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  1. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    Dundee away
  2. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    I can't keep up with these modern rounds. Bring back the third round in the first week after January IMO.
  3. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    When is the second round played?
  4. ICTFC Gain SFA Progressive Performance Award

    Did we attempt to go for 'elite' level? I assume not as it involved significant expense in terms of facilities and recruitment.
  5. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man
  6. Paradise Papers

    I'd be astounded if the vast majority of people investing in football in Britain didn't have some sort of tax minimising in place.
  7. Falkirk o hara ban

    The thread on the matter on P&B is good for a laugh, loads of seething Falkirk fans. The first game he'll play after they come back is on January 2nd against... Dunfermline.
  8. ICT v Falkirk showing in Glasgow pubs

    There's no top flight fixtures on that weekend because of internationals so most places will probably stick it on if you ask. I think the Republic of Ireland's play off is that night so some places might be showing that.
  9. ICT v Falkirk showing in Glasgow pubs

    I’m sure that place has been shut for ten years. You must be feeling pretty stupid right now. Most bigger pubs will probably put it on at least one screen if you ask.
  10. Joe, Joe, Super Joe

    Smokin' Joe Chalmers
  11. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Brilliant, cheers.
  12. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Do Dundee Utd produce highlights? I have to see that goal.
  13. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    We were excellent today, thoroughly deserved the win and it probably should've been more. We appear to have stumbled on a formation and style that works, or it has the last two weeks anyway. We built on the performance against Falkirk and improved on it. We set up in a pretty standard 4-4-2, relatively flat in midfield with Chalmers left and Mulreany right. Vigurs and Polworth sat in the middle in front of the the same back four as previously, including returning hero Donaldson. Up front we had Baird and Bell. United had a few chances early and forced Ridgers into a reflex save from a shot (didn't see who hit it) and then we had to scramble clear from within the six yard box after a prolonged stramash. After that we really took over and started having an impact in an attacking sense. Baird and Tremarco missed headers and we had a few other openings before opening the scoring. Following a corner the ball was headed clear to Vigurs who shot in from the edge of the box. We then doubled our lead with one of the best goals I've seen us score in years. A United attack broke down around our 18 yard box and we broke with a little dink into midfield from Donaldson (I think). We then moved the ball quickly through midfield and released Mulreany with a weighted through ball. Mulreany rinsed the left back for pace and drove into the box, where he hit a driven low cross that Connor Bell drilled in from a couple of yards. It was a ******* belter, everything about it was perfect, the passing, the pace, the finish. When Mulreany got the ball I said to my mate that this would be goal of the season, I can't imagine us scoring s better one this season. We had a couple of other breaks which could've lead to goals in the first half, Mulreany, Baird and Bell all had opportunities. Into the second half and we again sat strong and broke, with Mulreany probably having the best chance when he was pit right through but didn't shoot quickly enough. Donaldson also had a header that he put over but should've got on target. United, oddly, played with their centre half Durnan up front from an hour but that had zero impact, I don't think a single chance came from it. There were a couple of set pieces that Ridgers had to save but weren't really threatening. It was nervy for the fans because we've been so bad but looking back, we cigar'd it in the second half. Overall, we were excellent. Vigurs was at the heart of everything, he ran the midfield. He has been superb this season, strolling though games and dominating possession. He can switch the play but it's the way he plays little passes to create space, flicks round the corner of players and turns with the ball that makes him so effective. He really has been a class act and is the heart of our team. Defensively we have somehow become settled and solid. Having two experienced full backs in Tremarco and Raven is a help but Donaldson has been a rock the last two weeks, defends well, no nonsense, quick and good in the air. He clearly loved getting that win, going by his celebrations at the end. He looks like being a real find. Up front Baird and Bell aren't likely to be prolific but the way they pull defenders about, hold the ball and make runs is vital to creating the space for our chances. Mulreany has kicked on in the last two weeks, another confidence filled game today, including an actual assist, miracle of miracles! Second week in a row he dominated the full back and his end product was better. Great stuff
  14. Polworth v Kellacher

