we just have no creative ideas to feed them. Probably a combination of both IMO which is ironic as on paper we have some talented players who are good enough for this level.
  18. Regardless, he can be the scapegoat now if it all goes completely tits up!!!!
  19. If or when it comes to the time Robbo departs, I do think it will give opportunity to refresh somewhat throughout and get a mixture of new ideas in and personnel in line with the aspirations of the club. This would be tailored to our position at the time and future aspirations whether that be full or part time and if the focus will be youth or otherwise. If hypothetically (for the purposes of debate) Robbo did take extended time out, there is every chance McCann would be offered the option to stay providing the next few wks aren't a complete disaster. Given the financial status of the clu
  20. I hear messi is coming...... It'll be as plausible as most of the suggestions I expect to see on here
  21. Seeing some comments on here I doubt many will be laughing - most will be bitching about the lack of competitiveness at the top end. It may well be everyone else weakens as well so the status quo remains but looking from the ICT perspective, to trim the wage bill and balance the books going forwards to be sustainable will need tough decisions I feel and that includes fans accepting the club may just be middle championship for a period flirting with play-offs (potentially at both ends). There needs a longer term strategy and efforts that any youngsters are on decent length deals so we don't loo
  22. Yes, let's give the guy the benefit that hes a professional and will do his best for our club out of having integrity. Afterall we had no problem playing other players in the past even when signing PCA such as Shinnie.
  23. Keatings was a signing that I was quite impressed by when he first arrived, a guy who in the past had issues but was talented and I really hoped he would have something to prove and become a bit of a coup. Unfortunately while being consistent, he's not really set the world on fire and a departure that frees up funds. I suspect there will be more away either on PCA or not renewed - its interesting that some fans still think there are pots of cash to lure players, it'll be a real awakening over the summer when us (and other clubs) trim right back and I expect the 21/22 starting team will ha
  24. What happened to the messages of McCann we trust from last wk and everything is rosy and we will soar high now............oh how a few days changes the ICT bandwagon.
  25. Oh well, interesting history of Dundee, hearts and rangers.......anyone at the club with a common (staunch) background
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