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  1. Thought that was pretty poor. Dunfermline were winning every first and second ball in the second half. Lucky to get away with a draw in the end. The co-commentator must be a nightmare to work with, he was constantly interrupting the commentator 😆. Found myself agitated listening to it. Anyways, despite a poor performance, a point on the board away from home to what we thought would be promotion rivals, which is positive.
  2. Most pleasing result and performance of the season for me after going behind. We struggled first half but the heads didn't drop. Still think there's more to come from us too. 15 pounds well spent watching from Saint-Etienne, France. Beer time!
  3. What a farce this pitch is, players falling all over the place
  4. Solid performance. Watched the game from France and it was a tenner well spent. On paper this is the best chance we have at promotion since we went down. Looks like we have a nice bit of depth in the squad too.
  5. It's not just this week though, there has been a lot of fixture congestion of late with mid-week games. These things can add up when you don't have the depth to rotate your squad. It's more of a psychological thing rather than physiological. Anyways it's not really an excuse, if we want to get promoted through the playoffs we should be beating the likes of Alloa. Hope Toshney is back soon, we will really struggle to win play offs with a McHattie and McKay partnership at the back.
  6. He was left with what was a very poor post-Foran team, and he's improved us and brought in some decent players at this level. Agreed he's make tactical errors and we've struggled against bigger/better opposition, but if we chuck him the greater likelihood is that we'd go downwards. He's well respected considering his career as a player, and for that reason we've attracted players that others couldn't, especially managers like Billy Ried (where has he even been for the last decade, this was a very random choice).
  7. Ridiculous that people call for Robbo's head. Can you imagine the budget of Hibs compared to ours, especially these days. Who exactly would you replace him with? People forget we've got to a cup final, quarter final, and are well in contention to be promoted to the premier league. Totally clueless.
  8. Dissapointing end to a dissapointing week. I hope we can get someone of quality over the next week even with the window being shut. Surprised to see a loss for DU at home to Arborath too
  9. Osman Sow was very decent at Hearts, had the mobility plus the size. Would happily have White offloaded with him as replacement.
  10. Judging by match stats we are having a stormer so far ?
  11. Is there substance to this? I heard he’s being released and saw a couple of things on Twitter linking him with us. It seems logical that White could be on the way out given we’ve now got 4 players up top. If he’s away that would potentially leave funds available for Tansey. I wouldn’t imagine his wage demands can be that high given that he hasn’t achieved much since leaving us.
  12. Not surprised with the outcome of the play-off. Usually the better quality team will win over two legs and United are a better team with better resources. I think everyone knows that we are building and next season the aim should be automatic promotion, but it won't be easy. I think it was an OK season. We got to Hampden, and finished 3rd in the league behind two teams who are better than us. Looking at it objectively, we're a small club, with a small following and limited funds, so we've probably finished where most predicted we would. As such, I don't agree with the doom and gloom, as
  13. Plenty of very good players in the non-leagues in England. I worked with a university team in the 9th tier and one of their players is now a regular starter at Port-Vale. Jamie Vardy, Iain Wright both came from non-league teams.
  14. What channel with the game be on? I live in France but get most british channels including bbc Scotland.
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