    Some of the utter pish that people write on this website is an embarrassment. Imagine being a grown man and sitting down and typing this stuff out.
  15. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    We played well. The downside is we should've won the game, we missed some really good chances and need to be clinical when offered opportunities. upside is that we were solid - the only chance that Falkirk created was a header that Ridgers dealt with and Donaldson looked very strong, dealing with everything that came his way. Full backs did well also. In midfield Polworth did well, worked hard and got himself into position to take a few shots. Vigurs was magnificent, used the ball so well, protected it. He was out best player, the Elgin Pirlo. Mulreany also had a good game, especially in the second half, he attacked their full back and had him beaten at will as the game went on. His delivery is still poor although he had a cracking shot that he the post. Up front Baird and Bell worked hard and had some great touched but the ly should've each scored, probably a couple. Finishing is a big weakness. I went into the game expecting abjectness but came out with a bit of hope. There is life in us.
  16. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

  17. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

  18. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    This is an incredibly bad post. 1 - Kellacher is employed as a coach not a player. His playing credentials are nothing to do with his coaching. Bryan Robson had a better playing career than Jose Mourinho, who would you rather employ? 2 - On what basis has Kellacher lead a 'charmed life' as a coach? He's been a coach at the club for years, coaching youth players, development players and the first team, including during some of our most successful periods. If you have any comments on his ability as a coach make them but you won't because... 3 - You are basing your assessment of Kellacher's coaching on him shouting from the dugout occasionally. What coaches say and do in the dugout is a small part of their job, especially a first team coach like Kellacher. Fans often base their assessment on what they can see so we get threads like this where utter blowhards mouth off about coaches being unsuitable because they said a bad word. You can see the same thing with Vigurs, rather than base their views on him on his production fans base it on his 'body language' or him shouting at team-mates. It's utter nonsense. 4 - We don't have an Under 20s team for him to coach.
  19. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Scott Kellacher is an excellent coach, very well regarded. I understand he picked up a lot of the slack last season when others let things slide.
  20. Polworth v Kellacher

    We haven't released a nonsensical statement for a couple of days, I'm sure the club are cooking up a belter for this.
  21. Polworth v Kellacher

    Why should fans get off the managers back? If he can't take it he shouldn't be here. The achievements you've listed were all more than a decade ago. All he's offered since his arrival is signing total duds and calling the team useless. What is he doing about it? You are right, he's here and, as with Foran and Kenny Cameron, he has a backer in the boardroom. The fact that we're also paying for previous mistakes means he's probably unsackable. He might resign I suppose, but I think that's unlikely.
  22. Polworth v Kellacher

    He also doesn't have any credit in the bank to allow him to do so. The players will be looking at this guy who hasn't had a job in years and has brought in a load of total duds and think, why should we take this? Why should I redouble my efforts? I remember Paterson and Butcher slating some of the players at times but they had earned the right to do it. Robertson hasn't.
  23. Polworth v Kellacher

    I'm not surprised that the team are frustrated and angry. For more than two seasons we've had managers who don't take responsibility and slate the players every time something goes wrong. Off the top of my head the squad have been told they think they are better than they are, that they aren't real men, they aren't tough, they don't want to make sacrifices, they are bad apples. The managers saying this haven't signed any players who have added to the squad, in fact they've added players who are noticeably worse. They haven't been able to coach or make tactical adjustments to get results. They have dropped or refused to play some of our best players for non-footballing reasons while signing utter dross. It must be extremely frustrating to play through that and have the manager insult you continually. It's a sign of a manager completely out of his depth - we saw it last season with Foran and we are seeing it again with Robertson. Sadly we are in the same situation we were in with Foran, a manager so close to figures at the club that he's nigh on impossible to get rid of. worth saying that Kellacher is a good coach and works well with the squad. I understand he took a lot of the slack at various points last season and it could be that he was just in the wrong place yesterday.
  24. This is an extremely poor point. The club should give out relevant information written in a professional and clear way. What they've been doing is sending out Sir Bufton-Tufton statements, written in a puffed up, finger wagging style that make the club look ridiculous. It's typical of organisations and people who are completely out of their depth to react in this sort of passive aggressive way - "oh you are complaining about not getting enough information, well here's a statement every two days, how's that for information eh". It also shows complete ignorance on how to manage the media and get positive coverage for the club. The issue with fans at Brechin could have been dealt with without a statement. If fans were caught with flares or smoke bombs then they should be banned. You don't need a statement to do that.
  25. Putting anything in inverted commas in an official statement is an embarrassment, it reads like a church parish newsletter. Just idiotic. if the club are reading this, instead of putting a statement out for whatever no-mark occurrence has happened just mash your hand on the keyboard and hit 'send'. it can't be any worse.