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  1. ...cutting edge for you boys in The North, it's the future, you can count on it.
  2. Depending on where we are in the new tiered system of covid restrictions, we could have fans sooner than you think...
  3. Ok so the deal seems to be with IMG Arena, pixellot is their partner...
  4. Don't pixellot have a deal with the spfl? I don't know the ins & outs but I think a few clubs have tried then binned this system. The live stream isn't remotely comparable to the highlights on cjtv...I'm assuming the test runs were carried out in the dark...
  5. They couldn't find any highlights this week...onto Arbroath now.
  6. All you needed was your name, make up a password then go back in and put in your per the email instructions.
  7. It's good to see one defence that's organised well.
  8. It does bring me back to the bad old days of squinting into the winter sun from the boisterous ranks of the main stand.;)
  9. Try reading back on the thread. The boys looking a bit lost now, nothing happening up front - need to keep the heads up with this young team.
  10. Wonder if any stattos have done the average age of today's team...must be pretty low, with more teens on the bench.
  11. Unless you want to watch the warm ups there's no point in 'getting there early'. My feeds fine, better now the sun has calmed down a bit.
  12. It's an Audi, 5 rings, enough said.
  13. Concerning is the rate at which our key players are falling foul of injury...why don't our backup players get crocked? Who's next, dare I ask...
  14. It's another game on the way to match sharpness, we created a few chances against hearts, but for better finishing and decision making we might have done better. Sounds like an inspired away team defensive display last night. Are you suggesting we get hammered by Dunfermline?? They will certainly present more of a challenge to our defence than Cowdenbeath, but I'm pretty sure they won't be parking their defence either which means there should be a goal or two. Penalties again? 😉
  15. So where's the link for the obligatory 'sneaky feed'...?
  16. Sounds positive, without being over optimistic. Credit to all those involved.
  17. Matching them fairly well, their right wing is testing Harper. And we have our first injury... More composure in the final third and we'd have more chances. Hearts will take control when we start to tire.
  18. Literally a young team.
  19. I wouldn't expect too much after his comments from before the friendlies, we're still not up to speed and the team is still to gel. No injuries is probably higher on his wish list. Hopefully we get an idea of the best 11starting to come together.