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  1. Explain? In which way has OFW shown a lack of respect to the club, broken the clubs trust and failed in his loyalty? I would suggest that if anything its some fans and the club itself that has betrayed these. For a club which is poor at communication, its certainly done well to spin senior players as greedy and problematic in contributing to the clubs financial plight. I wonder if Draper, Raven & Warren hadn't accepted being forced out and walked elsewhere whether the same treatment would have eventually bestowed them?
  2. Fully agree, heavily slated on here which is unfair. A victim of his own success getting a bumper contract from a generous board as reward for making it into the Wales squad at the Euro's (that's no feat to be dismissed), only to be dumped from the squad and sidelined due to the terms of that contract. Being portrayed by the very people that gave him that contract as being greedy and somehow a contributor to the financial predicament of the club is a sentiment far too many fans have lapped up. Hopefully he gets a chance at Hamilton and gets back to knocking on the door for his national team - clearly Rice saw enough in him to think he's a worthwhile option and I'm sure he is more heavily qualified in the subject than many of the Championship Manager experts on here.
  3. Conspiracy theories. Jesus. Its like message boards for west coast clubs on here these days. Decisions go both ways but most folks only remember the poor ones. Simply this year had we played better in some games and had less draws or better concentration in latter stages of the games we wouldn't have been in the play-offs. There may be the odd contentious decision but over the course of 42 games we failed to be good enough to gain promotion to the Premiership.
  4. Theres a new seer in the house 😂
  5. Tony Andreu - a player who has in the past shown he can score goals but seems to have jobbed about and stumbled the last few years. The sort of guy and career we have history of rebuilding. I recall when we signed Anier and I at the time thought we should have been after Andreu.
  6. His role and capability was to play in goal on a football park, if the management didnt offer that opportunity there really is not much he can give back - and contractually certainly not his salary. So long as he turned up to train and did as asked then he fulfilled his obligations. But I agree its best for both parties he moves on and gets back playing as this last 18 months have just stalled his career.
  7. The amount of negativity on this board towards OFW is unnecessary. The guy has done nothing wrong other than honour the contractual terms he was given and mutually agreed with the board at the time.
  8. Chance of Premiership football and more money without having to uproot his family for another few years - no brainer really. Did a decent job but by no means a stand out - we may yet see RC having a clear out and see who may be available to take this way. Its a chance to free up some cash for us and freshen things up with a few new faces into the existing nucleus which is no bad thing, so long as its not Vincent or Woods FFS.
  9. Here we go again........ if its true then the club should have learned from previous scenarios. Approaches should be rejected by the man himself only not the club or board, no good ever comes of this.
  10. Feeder club 🙄 Bigger clubs and those with bigger budgets sign players all the time. The fact that clubs are looking at this level for talent locally should be no surprise. Perhaps we need to be looking too at HL, SPFL lower leagues as well as wider. The perception of Inverness in the mainstream media does little to help attract new players given the portrayal as some frozen wilderness beyond the central belt where folks still take a horse and cart to work and await the invent of colour, couple that with our minimal fan base and apathy shown by most of the city its a hard sell. Bearing in mind travel and accessibility is poor (main road links are outdated), property and living costs are not cheap - so given the wages we can offer anyone but young players with little ties and willing to take the plunge to prove themselves are unlikely to be affordable or want to move - so its inevitable if these players do well they will be hunted by bigger prey. Given the title I was hoping this was going to look at options to tie in better with the local community, youth groups and even HL to use them as feed clubs for ICT to capture better and more young talent.
  11. I understand he has property and his family own several other successful businesses in the Aberdeen area. Remember this is a guy who left Aberdeen as a teenager to go down to Wigan on very good money for several years so is pretty much set for life if he invests wisely 😉
  12. Fraser Fyvie is allegedly going PT with Cove. So we probably could match his football financial offer but not what his overall will be when his other business/non-football activities are considered.
  13. Doolan. Bad season this year but over the previous 9 has proven to be a consistent goal threat for PT and played at the highest level. Deffo a guy who can recover from where he is and improve a team like ours.
  14. No KO times for the fist games, can only assume as they arent BT Sport it'll be BBC Scotland/Alba so a crazy 7.05 midweek and probably 5pm on the Saturday?
  15. Did Phil Roberts not come up from Arsenal? Acted like a Billy big baws, wasnt very good then ended up jobbing around the Scottish lower leagues pi$$ing off fans with his lousy attitude. Overall the link worked well 🙄
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    The club is heading for exactly the level it should be at based on the attendance figures it gets compared to others in Scotland. Its a fact we should all get used to. Until some bluesky thinking is shown and something to engage the people then we will end up stalling at our natural level. The 'novelty' factor that once came with a charge up the leagues and fist foray into the Premiership is gone, there's been no 'bounce' from the various on pitch successes over the last 5 to 10 years (LC final, SC win, Top 6 finishes etc). The club through various administrations seems to successively get further away from the community each time, the matchday experience is getting less fulfilling each season and the catering and overall facilities are dropping in quality. There's little buzz, excitement or feel good factor its all so turgid and a malaise - we have a club that seems to struggle with the concept of social media and realising that football now is very different to the 1990s/2000s and fans expect more.
  17. What we need in the transfer market is realism. Given we are in the play-off's we now have 6 games and almost 2 wks more to play than some other teams. This means while its hoped there will be upfront work done identifying targets and strategy for both leagues, what we will see is that more than likely some targets will be missed or take options elsewhere - players and agents wont be waiting for ICT to come along with offers. It'll be another summer of picking up dribs & drabs hoping for some more success than failures.
  18. For both clubs, it seems there are fans who get more enjoyment from the failures of the other than their own success
  19. Offer contracts with clauses based on performance based results. After a stated period such as end of season the club has the right to terminate if the agreed results have not been attained - for example play off place. Players and club have opportunity to agree on the measurable target prior to signing on and will act as motivation and hopefully remove passengers from the team.
  20. Which means those skillsets may prove to be invaluable after the summer.
  21. Tedious link with all former clubs (although not suggesting he was a main protagonist in these occurrences) Rangers - Liquidation Hearts - Administartion Dundee - Administration x2 ICT in significant debt with losses .................... Inverness Caledonian Thistle is delighted to announce the appointment of a prominent figure in Scottish football administration as its new Chief Executive Officer.
  22. Based on the Edinburgh derby performance - Hearts will look for Mulraney as a creative spark, neutralise him for the 20 mins he gets involved in a game and stand firm on the typical Levein long ball approach and we can cause an upset. The Hearts style of play is very one dimensional and predictable so I'm sure that wont have gone unnoticed by Robbo.
  23. The goal itself wasn't special but the situation and pressure then where it took us Tansey pen in the SC semi. Turned the game and gave everyone real belief.
  24. Like on a match day just sit quiet and enjoy a Wurthers (other old folks sweeties are available). The hostility that comes along when the idea of challenging any activity at the top suggests this is what some parties would want fans to do.
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    Some good reading there, especially the one on club finances which I think is worthy of a share on this site as it may open the eyes of some as to how precarious our financial situation is.