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  1. We still need an extra player or two, would be interesting to see how season tickets have sold, if there is progress on stadium (and shirt) sponsorships etc. If we can finance a player with a little bit extra then it could bode well for the coming season. If not it could be that we struggle again, especially if we try to compete on every front, which as we all know doesn't work with a squad our size.
  2. I think Roy's holding onto his dollars a bit more these days...unless it's paying off a management team or mid season transfer window shopping - the wallet is a not as generous as it used to be.
  3. Satan

    League Cup Draw

    Could be very decisive if we haven't taken care of business by then. Anyway no point complaining yet - season hasn't started.
  4. Theres still time for them to reclaim the funding, they have previous on that score.
  5. We'll find out next season how the new guys get on, but I expected more from Storey after he moved on - I guess he did well with good players around him here, but then that doesn't explain his dire spell at Aberdeen with good players. Poor with Partick in both leagues as well. I liked the guy when he was with us, but he's no legend, seems to have been idolized purely for his derby performances. There is a very small bunch of players I would take back - he's just not in it.
  6. Think he'd do better on X factor, or maybe BGT!
  7. Heard stories of people swimming here in years gone by any recollections? Also where was the streets known as west/south drive?? Demolished or renamed?
  8. Pi 's just not what they used to be.
  9. A meaningless fixture against a highland league team will not do anyone any good, clearly. The HL team will not want to get any injuries to players in what is basically a kick about so there will be no real intensity - and this level of competition is no use for our youngsters, it would barely be enough for rehabbing injured players. I doubt they would be that happy to pay players for these games either as it's not really going to draw much of a crowd either is it?
  10. Satan

    League Cup Draw

    I'd expect a new look squad with a few of last year's u18's. Get the new players integrated and the young ones experience. I'd hope we could win / compete on most of the games but I'd rather it was a warm up for the league season proper. Mickey mouse!
  11. The commentary team have noted this also...seems United have a guardian Angel looking after them in all 4 play off games.
  12. Jakey boy starting at Hampden today.
  13. Thought I saw two guys from dingwall eyeing it up for tatties.
  14. I see Darren O Dea has cancelled retirement plans to join East Kilbride.
  15. Picked up my 3 today, almost 500 quid lighter now but still good value. Whilst I was there a mum & young son were getting served at the other till when the new CEO pops his head round the corner - ' all the grass is gone now, wanna come through and see? ' I was too slow but the kid & especially his mum were extremely chuffed at this. Nice touch I thought, engagement from the very top - down to the grass, or no grass roots.👏
  16. Thought the seer would already know that.
  17. Hamilton are releasing quite a few players, so Rice will be looking to fill his squad. Accies have been avoiding the drop for years now, that's their only ambition - to finish 10th. They are pretty good at it though. Maybe next year...
  18. Excellent stuff, even if there was dirty underhanded tictacs from Dundee. Top man JR, very positive statement of intent.
  19. BBC story quotes Dundee statement ; "Some of the candidates are currently employed by other clubs and we requested permission to speak to them," So without naming anyone they have requested to speak to candidates . Fake news??
  20. Time will tell with this one, not sure if his future is at full back - imagine McKay and McHattie on either side, doesn't inspire me. Maybe like Chalmers( and Rooney) he can find his feet further forward. He's no stranger to the premier either, quite a few appearances with hearts and kilmarnock too. Still , 25 is young enough there is room for improvement yet.
  21. Plenty effort but I thought the boy from Motherwell did better ,Laing? From what I recall Mccart liked trying the 50 yard Hollywood ball, thankfully he's dialled back on his range these days.
  22. Not sure if we could afford the spray tanning sessions for him.
  23. Think Robertson is statistically our best manager, both times! Hopefully the board have ran this past him and he's ok with not talking to them - they obviously have money so any discussion would be pretty straightforward, i.e. take us straight up or you're fired. John knows this place and financial constraints aside is quite settled in the job. Maybe this might even get the board to show JR a bit of transfer market love??