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CTO Updated Rules

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blog-0405028001338573590.jpgI mentioned in our last blog that we would be updating the rules/terms/privacy/copyright and cookie policies that we use .... and we now have !!!!

The rules, as well as our privacy and cookie policies are now posted and active and can be accessed by clicking on one of the links at the bottom right of the page.

We have done away with the lengthy rule set that tried to cover every eventuality that happened on the site over the last 18 years, or may happen in the future because not only were they unwieldy and unwelcoming for new users, but they were also like a lightning rod for the tiny minority of users

whose sole function on the planet seems to be a desire to create chaos or discord or to try and get one over the mods by finding something we hadnt covered ... Those guys can continue to play their games somewhere else, but the vast majority of users are not going to be subjected to a huge rule set just on their behalf. We're not playing that game anymore.

The new rules are about as generic as we can make them and although we have added a few specific examples based on things that have happened on the boards and which required moderator or admin intervention over the years, we are pulling back a bit and putting the onus on users to police their own behaviour somewhat.

Lets face it, most of you know what is appropriate or inappropriate in terms of the words, images or links that you post or the attitude you display. If you have to wonder whether you will get away with something you post, or the tone in which you post it then maybe you need to think again ? Thats all we are asking !!!

I know some folk will read this and not bother to click on the link, so for those users, here's a list of a few specific things that will bring you to the attention of the mods. Its not the full list - read the rules for that - but just enough to fill this blog post !

1. Personal Abuse / Agressive Behaviour: As we note in the new rules, we do have a minority of users who seem to delight in this and in making everything personal. We will continue to take a dim view of this and those who want to carry on doing it will soon find out how the new points system works. Its fine to disagree or discuss and debate the issues with someone, thats what forums are about, but you should be able to do it without making it personal or aggressive. We would also include passive aggressive behaviour in this such as posting snidey comments that denigrate someone for starting a topic you dont like. If you dont like a topic, ignore it and dont post in it rather than again making things personal ....

2. Inappropriate Posting / Swearing etc: Its a football forum with a primary demographic of male users of a certain age range. there's going to be swearing and there's going to be things that are perhaps not totally "PC". We are not going to get our underwear in a knot if someone lets the odd profanity go, or there is the odd image or link that gets close to the edge, but be aware of where that edge is. We have an audience that ranges from teenage to 80+ so bear that in mind when posting.

3. Illegal Content: There is nobody who likes to see ICT on the telly over here more than me, and yes I have partaken of 'dodgy feeds' to get that fix, but please dont post those links in open forum. Also, please try to refrain from posting copyrighted material if you dont have permission. We're not saying this to be assholes, we're saying it to protect the site from even the vaguest hint of action from various organisations or the authorities. We have developed good relations over the years with the club, with photographers, with the likes of the BBC or other media, and with people within the SPL/SFL/SFA and we still work closely with a lot of those folks ... it allows us to post things other sites may not get, or just to get verifiable info and such like. We wont allow anyone to jeopardise that.

4. Topic Hijacking: Topic Hijacking is not to be confused with going a little "off topic". We can all go a little off-topic here and there and thats to be expected and wont get you in the bad books unless you do it all the time and all over the place. Topic hijacking is where you purposely try to bring the topic around to your own different and unrelated agenda by changing the topic entirely rather than drifting into off topic territory ... and is usually quite recognisable as it is done on multiple threads if the poster feels strongly enough about a subject or wants to get a topic across. This is tantamount to bully boy tactics and wont be allowed. You want a topic on your subject, then start its own one ... if its of concern or interest to site users it will gather its own momentum.

So thats my personal top 4 .... like I said, there are a few more in the actual rules, but its basically all just common sense stuff .....

With regards to the privacy policy, we didnt change anything there other than making sure you could get to it from the link at the bottom of the page, and adding an additional portion to the end detailing the cookie policy.

The next post in this blog will be details of our re-vamped Verbal/Yellow Card/Red Card warning points system, but this will probably be next week now as the mods are still going over the finer points of it ... we want it to be fair, transparent and consistent and I think it will be ...

