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  1. McDiarmid!? Horrible place. If the semi gets moved there I won't be booking a flight over from France especially for it. Hampden isn't the best stadium but for me it has a special feel, especially after our cup win.
  2. Watched the game all the way from France (I recently moved to St Etienne), what an unbelievable performance. Some of the best football I've seen from us since Yogi was at the helm. A brilliant mix of doing the ugly stuff well and showing attacking intent. White is not the most elegant but he is definitely a handful, he held off the defender on a number of occasions. Trafford battled for everything, Doran wreaked havoc, Polworth was always a threat, Ridgers made some really important saves. Absolutely buzzing. I'll be booking flights back home for the trip to Hampden!
  3. Another solid win, we’re creeping towards a play off place now, 5 points off. If we can bring in a clinical finisher (easier said than done given our financial predicament) we can really push on.
  4. 17 shots, sounds like we should have taken all 3. An improvement from recent weeks at least.
  5. For me Robbo's comment are a breath of fresh air. With Foran there was too much tip toeing around what was really going on, and seldom did he criticise the players until it was too late. Like any manager when results aren't going well, Robbo is not blameless, but a lot of what he's saying is correct. It's basic errors that seem to be killing us. Allowing an attacker to score a rebound from a free-kick whilst totally unmarked is schoolboy stuff, and many goals we've conceded seem to be of a similar mold. Ultimately though, there's clearly an issue with psychology and the mentality of the team as a whole. Do we lack leaders? Warren is (or at least was) someone who could rally the troops, but maybe all he's been through with the club in terms of relegation has affected his motivation. Tremarco is an experienced player who we need on the pitch to help motivate his team mates as much as we need his quality as a player. The off-field problems with the board in recent times can't help either. Robbo is most certainly a motivator, and he has a huge task on his hands to be able to improve the teams confidence and turn our season around.
  6. Having worked in sport science, it is not at all uncommon for athletes to eat "junk food" following a competition. As was mentioned above, the media often sensationalise scientific research, but there had been studies that show that it's the macronutrient content that's important in terms of replenishing glycogen and repairing muscle damage. Hopefully those behind the scenes know the macronutrient content of the food the players are eating, but food with a high glycemic index is recommended post-match, and foods like pizza meet the criteria in that respect. While most sport scientists wouldn't advocate dominos pizza post match, there's an element of ensuring you have buy in from the players and if you're going to allow one junk meal a week, having it after the match is the best time to do it.
  7. On paper he looks like a decent signing. Plenty of goals for FC Twente's second team who play in the Dutch second tier, which is surely of a higher standard than the Scottish Championships (although obviously a much different style of play).
  8. More referring to the fact that we used to poach their players like Rankin and Cowie, hopefully Drapes would be more loyal than to move to our main rivals.
  9. What a fall from grace it would be for County to poach one of ours. We can't let that happen.
  10. You're right RE the importance of getting recruitment right with our current predicament, but I'm confident Robbo has the contacts to bring players in. He's an extremely well know, well respected figure in Scottish football. I think he'll have the power of persuasion needed to convince players to make the move North. Also, I don't think any of the managers being tipped to get the managers job (bar Butcher) have previously built their own squad or have the sort of contacts Robbo does.
  11. I wouldn't be too disappointing to get Robbo back. I mentioned his name as a potential candidate a few years back (before we got Yogi I think). He definitely knows how to motivate players, and is well known throughout Scottish football. People would want to play for him, so I think he can do a good job with recruitment. None of the names mentioned particularly inspired me, but I think I'd prefer Robbo to Sheerin or Lennon. As stated above, it would have been good if he brought Donald Park with him, but I think he has a good job with the SFA at the moment. He has a big task ahead of him getting in players in time for the league cup!
  12. Wikipedia says he now plays for us, but I haven't seen anything official.
  13. Real shame to lose Fisher after his goals at the end of the season, he could have been a huge asset in the championship. That being said, I think Boden could thrive next season. He banged in goals in league two which is at least the same standard as the championship, if not better. Towards the end of the season I saw him play and he looked a competent player, who could hold up the ball and link up play. We'll definitely need at least one other striker though.
  14. John Hughes has left Raith and we now have a new chairman, so he could be in contention (although I imagine the conflict was between Hughes and the board as a whole rather tha Cameron specifically). I wouldn't grudge it but I know many would, and very unlikely he would move back up to the Highlands. Agree with others who have pointed out Terry Butcher knows how to attract players. Again it wouldn't be the most popular choice with the fans. Peter Houstan has done a very good job at Falkirk and is a very experienced manager who would be respected by the players. I've met Jack Ross and he's a likeable character who knows the game well, and would probably have the respect of the players. Others have mentioned Sheerin, Telfer etc but I don't know enough about them. I think there's a good chance we'll bring in someone no one is expecting and hasn't been mentioned yet. Interesting summer ahead in many ways!