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  1. Ah, I was wondering who missed the tackle on the Queens scorer...😗
  2. Bit early for that perhaps, let's see how things go for the next seven league games.
  3. The huge shortfall in gate receipts, only slightly affected by the pandemic highlights the already dwindling attendances. Not unsurprising, but always concerning.
  4. Graham has a history of incidents whenever he plays against us, basically he's just an nasty @rsehole. Great turnaround in the second half, fighting spirit was there to start the comeback...and after the 1st goal you could say it was a formality I admit I couldn't see it coming on the back of the first half, but that's why there are two I suppose. Another 3 points next week, and back to the clean sheets!
  5. Here's hoping for a nice chunky release clause & tasty sell on fees.
  6. So is it 2023 or 2024? I thought he was under contract until end of 2022 already. All this news is confusing everyone.
  7. Got your Cammys in a twist there.
  8. Encouraging result, and with so many changes makes it more satisfying. Quite a turnaround from the early season cup fiasco(s). Looks like defensively small tweaks ,drilled well into the team are making big differences...limit the amount of chances given away, and when there are chances - have guys in the right positions and the keeper set to make the saves. Certainly a better platform to build from.
  9. That's yesterdays news. Hope you're not letting your standards drop.
  10. I'd expect Celtic would have thought about that , but doubt we thought that far down the line.
  11. Poor form in the last 6 months affected his chances of a really big move. Championship is a decent move in terms of development and finances. Needs to get his mojo working again.
  12. I'm sure the other title contenders would like to see that scoreline as well.
  13. Satan

    3 out of 3

    I guess he was getting cheesed off with the 12 or 13 noisy Ayr fans who were making themselves heard above the rustling noises from the home fans.
  14. As good as he is Carson isn't a right back, and it shows a little bit more each week. From what I can tell we need to focus the team around Roddy, everything good we did involved him, and he got back for a few tackles on the break as well. A little too much hoofing from the defenders when a few short passes would do the job and keep possession. More than a few of Ayrs half chances came from our misplaced passing. Need to sort it out. Proper test next week.
  15. Not sure what their strongest team is, but the seven changes Glass made to the starting line-up suggests it wasn't a full strength team. Brown,Ferguson & Ramirez came on late but they still had Considine on the bench. Fair play to Raith, lucky they left their shooting boots at home when they came to see us.😏
  16. Been doing that deal for a good chunk of the quarter of a century, without much success. Free kids tickets alone won't make much difference if the parents that take them become disillusioned with the state of things at the club.
  17. 100 or so? sounded like twice that amount.
  18. Raith looked better last year tbh. Only trouble we had today was self inflicted.
  19. Surely the question is will we risk buying a pie...😮
  20. Might be an idea to ask your guys from the podcast who were on the zoom call this one...🙄 ...Or get them to raise it at the next meeting, assuming they are attending. Considering there has already been two meetings i thought you'd probably know more than most.
  21. Satan


    Email to ST holders today regarding access to live stream on ICTV. Sounds simple enough to me...
  22. I'll take that 3 points, I daresay that result may well happen against us in the following months, let's be sure it's not the case next week. Well done on a good start.👏
  23. Worrying lack of pace along our backline, on current form Arbroath will be relishing the league opener.
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