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  1. Shame. He'll no doubt sign for Aberdeen.
  2. Is Meeking's contracted for next season? He's one the best CB's in the prem in my opinion. Would be a huge asset if we kept him. As a starting XI I'd like to see: Cammy Mackay New RB Meekings Warren Tremarco Doran Draper Polwarth New RM Fisher Boden
  3. Billy King is a really nice lad, don't think it was aimed at him. I was quite excited when we signed him and thought this could be his real breakthrough season, but he rarely has much of an impact on games. He would have been decent to have in the Championship, but don't think he has the quality for the Prem.
  4. Beggars can't be choosers!
  5. Mark McGhee anyone? I'd be content with him, Peter Houston (who I'd like to have seen replace Yogi), or Paul Hartley.
  6. Anier certainly works hard but his decision making was very poor and technically he doesn't seem great. He made a terrible decision to not cross the ball to Fisher yesterday when he was in acres of space. What a shame it is that Arron Doran is injured, as he could have made a massive impact in the run in. That being said, I'd pick Anier over King as he seems to be a harder worker and as such is better at the defensive stuff. One change that might work is swapping Boden for Fisher. Fisher struggled to hold the ball up and his finishing was woeful. Boden's touch is a lot better and he looked more of a threat yesterday.
  7. Matchday Thread

    A solid win that should have been much more emphatic. First half we were very good, but sat off too much in the second half. Even still, we defended extremely well. I like the look of Louis Laing. I was at the Motherwell game a couple weeks ago and although we were poor as a unit at the back, Laing looked strong and composed. We should try and keep hold of him no matter what devision we're in. It was definitely a battling performance and Draper and Tansey epitomised that, but even with the win the odds are firmly stacked against us. We'll need to improve again if we're to take the points at Killi.
  8. Sounds like I'm in the minority, but I wouldn't be unhappy with Butcher coming back. As stated in the original post, he did brilliantly with recruitment and we wouldn't have came straight back up if he wasn't in charge a few years back. With so many players out of contract, and most of our best players likely to leave again in the summer, there's going to have to be a major overhaul of new players coming in. With Butcher being a bit of a legend down south, he can attract the quality we need. That being said, I'd take someone who hasn't been at the club before, it's just that we're hardly an attractive proposition at the moment and who is really out there of a decent caliber?
  9. Good appointment, but not sure how much influence he can have with Rice already assistant. I'd imagine the players have big respect for Malpas, so it can't be a bad thing.
  10. As above, I'd certainly have JH back, not that it's going to happen. Our squad is more than capable of doing well in the Premiership under the right management. I actually think on paper Foran hasn't done a bad job of recruitment. King, Billy and Brad McKay, Laing, Cole and Mulraney are all SPL standard players IMO, but the system, or lack there of, doesn't work. We lacked pace out wide last season and Foran brought players in who have the ability to take on and beat players. It would have been interesting to see how JH would have gotten on with this squad.
  11. Tansey should start, he's enough of a professional to get on with the job. If anything it could enhance his performance if he's looking to impress his future employers.
  12. Matchday Thread

    Defended solidly in the first half, but Richie was right in his assessment. We weren't brave enough on the ball. Celtic make it difficult and get in your face, but there wasn't much attempt to string a couple of passes together to try and open them up. To be fair to OFW, that was a horrendous bobble, although are passing from the kick off was woeful. That game was pretty much a foregone conclusion before it started. The real test is against Partick in our next game.
  13. Matchday Thread

    Still buzzing from the result last night. Down to a man we were brilliant. Rangers were dominant early in the game and a few weeks ago we would have crumbled under the pressure. I thought McCart and Laing were solid against Hearts, their athleticism and pace leaves us less vulnerable to the counter attack which had been our downfall this season. Warren has always been solid but his lack of pace has become increasingly evident this season. It will be interesting to see what happens when Meekings come back. Tansey again had a massive performance, adding to his solid display last week. He looks reinvigorated and is being given more freedom to play further up the park, with Draper and Polly offering protection behind. He needs to be taking penalties again though, he has a brilliant record from the sport even if he missed his last one. It's a shame that he's probably going to leave at the end of the season, as in my opinion he's the best player we have. It's good that Foran has finally decided to but two genuine wingers on the flanks. Cole is handful and has the ability to beat players, and Mulraney's pace is frightening, he's still young if we keep hold of him he can develop into a right good player. With Billy King and Doran we have 4 good wingers who all offer something a little bit different, so we have good depth in that respect. Other than that, I thought Raven was again solid at the back, and should hold on to that RB spot if he keeps up his performances. McKay also adds so much to us, a great outlet up top, and has the technical ability to match his work rate.
  14. Matchday Thread

    This. Let's also remember that Celtic hammered Rangers, a team with a substantially higher budget than our own, 5-1 just a few months back.
  15. Matchday Thread

    First 20 minutes were OK. Heads dropped completely after the second, with OFW making another fumble. No doubt he should have saved it. We didn't try hard enough to make things happen when we got the ball, and Celtic made it extremely difficult. I'm not going to take too much from today. Making the trip up North from Newcastle next week for the Hearts game so hopefully we can turn it around.