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  1. Dissapointing end to a dissapointing week. I hope we can get someone of quality over the next week even with the window being shut. Surprised to see a loss for DU at home to Arborath too
  2. Osman Sow was very decent at Hearts, had the mobility plus the size. Would happily have White offloaded with him as replacement.
  3. Judging by match stats we are having a stormer so far ?
  4. Is there substance to this? I heard he’s being released and saw a couple of things on Twitter linking him with us. It seems logical that White could be on the way out given we’ve now got 4 players up top. If he’s away that would potentially leave funds available for Tansey. I wouldn’t imagine his wage demands can be that high given that he hasn’t achieved much since leaving us.
  5. Not surprised with the outcome of the play-off. Usually the better quality team will win over two legs and United are a better team with better resources. I think everyone knows that we are building and next season the aim should be automatic promotion, but it won't be easy. I think it was an OK season. We got to Hampden, and finished 3rd in the league behind two teams who are better than us. Looking at it objectively, we're a small club, with a small following and limited funds, so we've probably finished where most predicted we would. As such, I don't agree with the doom and gloom, as at times we've played some excellent football this season. With some promising recent signings, next season should be interesting!
  6. Plenty of very good players in the non-leagues in England. I worked with a university team in the 9th tier and one of their players is now a regular starter at Port-Vale. Jamie Vardy, Iain Wright both came from non-league teams.
  7. What channel with the game be on? I live in France but get most british channels including bbc Scotland.
  8. Keatings is a very decent player at this level. Could be a nice combination if him and Whyte are to play up top together.
  9. lightwelter

    4G Pitch?

    4G pitch is expensive but the cost of maintenance is surely lower than grass, and you might have opportunities to gain income by allowing other local clubs to use it. BUT we are at enough of a disadvantage with recruiting players because of our location, I think having an artificial pitch might put some players off signing for us.
  10. McDiarmid!? Horrible place. If the semi gets moved there I won't be booking a flight over from France especially for it. Hampden isn't the best stadium but for me it has a special feel, especially after our cup win.
  11. Watched the game all the way from France (I recently moved to St Etienne), what an unbelievable performance. Some of the best football I've seen from us since Yogi was at the helm. A brilliant mix of doing the ugly stuff well and showing attacking intent. White is not the most elegant but he is definitely a handful, he held off the defender on a number of occasions. Trafford battled for everything, Doran wreaked havoc, Polworth was always a threat, Ridgers made some really important saves. Absolutely buzzing. I'll be booking flights back home for the trip to Hampden!
  12. Another solid win, we’re creeping towards a play off place now, 5 points off. If we can bring in a clinical finisher (easier said than done given our financial predicament) we can really push on.
  13. 17 shots, sounds like we should have taken all 3. An improvement from recent weeks at least.