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  1. This is an extremely poor point. The club should give out relevant information written in a professional and clear way. What they've been doing is sending out Sir Bufton-Tufton statements, written in a puffed up, finger wagging style that make the club look ridiculous. It's typical of organisations and people who are completely out of their depth to react in this sort of passive aggressive way - "oh you are complaining about not getting enough information, well here's a statement every two days, how's that for information eh". It also shows complete ignorance on how to manage the media and get positive coverage for the club. The issue with fans at Brechin could have been dealt with without a statement. If fans were caught with flares or smoke bombs then they should be banned. You don't need a statement to do that.
  2. Putting anything in inverted commas in an official statement is an embarrassment, it reads like a church parish newsletter. Just idiotic. if the club are reading this, instead of putting a statement out for whatever no-mark occurrence has happened just mash your hand on the keyboard and hit 'send'. it can't be any worse.
  3. These statements are absolutely awful. Just utterly dreadful. Your heart sinks when you see them come up.
  4. Transfer in and outs

    We are supposed to be playing a bounce game against Clach tonight, anyone know if we have anyone playing on trial?
  5. Scottish Youth Cup ICTFC v Banks of Dee FC

    Away to Forfar in the next round.
  6. Scottish Youth Cup ICTFC v Banks of Dee FC

    Anyone got the team lines, goal scorers, when the next round is?
  7. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    The goals are in YouTube, both their goals came from back passes we didn't deal with. We really are dreadful at the back.
  8. I remember when I used to read outraged complaints on here about me and my mates at games, I'm getting old lads.
  9. Transfer in and outs

    Transfer deadline tomorrow, wonder if we'll bring anyone in or ship anyone out.
  10. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    1 - Take out £150m bank loan 2 - Use loan to sign Neymar. 3 - Sell 3 million Neymar shirts at £50 a go 4 - Pay off loan 5 - Use Neymar to qualify for play-offs
  11. Transfer in and outs

    We aren't signing Greg Morrison.
  12. ICTFC Open Night

    He'll probably be in leave until he gets another job, which will most likely be never. Who exactly is going to employ him? maybe he'll end up back at the club somehow. Charlie Christie did after he left as manager.
  13. Video footage and analysis

    I doubt it's contractual as other Championship teams release longer coverage - Dunfermline for example.
  14. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    According to transfermarkt the current youth players in the first team squad are: Cameron Mckay - GK - 20 Ryan McRitchie - DF - 18 Liam MacDonald - MF - 17 Kier Smith - MF - 18 Mitchell Foy - FW - 17 Andrew Macrae - FW - 19 We've currently loaning out Stephen Foster - GK (Nairn County) Daniel Hoban - GK (Brora Rangers) Aidan Wilson - MF (Wick Academy) Alasdair Stark - DF (Wick Acacemy) Can't say I know anything about any of these players to say whether they are worth a shot in the team.
  15. ICTFC Open Night

    I've sent Fraser a DM, I'd encourage anyone who has moaned on here to do the same.
  16. ICTFC Open Night

    I'm going to send you a message on this Fraz. A couple of other fans who aren't in here have suggestions as well. Will do it later today.
  17. Transfer in and outs

    I love all the talk about "balance of power", like we are the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  18. Transfer in and outs

    Here is an article about the analysts that worked on recruitment for Leicester City. I realise that we don't have a budget approaching theirs but are we even looking at anything like this? Do we have people looking at players in this way? http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-leicester-city-unearthed-mahrez-341044
  19. ICTFC Open Night

    I'll stick to moaning about it on the internet I think.
  20. Transfer in and outs

    We've apparently signed Coll Donaldson. not promising tbh. Maybe a new start is what he needs, let's hope so,
  21. Tactics Thread

    We literally don't have any other central midfielders who have ever played a minute for the first team. Vigurs is also clearly one of the few players we have who can pass the ball and create anything. Towards the end of last season Vigurs played better when he was given a deeper role in a midfield four. Could we go back to that? Say something like this ------------------Vigurs------------------- --Polworth--------------Calder/Cooper--- ----------------Trafford----------------------- Strengths of this are that Vigurs is probably our best passer and can use the ball from deep and Polworth has been effective from the right before in terms of goals and assists. Splitting the midfield like this also gives more openings for passes and space and stops us being one dimensional. It also allows us to be compact and (hopefully) protect the back four. Weaknesses are that Vigurs can be prone to switching off defensively and not picking men up; I'm not sure either Cooper or Calder are suited the the left midfield role, although it's their stronger side they are more wide players or full backs. This formation also means we are reliant on full backs for width and the performances of Seedorf and Chalmers against the Pars left a lot to be desired. Also, I think Trafford is more of a central midfielder than an attacking one so it might be unfamiliar for him.
  22. Transfer in and outs

    I don't recall many people criticising the contracts offered to Draper, Raven etc. If anything fans clamoured for it. Interestingly, we've signed Trafford on a three year deal and paid a transfer fee for him, although considering the length of contract it's probably minimal.
  23. Board statement 14/08/17

    We paid £228,000 a year to Tulloch? Goodness me.
  24. Hospice shares

    We've appointed Danny MacDonald to that role.
  25. Transfer in and outs

    No Dundee United fan has anything good to say about Donaldson during his spell there. we seem to just be trialling guys because they are there. Hopefully I'm wrong.