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  1. Forfar -V- Inverness CT

    Do not agree with this at all. I think they have the look of a very good partnership. From what I have seen Oakley wins headers and his hold up play is excellent. Baird will play off him and get in behind and in my opinion will score 15+ goals this season. I think they compliment each other very well.
  2. Transfer in and outs

    According to the Scottish Sun we have signed Riccardo Calder on a free on a two year deal. Ex Aston Villa and Dundee winger.
  3. Transfer in and outs

    We are in desperate need of the club to confirm who is staying and who is going. There is so much uncertainty at the moment it's ridiculous.
  4. Transfer in and outs

    I take it this is all just speculation that these players have left. I would be amazed if that's true.
  5. New Manager

    This is simply the most important appointment in the history of the club. The board have to get this right. I would of thought an approach for someone would have happened pretty quickly once the announcement of Forans departure was made. Surely some thought was put into a successor before Foran was punted. If not its a disgrace. We need a new manager in quickly so he can decide which players to keep and more importantly get players in. Next season is such an important one for the club. Get it right and it could galvanise the whole club and city. We have the foundations of a team there which could easily challenge for the title. All we need now is the right man to lead them.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    Credit where credits due. We deserved the win today and played some really good stuff. We defended well, sometimes desperately but it did the job. I've been a big critic of Ritchie but today he must deserve some praise. It was a bold selection and it worked for him. When we lose- the manager and players are slated on here, let's give them a bit of credit when we win and play well. We needed to win our last four games and you can't do that unless you win the first. Let's all get behind Ritchie and the players and pull of the great escape.......after all, sometimes miracles do happen.
  7. Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Foran said post match we needed "nasty lads" so why the hell was Ross Draper on the bench last night. He is the one player you can rely on getting stuck in and winding the opposition up. Forans comments after games are embarrassing and show just how out of his depth he is. Nothing he says makes any sense.
  8. Get him out and get him out today. The result has ruined my weekend already, it can only improve if I hear Foran has left the club. A joke of a manager.
  9. Foran - Should he stay or should he go?

    Neil McCann Dundee boss until end of season.
  10. Foran - Should he stay or should he go?

    Time to go. We have 5 games to go and our manager still doesn't know his best 11 or even what formation we should be playing. Team selections have been a joke, there has been no consistency in the selections. One player plays one week them is dropped the next for no reason. We will never put a run of results together when the team chops and changes every week. Why are we not playing 442 or 4411 with players playing in their natural positions. It's like we are trying to complicate things, we need to get back to basics and play wingers as wingers and midfielders as midfielders. We certainly don't have the poorest squad in the league so it must be purely down to the manager for our positon. I would love for Foran to turn this round and for us to survive this season and then kick on but I can't see it happening. It looks like we are going down, the worst part is, it looks like we are going down without a fight!
  11. Team for Dons

    Fon Williams Raven Warren Mccart Tremarco Laing Draper Polworth Tansey Mulraney McKay
  12. Celtic -V- Inverness CT

    Fon Williams at fault yet again!
  13. Team for Dungdee

    Esson Mckay Warren Meekings Tremarco Draper Cole King Anier Doran Mckay
  14. Hamilton -V- Inverness CT

    Ritchie needs to grow some balls and drop some of the guys that haven't performed all season. Tansey, Vigurs and Fon Williams should all be out for Saturday. None of them have been good enough. Saturday is a massive game, if we don't get a win then I think that is the time for change. Let's hope this result is the kick up the backside we need.
  15. Hamilton -V- Inverness CT

    No Aaron Doran, not even on the bench. Is he carrying an injury?