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  1. Robertson Out

    Still too early really for all this drama! But hold onto your seats nevertheless.
  2. Transfer in and outs

    Maybe he`s been kept on to paint some bums onto seats !
  3. Transfer in and outs

    Meekings joins Dundee on 1 year deal - official.
  4. Hospice shares

    We have some seriously good backers & professionals now and in the past also plus Tullochs contribution then and now. Unfortunately its the same old story though that we are not getting enough fans. Dundee Utd` family backers are probably nowhere near as well off as some of our contributors are or have been but they`ve got the fan base to fall back on to generate the cash flow. We`ve been very successful though, probably more so than for example Dun. Utd in the last 20 odd years and we`ve had an exciting journey. We are still a young club, should we be almost compared to Livingston in club size and position in reality? Its time now to regroup (again) and hopefully grow back in stature gradually. We did it before and can do it again.

    Whoever wins the next few raffles, Sh*t we don't do raffles!
  6. Worst summer in the clubs history

    I heard Draper on the radio today lunchtime (mfr) saying the club told him if he wanted a move he would need to put in a transfer request ! ? *
  7. What is going on?

    Now that would be much better fun playing back in the highland league. Might still happen, give it 3 0r 4 years
  8. Hellgin Vs ICT

    Settle down! Maybe learn more from this defeat than a whopping win.
  9. Transfer in and outs

    Raven and Boden also told to go.(daily express)
  10. New Manager

    Hey watch the language or I`ll get you de-modified !
  11. Aberdeens Next Manager

    Derek Mcinnes is NOT leaving Pittodrie !
  12. New Manager

    Well we can wish for `helicopter` Saturday again I suppose
  13. New Manager

    Maybe we`re getting Robbo and Sheerin
  14. Aberdeens Next Manager

    Looks like Derek McInnes could be off to Sunderland. Who now for the Dons as the manager merry go round begins?