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  1. You are underestimating how ***** the Championship is if you think Raith have any chance of winning the play-offs
  2. We really need a win on Friday, not just for our position but to show Raith that normal service has resumed, which is an important physiological statement for the inevitable meetings next season again. With Dunfermline & Morton still to play, its very much now a battle to get up the table and be 'best of the rest' since the play-off places are essentially decided.
  3. Only 3 points behind high flying morton and their super coach who many wished we had appointed. Don't let that stop criticism though.
  4. Some may disagree, but I consider this how we will be shaping up by focusing on contract extensions for key members if we remain Championship and less so if we are relegated. Currently it looks like we have the following contracted for next season (I think) - Udjur, Gilmour, Billy, Davidson, Nicholson, Longstaff, Brooks (although If we get relegated I wouldnt be shocked to see Billy & Udjur released if they wanted to leave to cut costs). Priority regardless of division would be to extend Ridgers or Cammy, Devine & Harper along with Hyde, Bray, Cairns & Strachan Beyond that if we remain in the Championship keeping Kerr, Boyes, Duffy & Samuels would be good long term additions All the other loans can GTF as they really havent shown much, the perma crocks and go and those who have failed to deliver or contribute over the last few seasons too - Doran, Samuels, MacGregor, Lodivica etc.
  5. No matter how it's spun there are no positives about dropping to the seaside leagues
  6. Agree, hope the guy is OK but it got devine on, who is a fighter and battler. To me the kind of guy you want on the park and plays like it means something to him in every game.
  7. Ball moving about wildly in the wind, we hit the bar in the first few mins, so rather than just pepper the goals with shots all half we continue to form with tepid tippy tippy **** Not convinced a single goal will be enough fighting against the wind
  8. Now expect the Arbroath keeper to score direct from a goal kick without the ball touching the ground
  9. Fever pitch excitement over this but we are going absolutely batter these fish lovers. 2-0 with Billy finding his shooting boots at the right time to bag a hat-trick
  10. Better off heading to the bakers before you go and stuffing it in your pocket TBH. Quality of food and beverages is at an all time low IMO - somewhat symbolic of the club itself in many ways
  11. For the benefit of those who think options such as Davidson, Imrie or Brown would have been much better than Dunc. Since Dunc arrived he's picked up 31 points, imrie 36 points, Ayr 32 points and QP only 27 points. If someone has the time and wants to go look at the exact points per game of those managers - Davidson, Brown and Imrie - go ahead as I acknowledge they haven't all been in place the exact same number of games. However the clear indicators are that that are all pretty similar in terms of outcomes in this league - whether that's because you see them all as good or crap thats individual judgements but for me none exactly are standing out as options that would have brought massively different outcomes. Also notable mentions to Dunfermline 30 points, Airdrie 33 points and Arbroath 11 points over the same timelines. All of which makes the calls of Morton, Dunfermline and Airdrie having fantastic seasons at various stages over the season seem wild and very instantaneously focused.
  12. Falkirk have spent 6 years in the seaside leagues and not one of those teams listed bounced straight back up when they visited
  13. probably systematic of the realisation that Wortherspoon was the creator and scorer of goals on our good run and that the club could not (or were unwilling to) afford to keep him. Therefore we have a 35 year old up front who's form has plummeted yet is still our best hope of a goal and absolutely no fight or creativity in midfield. Meaning we cant score and if we want to at least try keep a clean sheet to have any chance of a positive result a defensive formation is the best hope and try **** fest our way through the rest of the season.
  14. Are we really citing managers of teams only a few points ahead in the table with bang average results from better squads and more investment as saviours. You are being fooled by the media spin.
  15. Can definite evidence be provided that players who left did so because Dunc forced them out and not the board? Also given the nature and quality of loans coming in where is it stated the finances involved or that these were the top picks for Dunc? He's an inexperienced manager out for a chance probably promised something out of the BS project (possibly professionally and personally), but with a strong enough character not to give a **** about fan criticism. Looking more like a complete scapegoat appointment as time passes by.
  16. Excited to watch us loose to Arbroath next week. They may be rooted to the bottom of the table but they score goals and we can’t win at home. Fun times ahead.
  17. Everyone in the league from 4th down has already lost a minimum of 12 games this season.
  18. If only we could call on Samuels or Lodivica
  19. For all vocal dissenters nobody is proposing how given our finances and likelihood the club are not directly paying for Ferguson (and assume Bollan) we as a club would afford a new manager and who they expect to turn us into world beater given the situation. Since the season started the club have shed wages and liabilities from the manager, DoF, backroom staff, senior players and parted out on loan almost all fringe players. That's a pretty comprehensive list of cost cutting measures.
  20. Maybe that's not a choice open to him. Nobody wonder why we clear out high earners and fringe players, then all the non first team players we would pay for are shipped out on loan presumably to clubs that cover their costs and we bring in guys who are from much bigger clubs with more robust finances then see they need to play every game regardless of ability?
  21. Going into this one with hope and enthusiasm after our recent run. Goalless draw but we have a shot on target in each half
  22. Unlike many others on here, I disagree and consider the Battery Farm not a failed idea (granted others have been questionable), but a failed bureaucratic administration who will be overturned and look foolish in due course. Sadly I also believe that if the proposal had come in from elsewhere (organisation) it may well have been approved such is the nature of politics and personalities.
  23. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the club and how this is approached, this is an example of the backwards nature of the council and how projects that serve their interest and vanity get prioritisation. Rejection of a battery farm proposal only will enhance the 'small minded heathens' profile that exists with respect to the Highlanders. Net zero, green transition and therefore battery storage is coming and on that basis full expectation of Scottish Government approval is expected setting the precedent that not just this one but several will be built locally. With BS facilities being granted approval throughout Scotland, most of the justifications for rejection will be dismissed as inconsequential and others just pushed to develop startegic solutions. Wont be long before every town/city has BS facilities whether the HC like that or not.
  24. Or use his contacts and profile to front a consortium or individual investor to take control
  25. Genuinely think we will be kept afloat until season ends then see whether there is investment and cost cutting options otherwise take the administration rouye and associated penalty and points deduction for next season. Admin now would certainly relegate us.
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