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  1. Hey watch the language or I`ll get you de-modified !
  2. Derek Mcinnes is NOT leaving Pittodrie !
  3. Well we can wish for `helicopter` Saturday again I suppose
  4. Maybe we`re getting Robbo and Sheerin
  5. Looks like Derek McInnes could be off to Sunderland. Who now for the Dons as the manager merry go round begins?
  6. Hopefully we will know who it is today. With the official press conference tomorrow morning.
  7. Rum
  8. Jazzies
  9. Jelly
  10. Yep! Go for it Get the deal done and move forward. He would be no greater risk than in the past with Robbo/ Brew/ Charlie.
  11. Is there still time to Sack the board !!
  12. Would we not be just as well of with Charlie Christe / Barry Wilson
  13. Paulo Di Canio
  14. Rod Hook
  15. Rino Gattusso