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  1. Matchday Thread

    Wow, we are chronically bad. Playing a keeper who looks well less than 100%, and a team selection based on a Wooly pick n mix. I feel sorry for the fans who have made the trip, are being conned at what that are having to watch. The club accepted our fate months ago.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Post match Richie says he is 90% to blame for the position we are in and the players 10%. Much as I admire his honesty, the 10% improving is not going to do much. He has been shown amazing loyalty by the fans, given what has been on offer this year, and any other manager would have made to walk the plank a long time ago. If we want to stay up we need to have a change of manager now, if we want to survive in the championship next year the change needs to be made at the end of the season. Much as I like Richie, he clearly doesn't have it. We are really on the edge of the abyss.
  3. Matchday Thread

    a tad worried by line up. looks like a team bereft of any width, given Aberdeen have decent wide men, looks a free run at our full backs
  4. Big call whether we play him again this season. Is he really going to be 100% committed to the predicament we are in just now? In our position we need everyone to give 100% to try and save ourselves. Not a go at Tansey but if our survival is to depend on a 50/50 tackle where injury is likely, will he stick his foot in? He isn't playing for his future, that's safely tucked up now.
  5. Matchday Thread

    I don't think we have the personnel to line up 3/5/2 5/3/2, as we don't have an Andy Shinnie or Ryan Christie with pace or guile to break and support in this system. First half was awful, and on couple of times we broke, the midfield were 40 yards behind Billy and Arnier. First 10 minutes of second half were better, as we had an urgency about us, but once we had the lead, and County were pressing, couldn't understand why we didn't change our shape, at least to make it a bit more difficult for County. Thought Vigurs was good before he hurt his ankle, although really disappointed with Ian Polworths contribution when he came on. Am a big fan of his but Don't know if it was petted lip time or not, but he doesn't do himself justice with performances like that, he is better than that. Hoped he would want to prove a point, but certainly didn't look like it. like other posters, am having serious doubts about whether we can save ourselves now. So hope I am wrong.
  6. Matchday Thread

    Thought we started well but lost the goals at key moments. Two decent balls into the box which we were unable to defend. Great to see a bit of fight in our boys and got a point, when you could argue we deserved all three. Esson was poor and doesn't inspire any confidence so OFW has to return. Thought our full backs were very good and both put their bodies on line to stop shots etc. I feel Gary Warren has lost half a yard and is being found out of position more than ever before, and on this viewing McCart is very green and not ready for this level yet, and feel we have better options available. Going forward we were very good, with the movement of Mckay and Arnier causing problem, but I question the use of Drapes that far up the park. Feel we have better options to play that role, and Drapes could be far more effective in the holding role. Vigurs is ponderous and his lack of urgency when we were 2-0 down really irked me. in short a good point being 2-0 down, but not seen enough to convince me we will survive. However special mention for the 2 Billy's, they were outstanding today, and Mckay seems even better player than first time around
  7. Matchday Thread

    Can't agree with previous post. Doumbaya may have scored, but guilty of missing 2 gilt edged chances prior to scoring. He was ineffective and any headers he wins, he has no control or no idea where ball is going. Boden held up ball well IMO and brought others into game, but he provided little in way of goal threat. Overall I was disappointed in the performance, and didn't see any reason to be optimistic for the coming weeks. On another note, the young lads can provide fantastic vocal backing for the team and am generally all for them, but please stop with the flares, and the need to run 50 yards to a segregation fence for a bit of posturing. We as a club are better than that and don't need that kind of behaviour.
  8. If this ends up true, which it looks like it will be, it's a sad day all round. Afte what Yogi helped to deliver last year, he should have been leaving the club a hero, not like some pantomime villain. However, the rhetoric he has been spouting for past 3 months is akin to a man who simply didn't fancy it anymore. The job itself is exact same as when he took it on (unless promises were made when he signed his new contract) and we will never be a club with lots of cash to spend, so unsure why he is wingeing about it so much now. Maybe the board have reservations about Yogi's ability to sign quality players, I know I do. Anyway, it's a case of move on Yogi, thanks for the great job you did, and get someone in who is fully committed to the job ahead.
  9. I wouldn't say sacking Yogi is the answer, but unfortunately he is the one who has created the doubts. Sub standard signings, seemingly unable to vary tactics, lack of use of subs. I personally think a lot of our isses this year stem from the lack of pace throughout the side. Last year we had Watkins and Shinnie who could break at pace with the ball and stretch the game, we have nothing like that in the wide areas to do this, and that is compounded without having a real goal scorer to rely on. injuries haven't helped, but due to European football,some of our guys are near on completing 2 seasons without a decent break.
  10. What is the rule with domestic football being broadcast live on a Champions League night? I always thought that there was a blanket ban on any domestic footie being broadcast when Champions League was on, yet tomorrow night Arsenal v Hull FA Cup is live despite it being a Champions League night. Can anyone shed any light?
  11. matchday thread

    Great result today and all that we can ask for. Looked like Storey was carrying a knock before being replaced, was a yard off his normal all day. We looked better than them all day but created very little. Roberts strike was a joy to be hold. Bring on the quarters.
  12. So Yogi questioning a player/players desire to play through injury. He obviously knows who he is targeting, but I can't help feeling it's a dangerous route to go down. Given our players are a close bunch I can't see what good this kind of thing is going to do. The reaction Yogi is looking for may work in the opposite way.
  13. reading elsewhere suggested that due to Storeys form Swindon want more cash for loan to be extended whilst we thought it would continue under original terms, and the haggling is the hold up.
  14. Hopefully with having Yogi signed up, the players will start to follow suit. Good news to have that piece of uncertainty removed, let's hope results now pick up.
  15. It highlights how little money is currently in Scottish football. Amazing season we had has given little financial reward, and just shows why as a club we have to be so frugal. it may be frustrating for Yogi, but he knew the parameters he would require to operate in, and irrespective of what we achieve that is not going to change.