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  1. Satan

    Euro 2020

    Billy Gilmour, he's only 20...
  2. Is there any season ticket discount for students?
  3. It was good (at times) to see the youth involved last year it's been lacking for too long, but it was some experience we lacked at crucial times in the crunch games.
  4. Carl Tremarco new position at Ross County
  5. Very good to see we are (re)building a squad this early into pre season, more to come I'm sure and the feel good factor can continue with Mr Dodds & especially Mr Hughes getting them into the best shape they've ever been in for a title assault.
  6. Old story, so they were crap first, surely we would have learnt from their mess rather than follow it with our own.
  7. So if you don't get a shout for training, you're no longer required... Very poor show ,thought we'd got past that.
  8. Can't believe we've not had a dedicated person/department for this, despite squandering resources in the 'glory years'. Did we not have a fitness coach a few years back?
  9. We don't have that sort of financial clout, or a fictional job description to charge his wages against.
  10. And this is in ICT Squad update because...?
  11. Josh Meekings signs for Brora on a 3 year deal. Statement of intent.
  12. Not sure players from a team that only just dodged the drop could be regarded as great additions, when it showed this year that there was a definite overlap in quality between the top of the championship and the bottom of premier...if anything it's experience at the back where we really need it rather than another 'wide' player to fire crosses in to the box for...who knows who we'll have up front. They might fit into the wage structure but at the higher end I'd guess. There's good players available still, I really hope we have a few more irons on the fire. Pre-season isn't far
  13. The 'guidance' doesn't allow for that proportion of fans in level 1 and below currently, but that's nowt to do with hampden, more like the current administration and their approach to low risk gateway events. Apparently the fiasco with the Glasgow green fan park is also classed as low risk as well... The guidance will therefore need to be changed sooner rather than later or the season ticket issue will remain a problem.
  14. We've signed Toby Michaels ?
  15. I wonder what we offered to get him back...? Felt he was better playing centrally - used to link up well with Polworth. Not really got the pace to be a proper winger and with his hamstrings you never know if they will pop. Going to need him in top form, and I suspect if we're going to play a lot of crosses then an efficient striker is needed too.
  16. What was the spectacular drink?
  17. This is how the agents earn their money - Todorov hits form in the run in, scoring quality goals in important matches, he gets a place in the championship team of the year - all the ammunition a half decent agent needs to make money for the player and himself.
  18. Final say will be Robertson's, as he will be responsible for football budget and how it's spent. We're lucky with the two of them having good contacts, and I'm sure a healthy working relationship will involve plenty of player discussion...it'll be up to JR to get the players within our financial constraints.
  19. Looks like we are enjoying the ride too much. Thought we'd have decided by now...there's going to be some good bargains in the free transfers bin in the coming days...
  20. Satan

    Colts Teams

    You didn't say you weren't in favour either, and by pointing out the benefits of the situation being applied to the highland league and the pluses for us County and Elgin it certainly seems as though you'd be receptive to the idea in the future. No different from the self important attitude of the OF. The fact that it has gained traction in the south at first is merely the thin end of the wedge.
  21. Yeah, Chelsea really suffered when he got the boot.😏
  22. Didn't offer much last season.🙄
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