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    • This is just standard SNP disingenuous bollox! Yes, 62% voted to remain but go about Scotland today and you really won't find people jumping up and down complaining about the way things have turned out. It's not a hot topic of conversation in pubs and cafes and certainly not the hot topic of grievance which the SNP would like to make it. All the appearances are that a lot of this 62% aren't really *rsed either way and in fact the strongest opinions that I hear are those of fishermen and farmers saying they are absolutely delighted to be shot of the EU. This is because powers over agriculture and fishing will now come back home - specifically to the Scottish Executive who therefore appear to be saying that they don't want these powers and would prefer that they reside in Brussels. Bizarre! The only people who are jumping up and down about any of this are the SNP because they think it represents their best chance of a grievance. That in itself is pretty ironic because the SNP used to be rabidly anti-European - until they came up with the wheeze of the slogan "Independence In Europe" so they changed their tune... as they tend to do with any issue if they think it will benefit their efforts to achieve their only policy. I do realise that Wee Nicola has got the Braveheart Wing to appease, but all this nonsense about a second Neverendum is quite simply and unnecessarily prolonging uncertainty which should have ended when they got the bum's rush in September 2014. I do seem to remember that several months ago there was great sound and fury about some "summer push for independence" - which seems to have amounted to a couple of statements that a second referendum was "highly likely". I suppose that's the minimum she feels she can put on the table in order to keep the Bravehearters quiet and to avoid a riot in the Gelluns on a Saturday night. The reality is that Wee Nicola is bricking her tartan knickers at the thought of Neverendum2 because there's not a shred of evidence that they would be any more likely to win it than #1, and that's before brutal realities such as the collapse of oil and a hard border at Gretna are examined in detail. As for their economic claims, various economists have been on during the day rubbishing the whole thing on the grounds that nobody who understands economics actually knows.... so what chance does the SNP have? There have also been some pretty heavy suggestions that this whole thing is just an attempted pre-emptive strike in advance of the GERS figures - and by that I don't mean P3 W2 D1 Pts 7.... I mean the expected forthcoming economic revelation that Scotland's economy is highly and increasingly dependent on being bailed out by the rest of the UK. But hey.... where are all the Nats that used to be so voluble on here? DD, myself and one or two other Believers in Britain are really missing hearing what the view is from the other side of the fence. Maybe they're all away celebrating Team GB's medals.... especially the 14 out of 17 that Scots won in partnership with team mates from elsewhere in the UK?
    • My two cents - Jamar Loza looks fairly quick and direct, more of a Miles Storey/Billy Mckay type.  His goal was a bit lucky though.  Not as good as El Alagui.  Gavin Gunning - Seemed to ball at everyone constantly and not always in a positive manner.  That, compared to his injury proneness and general odd behaviour means I would shed no tears if we didn't offer him a deal.
    • I see Sturgeon is at it yet again.  This time it is the release of a Scottish Government report detailing how much worse off Scotland will be as a result of Brexit.  She is reported as saying that this could have a severe impact on public spending and repeated her view that a 2nd independence referendum is "highly likely". I suppose the first question that comes out of this is why has this report been published after the referendum rather than before it?  If the report has any validity at all then it was Sturgeon's responsibility to ensure that the information was available to the public for debate prior to the referendum in order to help inform our decision.  Of course, the reality is that the report cannot be anything other than highly speculative.  Had it been published before the referendum it would no doubt have been subject to rather more scrutiny and been shown up as speculative scaremongering.  Publishing it now allows Sturgeon to claim some justification for public spending cuts which she will say are a consequence of a right wing Tory engineered Brexit.  Again it is the strategy of blaming problems in Scotland on the Tory Government at Westminster in an attempt to drive a wedge between Scottish voters and the wider UK. Truth is that any spending cuts will be a reflection of a continuation of SNP austerity.  A continuation of their failure to raise revenue with the powers delegated to them.  It is also worth remembering that Brexit was not the consequence of voting by the Tory right, it was a consequence of the voting of precisely the same socio-economic groups in the UK's industrial heartlands that have put the SNP into power in Scotland. Sturgeon is quoted as saying it is "simply unacceptable that Scotland faces the prospect of being dragged out of the EU against its will".  This is illustrates that she either doesn't understand or chooses to ignore basic principles of democracy.  Two years ago the Scottish electorate voted to remain in the United Kingdom.  That meant that it was the will of the Scottish people to accept the democratic decision of the UK as a whole on UK wide matters.  In this particular instance, it means that the will of the Scottish people is to accept a decision made by the the UK electorate as a whole even though we don't agree with it.  Accepting the decision of the majority at all levels of Government is the bedrock of democracy.  Sturgeon needs to understand that what is "simply unacceptable" is to have the First Minister of Scotland not abiding by the basic principle.  
    • Looked very disinterested tonight on the whole 
    • Nope, remember .....  THERE IS NO BUDGET!    Thought i'd said that already?