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  1. On paper he looks like a decent signing. Plenty of goals for FC Twente's second team who play in the Dutch second tier, which is surely of a higher standard than the Scottish Championships (although obviously a much different style of play).
  2. More referring to the fact that we used to poach their players like Rankin and Cowie, hopefully Drapes would be more loyal than to move to our main rivals.
  3. What a fall from grace it would be for County to poach one of ours. We can't let that happen.
  4. You're right RE the importance of getting recruitment right with our current predicament, but I'm confident Robbo has the contacts to bring players in. He's an extremely well know, well respected figure in Scottish football. I think he'll have the power of persuasion needed to convince players to make the move North. Also, I don't think any of the managers being tipped to get the managers job (bar Butcher) have previously built their own squad or have the sort of contacts Robbo does.
  5. I wouldn't be too disappointing to get Robbo back. I mentioned his name as a potential candidate a few years back (before we got Yogi I think). He definitely knows how to motivate players, and is well known throughout Scottish football. People would want to play for him, so I think he can do a good job with recruitment. None of the names mentioned particularly inspired me, but I think I'd prefer Robbo to Sheerin or Lennon. As stated above, it would have been good if he brought Donald Park with him, but I think he has a good job with the SFA at the moment. He has a big task ahead of him getting in players in time for the league cup!
  6. Wikipedia says he now plays for us, but I haven't seen anything official.
  7. Real shame to lose Fisher after his goals at the end of the season, he could have been a huge asset in the championship. That being said, I think Boden could thrive next season. He banged in goals in league two which is at least the same standard as the championship, if not better. Towards the end of the season I saw him play and he looked a competent player, who could hold up the ball and link up play. We'll definitely need at least one other striker though.
  8. John Hughes has left Raith and we now have a new chairman, so he could be in contention (although I imagine the conflict was between Hughes and the board as a whole rather tha Cameron specifically). I wouldn't grudge it but I know many would, and very unlikely he would move back up to the Highlands. Agree with others who have pointed out Terry Butcher knows how to attract players. Again it wouldn't be the most popular choice with the fans. Peter Houstan has done a very good job at Falkirk and is a very experienced manager who would be respected by the players. I've met Jack Ross and he's a likeable character who knows the game well, and would probably have the respect of the players. Others have mentioned Sheerin, Telfer etc but I don't know enough about them. I think there's a good chance we'll bring in someone no one is expecting and hasn't been mentioned yet. Interesting summer ahead in many ways!
  9. It's a shame to be happy about someone losing their job, especially someone so loyal to the club, but it's the right decision. Wish him all the best, and maybe he starts his coaching/managing career from scratch he can rebuild.
  10. Shame. He'll no doubt sign for Aberdeen.
  11. Is Meeking's contracted for next season? He's one the best CB's in the prem in my opinion. Would be a huge asset if we kept him. As a starting XI I'd like to see: Cammy Mackay New RB Meekings Warren Tremarco Doran Draper Polwarth New RM Fisher Boden
  12. Billy King is a really nice lad, don't think it was aimed at him. I was quite excited when we signed him and thought this could be his real breakthrough season, but he rarely has much of an impact on games. He would have been decent to have in the Championship, but don't think he has the quality for the Prem.
  13. Beggars can't be choosers!
  14. Mark McGhee anyone? I'd be content with him, Peter Houston (who I'd like to have seen replace Yogi), or Paul Hartley.
  15. Anier certainly works hard but his decision making was very poor and technically he doesn't seem great. He made a terrible decision to not cross the ball to Fisher yesterday when he was in acres of space. What a shame it is that Arron Doran is injured, as he could have made a massive impact in the run in. That being said, I'd pick Anier over King as he seems to be a harder worker and as such is better at the defensive stuff. One change that might work is swapping Boden for Fisher. Fisher struggled to hold the ball up and his finishing was woeful. Boden's touch is a lot better and he looked more of a threat yesterday.