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  1. The schoolboy error I have just made is assuming that the SPFL remembers what it did last year......
  2. If it's like last year the only definite is that the top seed is at home to the second seed so we'd be away to Hearts. Match order and the rest of the home/away draw is random. The schoolboy error that IHE has made is assuming that the SPFL has the ability to put together a piece of software that can count beyond 2. Or knows what 'software' is....
  3. 2 penalties scored out of 8 - that's got to be some sort of record.....
  4. Apparently Dods has just signed a new 2 year contract at Brechin. It's a part time job so probably not too expensive to buy him out of but it suggests he's not desperately looking for something 'bigger' and probably makes him a less likely option.
  5. I wouldn't judge Brechin on that game. I've been to a few Brechin games this season including both play off final matches and that was by far the best I've seen them play. However Darren has done pretty well on a very tight budget so I wouldn't be disappointed if he ended up at ICT. He's unlikely to do any better with Brechin so would probably be looking to move to further his managerial career.
  6. Just seem Mr Hughes & Mr Collins together in Edinburgh Airport departures. Presumably off to an interview with a big Spanish or Italian club as the ultimate dream management team.
  7. Sorry it's taken 10 days and is slightly off topic but my mane point is that since Ritchie has taken over the reins he has got the bit between his teeth and is trying to create a stable, balanced team despite the handicap of limited funds. Furlong term success the board need to keep the St Ledger balanced and not saddle the club with debt. I think they've done pretty well despite the previous manager trying to stirrup trouble - it mustang er them! A top six finish will be grand, national cup competitions are important so Ascot tish Cup run would be Good woodn't it. Winning a local D
  8. Not even second to every ball today. Incredible how many managers don't seem concerned about playing with a man down for a few minutes - even when you're clearly under the cosh. Hopefully Foran's at least learned that lesson today. I know he's more laid back than Hughes but spending the entire game with his arms folded on the sideline seems a bit too laid back.
  9. Looks like it's the same person. According to LinkedIn he went to the University of Hull and before that he went to Frederick Gough Grammar School in Scunthorpe. There's a clue in there somewhere......
  10. Extra time, then penalties. http://spfl.co.uk/league-cup/format/
  11. Not just a comfortable win but an entertaining match. Dunfermline came out of the traps very quickly, were all over us for 20 minutes and were unlucky to find themselves a goal down. At 2-1 up I thought Dunfermline still weren't out of it but the way we kept at them for another goal meant that at 3-1 I just didn't see them coming back at us. Last season we would have sat in at 2-1, would have endured a torrid second half and conceded a last minute goal to lose 2 points. It was refreshing to see us playing creative and attacking football without having to go a goal down first! Shocking be
  12. Apologies - BBC hadn't added Dundee Utd's bonus point to the group table when I did my maths! It's about time I accepted that the BBC isn't 100% reliable like it used to be!
  13. If we win both our remaining games we win the group regardless of other results.
  14. Good to see we are now in the top half of the league on BBC website with County and Rangers already in relegation trouble!
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